Distribution Networks For Consumer Goods In India Marketing Essay


In this paper we look into the assorted distribution webs employed by taking companies in the consumer goods sector. We try to happen the benefits of different distribution web designs to assorted companies. The ground why these taking companies have decided upon that peculiar distribution web design will be found out in this peculiar paper.in this paper we see into the function of distribution webs in the supply concatenation of consumer goods. The companies we look into are Hindustan Unilever Limited, PepsiCo Limited and Nestle India Limited.

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Distribution webs are channels that move assorted sorts of merchandises and services from one topographic point to another. They are besides known as selling channels, they are made of independent administrations such as distributer, retail merchant, gross revenues agents, etc. which are involved in the devising of merchandises and services and guaranting them to make its concluding consumers. The construct of distribution web is a really broad construct of which distribution channel is merely one constituent, they are touchable systems of interrelated beginnings and finishs through which merchandises and services move on their manner to concluding clients.

Every distribution web has two parts:

Topographic points where the merchandises and services are stored such as mills, warehouses, retail mercantile establishments, etc.

a set of waies that connect these topographic points such as land, sea, air, orbiter, overseas telegram, cyberspace, etc.

Distribution webs can be categorized into complex and simple. A simple distribution networks the one which consists of a individual demand and to carry through that merely a individual beginning of supply and a fixed way that connect the beginning with other parts of the webs. Directors decide upon a peculiar distribution web based on what and how much they have to transport, based on internal buying and stock list consideration.

In short distribution refers to the attempts done to travel the merchandises and services from the fabrication workss to the concluding clients through the assorted independent administrations in between such as retail merchants and jobbers. The chief purpose is to guarantee the merchandises reach the concluding consumers into the simplest manner and besides the cheapest manner. A good distribution web provides a great competitory advantage to the house whereas a bad distribution web can take to the failure of even a really superior merchandise. Hence a distribution web should be good chosen and a batch of thought procedure should travel into it.


The distribution webs that the companies normally use for consumer goods are the 1s which use both the distributers or the jobbers and the retail merchant and that ‘s because it allows them exposure to the broad webs that jobbers have already established. Merchandises that are of low measure and of common usage are normally distributed via mediators and those merchandises that are expensive are normally sold by the manufacturer itself. Merchandises that are heavy and bulky or are perishable are subjected to shorter distances and are distributed straight. The chief purpose in all of it is to cut down the cost every bit much as possible. Merchandises such as electronic contraptions need after gross revenues service besides to supply the clients all the relevant information to utilize it.

The houses that produce big assortment of merchandises in big figure may develop their ain retail mercantile establishments and administer their merchandises through distribution Centres whereas houses bring forthing merchandises in little measure may contract jobbers as mediators and acquire the merchandises delivered to retail merchants to be sold to the terminal clients. For merchandises that are freshly launched they need a wider distribution web so that they can make as many consumers as possible. They need to make all the retail merchants before the selling attempts start therefore many mediators may be required. While merchandises which are on the last few phases of their lifecycle may necessitate less mediators because the gross revenues and the demand drops down by this phase.

Firms that are little in size may depend on few figure of mediators assorted big houses may name big figure of mediators for a wider distribution web. The type of mediators besides affects the pick of distribution webs like a consumer goods bring forthing house may necessitate mediators which could increase the gross revenues of the merchandises i.e. the jobbers that are good known and have a good will in the market and those who have big storage capacities for big volumes of merchandises to be distributed.

All the above discussed factors affect the determination on which distribution web to be chosen for consumer goods therefore a director should expeditiously take which jobbers to take and what channel to follow for directing their merchandises to maximal population of consumers in the lower limit possible cost.


Some of the taking consumer goods houses runing India may be:

Hindustan Unilever Limited

PepsiCo Limited

Nestle India Limited


It is a subordinate of UNILEVER which has market capitalisation of $ 14 billion. It is an FMCG major which owns around 35 of India ‘s really powerful and trusted trade names and is a market leader in many of the consumer goods classs such as dish wash, personal wash, fabric wash, skin attention, hair wash, jams, package teas, talcum pulverizations, etc. and it is figure 2nd in the toothpaste, instant java and ketchup section.

HUL merchandises are available at about seven million distinguishable mercantile establishments of the state, it is used in one of every 20 eight houses and 50 nine per centum of these mercantile establishments are located in rural India. HUL besides serves certain shops straight and that sums to around one million and has a broad web of seven 1000 stockists and distributers

There are about 35 CFAs ( Carry Forward Agents ) appointed by HUL in the state who serve the stockists with the merchandises. The trade chiefly comprises of food market shops, chemists, booths, jobbers and general shops. It is known for supplying seamster made services to all its distribution channel spouses. They have about two 1000 providers that supply to forty different fabrication workss of HUL that are decentralized across two million sq metres of the district.

