Drug Use And Social Control Criminology Essay

Drug usage and dependence have been a long clip load for society. Over the old ages many plans have been developed to assist control illegal activity, nevertheless it still continues. While appropriate efforts to command drug maltreatment have surfaced, there have besides been many that have proven counterproductive. There are a figure of theories as to why these theories have developed, but one might theorize that it is because drug maltreatment has such a broad and varied consequence on households, society every bit good as the condemnable justness system. This creates many efforts at control and is perchance the biggest ground for the legion factors that involve drug maltreatment and society. This paper will analyze the reaction of society to drug maltreatment and the efforts that have been made to command such behaviour.

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The Stigma Of Abuse

There are many stigmas that surface in society, each runing in badness and effect. Society, as a whole is speedy to judge others and do roseola premises about the individual, based on their actions or other limited information. Those that abuse illicit drugs are one of the most stigmatized groups in society today. There is a negative intension at the mere speech production of drug maltreatment. Children are taught from an early age that drugs are bad and will take them to a life full of offense and potentially even decease. While these guesss are non inaccurate, it does direct a message to youth that relays that people, who suffer from dependence, are “ bad and/or felons ” ( Ball, 2007 ) . While these premises may be correct in some respects, it is inappropriate to generalise groups of people as a whole. There are a figure of state of affairss and fortunes that can do dependence, non merely hapless personal picks.

A stigma is defined as, “ an property that is profoundly discrediting, occurs when an single experiences societal disqualification due to a specific property or defect ” ( Palamar, Kiang & A ; Halkitis, 2012 ) . In ballad footings, a stigma is a preconceived impression about an person based on their actions or perceived actions. While most see stigmas a negative construct, it appears to be engrained in human nature to prosecute in this type of behaviour. Harmonizing to Palamar, Kiang and Halkitis, stigmas are besides based on the type of drug and method of usage as good ( 2012 ) . For illustration, some consider the harder drugs, such as diacetylmorphine or pep pills, to be the worst and those that use them as the worst nuts. The ground for the more negative premises may be based on the degree of injury that the drug causes. Heroin and Methedrine are known to do terrible wellness concerns and normally lead to illegal behaviour that has a negative consequence on society. As injury comes to society, persons ‘ rapidly tie in the drug and caused actions, thereby making animus and fueling the stigma. In many instances, the stigma might be used as a signifier of penalty to the user that is hoped to restrict or forestall drug maltreatment. The theory being that if adequate force per unit area is placed on the person than they will halt utilizing drugs nevertheless is seldom successful. Addiction is a disease and the mere words or negative attitudes of others are non sufficient in halting the rhythm of maltreatment ( Tiger, 2011 ) . Families, normally put force per unit area on their loved 1s, who are utilizing drugs, perchance even non talking to them, in hopes that they will “ wake up ” and discontinue their drug usage.

Even though stigmas are sometimes used to control the job, it oftentimes leads to extra jobs. As these persons attempt to engage in society, by acquiring a occupation or trying soberness they are frequently frowned upon, which creates more distance. Many employers will non engage them, which facilitates unemployment, and continued drug maltreatment. Surely, it is non the mistake of the employer, but if the nut is non able to work and prolong a life by payroll check, they may return to stealing to back up himself or household.

The Criminal Justice System

Legislation and Torahs are non new to the condemnable justness system. There have been Torahs sing illicit drug usage for many old ages. What has changed in recent decennaries is the manner that drug discourtesies are charged, handled and processed. There are about 2.3 billion wrongdoers in gaol or prison for drug discourtesies in the United States ( Tiger, 2011 ) . That is a important addition over the past old ages and one might theorize that it is because of tougher Torahs, more enforcement and awareness about drug maltreatment than in past old ages. One of the most noteworthy policy alterations has come with the constitution of what is known as Drug Court. Originally introduced by the condemnable tribunal system, Drug Courts have been put in action to turn to drug discourtesies in a more efficient mode ( Tiger, 2011 ) . Before these forte tribunals were established, an single convicted of drug discourtesies, may be punished, fined or incarcerated and so returned to society. In add-on to prison and gaol overcrowding, society besides noted that the system was non efficient and had hapless consequences. Typically these persons would be back in the tribunal system really shortly after their charge, for another drug discourtesy. Not merely does this topographic point the person at injury, it besides creates a danger to society. An illustration of this injury is an single convicted of driving while intoxicated and so has another accident that takes person ‘s life. They were non helped by traveling to imprison or holding a tribunal day of the month, their alcohol addiction was ne’er addressed, which meant that the legal system failed in many respects. In order to turn to these issues, the 1966 Narcotic Rehabilitation Act was established, which gave each province the right or ability to coerce an wrongdoer into intervention or rehabilitation ( Tiger, 2011 ) .

This so gave manner to tribunal ordered intervention and thereby the drug tribunal system. Drug tribunal is meant to supervise the wrongdoer in many different facets of their life. In add-on to turn toing their condemnable behaviour, they besides oversee their dependence intervention while they are on probation per say. The persons assigned to drug tribunal are by and large drug tested every month, required to pay a all right and besides study for monthly assignments. By necessitating drug intervention the person is turn toing their legal concerns, but besides acquiring aid for the root of the job, which is dependence. Normally, reding and other curative services are required of wrongdoers to help them in altering their life.

