“Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen Essay

In the verse form “Dulce Et Decorum Est” . by Wilfred Owen. Owen uses imagination and enunciation to convey the significance of the verse form. Throughout the verse form. Owen pigments ocular images in the reader’s head. His word pick besides emphasizes what he is showing in the verse form. Diction and imagination are two literary devices that help the reader understand that they should experience sorrow and understand the strength of war. the intent of the verse form.

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Owen puts a mental image in the reader’s head. which is a image of a war scene. The soldiers are trucking on “limped. blood shod” and through the treks. He is demoing that the soldiers are injured and exhausted. which tells the reader they are at war. When Owen negotiations about the dream of the soldier immersing “at me. guttering. choking. drowning” . this paints a image for the reader and sets a really intense temper because the soldier’s bad hurt.

Enunciation is used every bit good to convey the significance of the verse form. The soldiers are slumping on. “knock-kneed. coughing like beldams. they cursed through sludge” . The reader admirations what is traveling on and sets the feeling of sorrow and ill experiencing the reader should experience when reading Owen’s verse form. When Owen explained the scene of the injured every bit “obscene as malignant neoplastic disease. bitter as the rechewed food. of vile. incurable sores of guiltless linguas. ” This makes the reader feel sorrow for the guiltless soldiers and shows the dreadfulness of the war scene.

Wilfred Owen. used word pick and mental images to put the temper for Dulce Et Decorum Est. Diction and imagination are two literary devices that can set aim into words. As for Owen’s verse form. the intent was to do the reader understand the earnestness of war and sorrow for the soldiers.


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