HUL ‘s attack to distribution is divided into 3 sections based on the handiness of the country and the turnover per market:

Direct coverage: under direct coverage HUL distributes its merchandises from its fabrication workss to the Carry Forward Agents. From there the merchandises are transported to the stockist or the distributer and eventually to the retail merchants.

Indirect coverage: HUL has certain stockists for a group of small towns located nearby, the merchandises are foremost delivered to the stockists from the fabrication workss and so they deliver the merchandises to the small towns around them.

Streamline distribution: in countries of low handiness but high turnover per market, the merchandises are delivered to the distributer by the CFAs which delivers the merchandises to sub-stockists in rural countries located in the small towns itself, they are besides known as the Star Sellers.

In order to make the rural population HUL started the PROJECT SHAKTI in 2000. Under this undertaking HUL has partnered with Self Help Groups ( SHG ) of rural adult females who get trained by HUL and besides acquire support from authorities bureaus and NGOs and they foremost receive HUL merchandises from the rural distributer and sell them to assorted small towns. They are fundamentally Shakti entrepreneurs normally referred as Shakti Amma who have helped HUL widen its distribution web to around 80000 small towns of India.


Pepsico entered India in 1989 and has since so grown to be one of the largest nutrient and drinks company of the state. Pepsi owns many of the taking nutrient and drink trade names of the state such as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Aquafina, Gatorade, Tropicana, Slice, Leher, Dukes, Lays, Uncle french friess, Kurkure, etc.

For the distribution of their merchandises they use the Direct Store Delivery ( DSD ) system which is the cardinal method for distribution of merchandises such as nutrient and drinks, place and personal attention merchandises, etc. It is a type distribution procedure in which the companies ship their merchandises straight from the fabrication works to the concluding consumers.

Direct Shop Delivery ( DSD ) system: Pepsico uses a system called GES which stands for geographical endeavor solution and it is the reshaping of the powerful direct shop bringing system. In add-on to great merchandises and enormous trade names, the strength of Pepsico ‘s DSD supply concatenation has been another driver of the company ‘s success. DSD means that it brings their merchandises straight to shops and so their employees set the merchandises right on to the shop shelves. This system has a multiple benefits:

it ensures the company gets great incursion of all its merchandises

that the merchandises are delivered safely and expeditiously

it besides enables Pepsico to supply great service to its clients and gives them an chance to work straight with their clients to acquire the infinite they need to make their consumers.

DSD system is one of its greatest competitory advantages. The purpose at GES was to utilize the latest engineering and thin supply concatenation believing to dramatically better their DSD system and guarantee that they could back up another 30 plus old ages of growing. For their clients they have improved their service and truth and dramatically improved their ability to convey new points to the market. For their consumers they will be able to better their merchandise ‘s freshness by over one hebdomad and acquire alone merchandises that they want at their shop alternatively of merely a general line up of merchandises.

As the merchandise is made at their workss from where it is so sent to big distribution Centres in the tube countries, besides to the distribution centres in the rural markets.

Now in this theoretical account shop orders are either picked at the distribution Centre or even at the dorsum of the route truck. Once the orders are placed they are so sent to the shops on the familiar trucks that one sees on the route today. Their gross revenues squad members are limited by the figure of line points that they can transport based on what ‘s in a distribution Centre or on the truck and that means their clients do n’t ever hold full entree to their full line of merchandises.

Well GES alterations all of that. With GES the orders are non placed at the distribution Centres but are manus held and are transmitted back at the fabrication works and the workss are now wholly fitted with the latest machine-controlled picking engineering where these orders get assembled. Once they are assembled they can now take the big format orders to the shops like Big Bazaar or other ace markets and they can travel straight from works to shops wholly short-circuiting distribution Centres wholly. This is the most efficient supply concatenation possible direct from works to hive away. It besides enables their clients to take from their full line of merchandise offerings as they no longer can be limited by what the distribution Centre or the truck can transport. For little format clients like seven eleven our other shops things are somewhat different. In this scenario they ship orders to little cross dock installations called merchandise exchange Centres. Once the merchandise gets there it is so transferred on 12 trucks and driven to shops by their ain gross revenues people. So since they no longer carry stock list on their trucks they are able to utilize much smaller vehicles and cut down thrust stat mi and that helps them better their environmental footmark. The other of import benefit of GES is that their works based pick Centres are being configured to manage over a 1000 line points which is more adequate to manage their growing in the following 10 to 20 old ages. The choice centres that enable them to pick orders at this graduated table are in the signifier of big palettes and are automatically depalletised. Once all the instances are picked, they find their manner into the aggregation country where they are automatically released in exact shop order to acquire to their bringing trucks and non merely are they in shop order but they are besides ordered merely like they are at the shelves in the shops. So it makes it really efficient to ware their merchandise at the shop.