Coerced Treatment As A Form Of Control

Intelligibly, one of the first lines of defences for households is coerced intervention. In most provinces there are Torahs and protections that allow a individual, who is in danger of injury to be committed. In many instances, households are frustrated with their loved 1s and fearful for their safety so they attempt to convert or coerce the individual into intervention. Unfortunately, when an person is an grownup it is instead hard to coerce them into intervention without legal action. This is by and large merely relevant to a individual that is exhibiting self-destructive or murderous thoughts and non a individual utilizing illicit drugs. Coercing intervention is erroneously thought to be a line of defence, nevertheless seldom works because of the user ‘s rights and freedoms ( Ball, 2007 ) . While households or other loved 1s can non coerce their household member into intervention the tribunal system does hold the ability to necessitate intervention. Most wrongdoers take the offered aid, nevertheless there are those that refuse intervention or guidance.

Each person is given the pick, granted it is either intervention or gaol clip, but they still have the pick. There are those that are in and out of the prison system, who ne’er engage in intervention or accept aid, thereby perpetuating the rhythm of maltreatment.

Prevention & A ; The War Against Drugs

With the addition in the criminalisation of drugs in the past 30 old ages at that place have besides been legion alterations to bar efforts ( Ball, 2007 ) . Almost every school and community proudly boosts the fact that they offer drug bar and awareness instruction. There have been a figure of plans that have been created based on educating the community about drugs, injuries and crazes that are present. The increased sum of drugs and hurt has caused an addition in media coverage and allowed people to go more cognizant of the prevalence of drug usage. With that besides came a demand for an addition in Federal support for bar steps, intervention and aid for those of lower socio-economic position.

One of the major subjects of bar is an effort to larn more about the causes and hazard factors of dependence. There has been a great trade of contention over the old ages sing the causes of dependence. The nature versus raising statement suggests that persons become who they are or prosecute in peculiar behaviour based on either their genetic sciences or influence of environment ( Zimic & A ; Jukic, 2012 ) . Some argue that persons are born with the leaning to utilize drugs based on familial and familial factors. This would intend that regardless of the type of parents or environment that a kid grew up with that they would be genetically predisposed to utilize drugs. On the impudent side of the statement, persons are said to be shaped by their experiences throughout their lives. These experiences shape who they are and what types of behaviour that

they engage in. For illustration, a kid that grows up in a place where drug maltreatment is prevailing would be more likely to follow in the same footfalls as their parents. Both theories make first-class points, and many choose to believe that persons are influence by both genetic sciences and their environment.

Other factors that topographic point persons at a higher hazard of drug maltreatment is lower socio-economic position, household jobs, academic problem, mental unwellness every bit good as a host of other factors ( Zimic & A ; Jukic, 2012 ) . In visible radiation of these factors being noted, plans have been established to battle the negative effects. Plans such as the misss and male childs nines and wise man groups are put into topographic point to help kids that might be from broken places, have hapless parental support or be tie ining with the incorrect crowd. These plans are aimed at bar and surcease as a step to cut down the sum of drug usage every bit good as condemnable behaviour. These intercession plans are meant to help parents in a better apprehension of the demands of their kids, the warning marks of drug maltreatment every bit good as the importance of the household function. For the kid, the plans are meant for instruction, but besides counsel and to larn improved get bying accomplishments or manners by which to cover with the emphasis or jobs that are puting them at the greatest hazard of maltreatment.

Harm Reduction Theory

The injury decrease theory is considered a method of control for both drug nuts and society in general. This thought procedure is based on the belief that certain types of intervention or bar are less harmful than drug usage or hazardous behaviour ( Ball, 2007 ) . One of the best illustrations of this belief system is Methadone Maintenance Treatment.

Methadone is a man-made opiate that is used to maintain diacetylmorphine nuts from utilizing illicit drugs ( Zimic & A ; Jukic, 2012 ) . Methadone blocks the opioid receptors in the encephalon, thereby forestalling the nuts ability to “ acquire high ” from continued diacetylmorphine maltreatment. Some suggest that the debut of dolophine hydrochloride is merely another drug, because it is habit-forming and the single becomes physically dependent. Those that promote methadone intervention suggest that these persons, even though they are addicted to methadone, can functionally usually within society. Rather than prosecuting in condemnable activities for drug money, the persons can work, prosecute in household activities and have psychological guidance. Other signifiers of injury decrease plans and theories are centered on supplying rubbers or even clean acerate leafs for IV drug users. The theory behind this controversial pattern is the hopes that there will be a lessening or decrease in the sum of catching diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and TB ( Ball, 2007 ) .

Society and households have long stood against illegal drug usage. There are a figure of plans and bar efforts that are presently used. While this aid is used as a mode of control the negative stigma about drug users is still really prevailing in today ‘s society. Drug users are frowned upon and typically have a hard clip in society because of their picks and actions. It is of import that society continue educating about drugs, injuries and how sensed attitudes can foster the jobs. Education and continued reference are the best lines of defence for bar. Extra research into dependence and better therapy or intervention could besides help society in deriving better control of the jobs at manus.


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