Each Person Has His Own Desirable Dream English Literature Essay

Each individual has his ain desirable dream and at some manner strives to accomplish it. With age dreams of the universe ‘s bulk mean to make up one’s mind on your ain what you want to make for a life when you are older/ bend automatically into demands. Women seek for a good matrimony, healthy kids and to go respectable and desirable married woman. Men purpose to be respected among his cortege, to hold a calling and to supply pecuniary for his household. However, the drama “ Death of a Salesman ” written by Arthur Miller, which tells a profoundly traveling narrative of one American adult male contending for his self-respect, reveals the construct of the “ American dream. ” The audience can detect Miller ‘s misanthropic definition of the “ American dream ” through the characters of Willy, Ben and Biff holding different positions and experiences in their lives.

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The supporter of the drama Willy Loman is unsuccessful salesman whose “ American Dream ” defined as the capableness to go well-thought-of and comfortable by personal appeal. Willy concerned that disposition, non attempt, is adequate to make good in concern. His lone end is to go the best and celebrated in the salesman environment. However, acknowledging that his purpose is rather illimitable, his imaginativeness is still larger than his accomplishments of seafaring. The illustration is when Willy, trusting on his appeal, asks his foreman for a rise, ends with losing his occupation at all. Therefore, it is apparent that writer accuses the followers of the “ American dream ” of the possibility to destroy a individual ‘s outlooks of going successful. Furthermore, he ruins lives of his boies by enforcing on them his position of accomplishing the success. His incorrect perceptual experience of the world, do non allow him to educate Biff and Happy decently. Willy pays more attending to his male childs ‘ popularity at college, instead than to their academic advancement. For case, Willy wondered about the reaction of the schoolmates when Biff explained how he crossed his eyes and talked with a lithp during the lesson in order to do merriment of the instructor. The following reply: “ They about died express joying! ” seems to fulfill Willy. However, as a male parent he should hold made an observation over the Biff ‘s bad behaviour.

Willy ‘s older brother Ben is the lone 1 in the drama, who represents the idealistic position of prosperity. He is the lucky winner of the “ American Dream ” , which defines as the ability to do a luck from nil: “ William, when I walked into the jungle, I was 17. When I walked out I was 21. And, by God, I was rich! ” ( p. 1577 ) . Ben earned his wealth without the aid of an instruction or occupation, what makes Will doubt the effectivity of his difficult work. Willy is continuously misled and covetous of Ben ‘s success and scheme. However, to Willy ‘s married woman Linda, Ben represents abandon and danger. It is shown by the sparring lucifer of Biff with his nephew. When Biff starts to win, his uncle instantly trips the male child and so stands in forepart of him with the umbrella indicating at Biff ‘s oculus. Such actions prove that Ben is a ruthless and wild adult male. Therefore, it is easy to detect that people possessing such characteristics are most likely to catch the fortune and win his manner under all conditions.

The most interesting character of this drama is Biff, because throughout the drama, Biff confronting two different dreams and has a possible to prosecute the “ right ” dream. One dream is based on the male parent ‘s perceptual experience of the universe of gross revenues, concern, and popularity: “ And that ‘s why when you get out on that field today it ‘s of import. Because 1000s of people will be rooting for you and loving you. And Ben! When he walks into a concern office his name will sound out like a bell and all the doors will open to him! I ‘ve seen it, Ben, I ‘ve seen it a 1000 times! You ca n’t experience it with your manus like lumber, but it ‘s at that place! ” However, another dream can be felt with custodies, because he wants to work on a spread and have a contact with nature. Unfortunately, the dream imposed on Biff by Willy, rises the angst to take his ain manner: “ There ‘s nil more inspiring or – beautiful than the sight of a female horse and a new colt. And it ‘s cool at that place now, see? Texas is cool now, and it ‘s spring. And whenever spring comes to where I am, I all of a sudden get the feeling, my God, I ‘m non acquiring ‘ anyplace! What the snake pit am I making, playing around with Equus caballuss, 28 dollars a hebdomad! I ‘m 34 old ages old. I oughta be makin ‘ my hereafter. That ‘s when I come running place. ” ( p.1562 ) . However, merely at the terminal of the drama Biff starts to recognize that male parent ‘s dream is the incorrect 1. Besides, it happens due to the event happened in Boston, where Biff discovers father ‘s unfaithfulness. Biff decides that he does non desire to reiterate the destiny of the male parent. Biff views Willy as prosecuting an empty life by selling unknown merchandises and watching his failure, alternatively of life at the countryside and holding a unagitated life. He made a right pick of avoiding the “ American dream ” of his male parent.

To sum up, there is a quotation mark by Douglas Everett “ There are some people, who live in a dream universe, and there are some who face world ; and so there are those who turn one into the other. ” This citation confirms the thought of the “ Death of a Salesman ” , that people are different and so are their abilities, positions and dreams.


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