II – The demonic figures of Dracula Dracula shares many of the physical characteristics typically associated with devil-figures in myth and legend. Devils tend to have long faces, pointing chins and noses, dark or red eyes, and pale complexions. These characteristics actually correspond to the description of Dracula in the passage – quotes – . Besides, the repetition of the adjective “sharp” emphasizes the idea that Dracula has a particular physique. Also, his hands are so cold that it looks more like “the hand of a dead than a living man”. This directly leads the readers to the image of the vampires.
Moreover, Dracula’s rank breath suggests that his insides are somehow corrupt, which is the case, given that he is undead and drinks blood. We can feel that Harker is getting uncomfortable; indeed he had a feeling of nausea, because of the breath of Dracula.
The special physique of Dracula change the atmosphere between the two characters, and create an unease (=malaise) in the room showed with the sentence “we were both silent”.
The unease is getting stronger when Dracula is connected to wolves. – Quote – . The sentence “the Count’s eyes gleamed”, and more precisely the use of the verb “gleam” gives the impression that Dracula is actually a wolf. This idea is emphasized when Dracula says “Ah sir, you dwellers in the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter”. This sentence let us think that he is himself a hunter. This put a cold for Harker, who fears wolves and so, begin to feel scared. Besides, the strangeness of Dracula’s words also makes the readers uncomfortable. He has all the aspects to be a demonic character, which create the mystery in this passage.

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