Dumb Ways to Die Essay

The societal selling ad run we chose to analyse is called. “Dumb Ways to Die. ” created by the McCann Melbourne advertisement bureau for Metro Trains. The construct behind this ad was to raise consciousness around train and railroad safety. With the usage of its clever and tricky subject vocal and animated characters showing the legion illustrations of. “Dumb Ways to Die. ” the run has become a viral esthesis. From its release day of the month. of about a twelvemonth ago until now “DWTD” has had over 61+ million positions on YouTube. has an synergistic web site dedicated entirely to the run. an app available for Apple and Android devices every bit good as several lampoon versions of the picture.

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When we foremost stumbled upon this ad it was confounding as to what the exact message was up until the really terminal. After carry oning some light research we found that Metro Trains chief concern when making this ad was to aim at-risk immature people who used their trains and railroads and McCann did merely that. They created an ad that is merriment. sympathetic and deserving observation and showcased it in the bosom of any immature person’s life. the cyberspace.

McCann knew they had to acquire originative if they wanted to hold on the immature people’s attending. However. we do non believe that this ad is effectual in the manner that McCann and Metro Trains had hoped it would be. Although the thought of the ad is tricky and memorable. train safety is non the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it. We believe McCann has a great thought and construct with “DWTD” but the executing is somewhat flawed.


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