Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive Essay Sample

The grass is ever greener on the other side. At some point in clip. people populating in metropoliss would inquire how different life would be in the countryside where people are one with nature. hold a much less feverish life style and bask greater peace. On the other manus. people in the countryside would besides inquire about life in metropoliss where people seem to populate luxuriously. with entree to wonderful installations and have a higher criterion of life. I feel that the pull towards metropoliss is stronger than the push off from it. Better quality of life. more lifestyle picks and better health care services are the chief grounds why metropolis life is going progressively attractive.

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City life is going progressively attractive for the people below the poorness line as it promises higher literacy rates and better quality of life. More support is provided to schools in metropoliss than in the countryside. doing schools to be better equipped with resources such as better schoolrooms. instructors. and libraries. helping in the instruction of the pupils. Students in metropoliss have greater exposure as they receive many chances to develop their accomplishments. These nevertheless. are non made readily available to those populating in the countryside. Furthermore. when these knowing alumnuss enter the work force. they attract multi-national companies to put in the metropolis. This in bend allows for the alumnuss to acquire better and high-paying occupations. Hence. with better instruction that leads to a brighter hereafter. metropolis life is progressively attractive for the people who are deprived of privileges such as quality instruction.

City life is going progressively attractive. as it is really comfy. Peoples in metropoliss have better conveyance installations than a small town. In a small town. it may take hours to go the same distance that would merely take proceedingss to go in a metropolis. This is because the small town is non every bit good inter-connected as a metropolis and transit installations such as coachs and trains are non every bit good kept as they are in metropoliss. Other than these. comfortss such as shopping promenades and gasoline Stationss are close by in metropoliss whereas it is much further off in small towns. This saves clip used up in travel. Hence. with better conveyance installations and closer comfortss. metropolis life is going progressively attractive as compared to life in small town.

City life is going progressively attractive for the aged as it provides better health care services. For illustration. Singapore provides community health care services for the aged. This service ensures that the aged are taken attention of even when their household members are non about. The aged may go to twenty-four hours attention centres where they can socialise with others and spread out their web so that they would non experience lonely. Others who require greater attending may choose for home-based health care service where health care services are provided within one’s place. These installations may non be available in the countryside so at least one household member would hold to remain at place to take attention of the aged. This might do it hard to back up the household financially. However. in citations. this is non an issue as these services are made available readily to the seniors.

Some argue that life in the countryside or in a small town is more peaceable. However. this is non ever true. Take for illustration Malala who hails from a profoundly conservative small town where adult females are expected to remain at place and maintain their positions to themselves. The Taliban shooting her when she voiced out women’s right to instruction. Furthermore. the UN estimated in 2000 that they are about 5000 honor violent deaths every twelvemonth.


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