Pepsico besides uses other methods of distribution such as Broker Warehouse Distribution ( BWD ) in which it delivers its merchandises and services to the distributers and from at that place to the retail merchants. It besides uses Vending and Food Service ( VFS ) which is method harmonizing to which Pepsico distributes its merchandises to the eating houses.


It is the universe ‘s figure one wellness and health company. It was established in 1866 in Switzerland. Since so it has delighted its clients worldwide. It is good known for its distribution all over the universe and besides in India. Its purpose is to supply its clients with the tastiest and the most alimentary filled nutrients and drinks dark and twenty-four hours.

It has broad spread distribution web all over India covering all the major provinces and metropoliss and besides most of the small towns. The company has divided its distributers into two classs i.e. trade distributers and the cocoa distributers. Trade distributers deal with merchandises such as Maggi, Nestle Dahi, etc. whereas the cocoa distributers deal with merchandises such as cocoas, Sweets, etc. Every distributer has appointed a individual who goes to assorted mercantile establishments every few yearss i.e. one time or twice a hebdomad based on the type of country. They take the order from the mercantile establishments and either delivers it at the really minute or may be following twenty-four hours.

It is assumed that any retail merchant has a limited sum of money to purchase merchandises for a peculiar twenty-four hours. Hence Nestle believes that directing more than one retail merchant would be more good as the retail merchant shells out limited money for a individual distributer and therefore more distributers will acquire more figure of orders. They have besides started an operation STING under which their gross revenues representatives go on bikes and sell little sums of merchandises to mercantile establishments that are little and non much catered to wish pan walas, etc.

The stocks that are manufactured at the workss and so packaged eventually for cargo are delivered to the female parent godowns at assorted topographic points. The stocks from the female parent godowns are sent to the Carry and Store Agents ( C & A ; S ) where they are stored as a belongings of Nestle. The money for the stocks are given as guidelines given to the C & A ; S and the Cash Distributors ( Cadmium ) via invoicing. Along with the chief merchandises they besides store with them give aways and support stuffs such as spines and free gifts, etc.

Note: the jobbers are non a portion of the formal construction of Nestle India ‘s distribution web for NCR. They make bulk purchases from the distributers straight thereby leveraging on the borders.

The merchandises and services of Nestle India Limited are first manufactured in the mill and transferred utilizing a Transportation Challan to the Mother Godown ( one for a big geographical country ) . From the Mother Godown the stocks are transferred to the Carry and Stock Agents ( C & A ; S ) utilizing a Transportation D.A. Till here the stocks are a company belongings. Then via invoicing the stocks are transferred to the Cash Distributors and eventually to the Stockists. At these phases the ownership of the stock transportations from the company to the Cash Distributors and Stockists.

Conveyance: in order to transport perishable nutrient and drink points such as milk, curd, etc. the company ensures a conveyance system holding infrigidation installations on board. The company besides has cold storage installations at its Mother Godowns at assorted locations so that the goods do non acquire spoiled during storage even for a few hours. Hence the company ensures that the wellness factor remains integral.

They have dedicated Air Conditioned Vans for the conveyance of merchandises like cocoas from the Mother Godown to the Cash Distributors.

The followers is the conveyance system being used by the company:

Choice of distributers:

The assorted distributers are selected based on certain standards which are as follows:

Capital investing: the distributers are selected based on the money they invest and besides the money they can put in the concern in the hereafter. It is non merely based on the turnover that is necessary in the present but besides in the hereafter. This is besides based on the sum of growing the company is anticipating in that peculiar country. The sums required may alter from part to part.

Relevant experience: harmonizing to the company norms it is critical that the distributer that they choose should be holding some past experience of being a distributer in the FMCG sector. The chief purpose here is that the company will non hold to give him any preparation in the same field. The company besides aims at choosing dedicated distributers hence it ensures that the distributer it chooses does non work for a rival so that it merely focuses in administering merchandises of Nestle. For illustration if taking a distributer for Nestle milk merchandises it would choose a distributer who already distributes Nestle merchandises such as Maggi so that he is dedicated towards full scope of merchandises and non merely a peculiar SKU.

Infrastructure: the distributer should be holding the necessary substructure required for storing and administering the assorted merchandises such as cold storage, gross revenues work forces, warehouses, conveyance vehicles, etc.

However there are no fixed guidelines for choosing a peculiar distributer. The company has the discretion to choose a peculiar distributer based on the part or the market it is functioning or be aftering to function.

Incentives to the Distributors

2 ) strategy spread over 2-3 months: the distributers are given pecuniary benefits such as excess border of 2-3 % if the gross revenues marks set are achieved and the growing rate is high for illustration a 15 % growing rate means a distributer holding Rs 1 lac gross revenues will hold more benefit than one holding Rs 25000 gross revenues.

