Dream Girls

The movie Dreamgirls Starts off at a talent show at the Detroit Theater in the early 1960’s, Cadillac salesman Curtis Taylor, Jr. meets a girl group known as “The Dreamettes” Which consisted of lead singer Effie White, and back-up singers Lorrell Robinson and Deena Jones . Curtis announces himself as the Dreamettes’ new manager and sets it up to where the Dreamettes are to become backup singers for local R singer Jimmy “Thunder” Early.With thoughts and ideas of making black singers and groups mainstream successes among white more important audiences, Curtis decides to start his own record label, Rainbow Records, within his car dealership, and appoints Effie’s brother, C.C. as his head song producer.but when another (white) group release the same hit , Curtis, C.C., and their producer Wayne turn to payola to make the Dreamettes and Jimmy pop stars seeing as cutrtis and C.C. couldn’t do it alone.Soon Effie starts yo fall for the slick-talking Curtis which was a bad choice.
Towards the middle of the movie Jimmy’s manager Marty begings to see Curtis’ plans to make his client more pop-friendly and walks out and gives up on the whole idea. However, when Jimmy bombs in front of a mostly white audience, Curtis ships Jimmy out on the road by himself, keeping the girls the singers behind to blow up in his place. Fearing Effie’s largeer figure and and soulful voice will not entertain white audiences, Curtis decides to replace her with the slimmer Deena lead singer and renamed the group “The Dreams”.With the aid of new songs and a new more glamorous image, Curtis and C.C. transform The Dreams into a top selling pop act by mid 1960s. but before to long Effie begins acting out, especially when Curtis’ affections turn towards Deena. Curtis soon after drops Effie from the group, hiring his secretary, Michelle , to take her place. Eight years later, Effie had become a welfare mother, living Detroit with her daughter Magic. Rainbow Records had moved to Los Angeles, where…

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