The benefits can besides be in sort such as free gifts on accomplishing marks. It is ever kept in head that even with such wagess he gets pecuniary benefit for illustration by selling it.

3 ) Certificates: distributers accomplishing marks are besides given certifications of recognition which they may border in their stores as a certification from a company like Nestle is valued by everyone.

Motivation of Channel Partners – “ Proud to be Nestle ”

The company keeps on coming up with strategies to give wagess to the distributers for accomplishing marks and besides to construct good and long term dealingss with its distributers. One such strategy that became successful was “ Proud to be Nestle – Super awards for ace winners! ” launched on March 30, 2002. They are all unfastened for the followers:

Area Gross saless Directors

Gross saless Military officers

Cash Distributors

Pallet Salesmen ( these are the functionaries that work under the gross revenues officers in order to enable him to manage a wider country of distribution. )

Distributor Salesmen ( these are gross revenues work forces who work under the distributers are therefore paid indirectly by the company )


How does it work?

Measure 1: the following are the standards that need to be fulfilled:

The marks need to carry through to the 100 % for the one-fourth III

RDBN turnover growing should be at least 10 % in the last twelvemonth Quarter II.

Duration should be:

Invoicing: 01/04/2011 – 29/06/2011

RD: 02/03/2011 – 23/06/2011

Measure 2: all the ASMs that fulfill the above standards are so ranked on the footing of an index figure.

INDEX = % RD turnover growing * absolute value addition

Measure 3: now prizes are awarded to the top ASMs.

The winning squad comprises of:

All Gross saless Military officers in the ASM squad

2 top ranked Cash Distributors in each Gross saless Officer Zone

( Index = % RD growing * absolute turnover addition )

Two distributer salesmen in each of the top two Cash Distributors

The gross revenues officers on the footing of the quality of trading achieved select a merchant to be awarded.

The awards are mentioned in the tabular array below:

RDBM T/O growing achieved






20 % +






15-19.99 %






10-14.99 %






The ASM squads are ranked at the top win certifications and trophies.


When a distributer gets selected he is evaluated based on his gross revenues marks but he does non lose concern from the company until he under performs for a long period of clip. Besides the marks vary based on the part where he is located because each country may hold a different gross revenues projected.

Distribution IN PRACTICE ( DIP ) Training

For the distributer and the Carry & A ; Forward Agents there are developing plans offered by the companies to the give them the in deepness cognition of the concern facets. Following are the preparation plans

Quality System

Good Warehousing Practices ( GWP )

Good Distribution Practices.

Major facets of the plan include:

Stacking as per norms:

First In First Out ( FIFO ) method is used for Inventory direction. The palettes are arranged in an orderly mode that excessively off from the walls so that they do non acquire spoiled or damaged. Besides there is adequate infinite between the palettes to travel about freely.

Good Warehousing Practices


Fire Fight: particular safeguards are taken to forestall harm by fire and besides appropriate steps are taken to contend fire.

Control of Plagues


Temperature record and care at the Air Conditioned Godowns

Proper airing

All the revenue enhancements and licences are given as per the authorities norms

Transportation system: handiness of dependable beginnings of transit to and from the godowns or warehouses.

Proper Loading / unloading: proper burden and unloading of the palettes take topographic point. It is either automated or the labor is given proper preparation and instructions to manage them with attention.

Remittance: the remittal is deposited on a timely footing.

The warehouses have a record of all the Gross saless Tax given and the freedom certifications


The record of Receipts and the information of despatchs are maintained in registries for refrence whenever required. In instance of deficits they are handled seperately. The Carry & A ; Stock Agents are responsible for managing the Gross saless revenue enhancement and the Octroi. A different registered is maintained for the freely distributed stuff. All the disbursals that take topographic point are handled by the Carry & A ; Stock Agents which are so paid back to them by the company.

Managing of Bad Goods:

The good and the bad or spoiled goods are separated from each other and are consequently marked saleable or non saleable.

Temperature control: there are particular commissariats for Air Conditioned warehouses for merchandises like milk merchandises and cocoas and besides vehicles that have a installation for cold storage.


As seen above that the consumer goods in India normally use a distribution web that has few figure of mediators in between as these are fast traveling goods and need some jobbers to do it possible to make far away locations in minimal clip possible. For a company like HUL the merchandises are non perishable and a hold by one or two yearss can be tolerated. But when it comes to a company like PepsiCo and Nestle they have certain perishable nutrient and drink points that need to be transported rapidly and safely. Hence this means nutrient and drink houses have their warehouses located nearby so that conveyance does n’t take much clip or they may even utilize faster manners of conveyance such as railroad, etc. but for a company like HUL the warehouses may be a small far off with slower manners of conveyance. Hence harmonizing to the demands of the house and the type of merchandises or services a distribution web is good chosen to be competitory and better serve the clients. The chief purpose ever is to present the merchandises safely in the lower limit cost possible.


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