Disadvantages Of Traditional Media Tools Marketing Essay

Since telecasting has born, it has already become the most utile media tools among others over many old ages. Most of the convention company thinks that having a telecasting advertisement run may reflect their company ‘s trade name or position at a prestige degree.

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The Advantages

Television advertizement is a tool that provides high frequence potency where in a twenty-four hours a individual advertizement can make 1000000s of viewing audiences immediately. This is because telecasting is the highest range of other sorts of media since each house own a telecasting. Furthermore, telecasting besides offers advertizers the most extended coverage comparison to other media.

The Disadvantages

Television advertizement may be a good tool to make 1000000s of people but the cost for an advertizement is high. High cost likely comes from the production cost because commercials normally need more clip, thought and resources to bring forth it. Therefore, making a commercial is expensive.

1.0.2 Radio

Radio is non every bit effectual as telecasting and it is more hard to pull more possible consumers because largely people merely focus on listening to the music instead than advertizement. Meanwhile, the most effectual manner to convey the message from an advertizement is when a driver stuck in the center of the traffic. At the same clip, many smaller local companies use radio advertisement because the cost of making a wireless advertizement are less dearly-won comparison to telecasting.

The Advantages

Largely radio advertizers help the hearer to hive away the message easy. Method such as reiterating the advertizement can successfully assist the hearer to retrieve it. From clip to clip, the more the hearer stay on the wireless, the message will goes profoundly into the individual mentality and shortly from short-run to go long-run memory. Adding sound consequence in the advertizement may efficaciously assist consumers to good so every clip they heard the sound they may remember back to the advertizement.

The Disadvantages

Radio advertizements have few opportunities to make national audience because there is merely a short exposure clip of conveying the message. Normally an advertizement is approximately 15 to 30 seconds. Most of the times listener involved in other activities such as working, paying attending on driving or merely utilizing wireless as a eating house or stores background music to supply their clients a nice and comfy environment. Therefore, most of them will non pay much attending or jump the advertisement portion.

1.0.3 Outdoor Ad

Normally some companies will utilize hoardings to publicize along the side of the main road in Malaysia. Other than that, streamers outside a eating house, on public transit and even hanging on the pillars under the overpass besides an illustration of out-of-door advertisement.

The Advantages

An out-of-door advertizement is an effectual manner to convey message towards big group of people. For local companies, these advertizement is an efficient manner to convey the message to their local mark because normally local audience able to see them everyplace. The location of puting up these advertizements will impact the result such as puting nearby a eating house, inside metropoliss country, hanging on tall edifices, railroad station and amusement park.

The Disadvantages

The major drawback of an out-of-door advertisement is short exposure of clip. When the advertizement is set by the route side, drivers may merely hold a speedy expression on it. They can non acquire the full message from the advertizement unless they stop their auto.

1.0.4 Magazines

In old yearss, advertise in magazines is besides a best manner to convey information towards mark audience. Advertise in different magazine allow to aim to different consumers harmonizing to demographic and life styles.

The Advantages

Magazines advertizements frequently provide high-quality colour on the images. Colorss and images can pull attending because largely people love to look at colourful things alternatively all with words. Besides that, the chief map of magazines is to let readers to read it during leisure clip. With sing colourss and images, it can profit in loosen uping themselves like cut downing emphasis after a on the job twenty-four hours yet they may hold longer clip to travel through with advertizement.

The Disadvantages

Due to high-quality colour in every magazine, the cost of production and printing is manner higher comparison to newspaper. Therefore, the magazine advertizement monetary values are besides expensive because advertizer demands to bring forth more thought and clip to publicize it in different magazine and different mark. If some advertizement mark to two consumer, it may efficaciously aim to kids in child magazines but if the same thought advertise in big magazine, the result will be different and that ‘s why advertiser demand to make another advertizement to concentrate on their parents.

1.0.5 Newspapers

Newspaper has been centuries as a function of conveying local, state and planetary intelligence to the populace. Newspaper is a best tool to publicize because the monetary value greatly cheaper comparison to others and it is distributed on day-to-day footing.

The Advantages

Local Sellerss rely to a great extent on newspaper advertizement because this is the lone tool that targets more on locals. The cardinal factor that advertises in newspaper is that you can name our all your information like advancing gross revenues, concern retail hours, and physical shop location in a individual page yet the monetary value is cheaper than magazine.

The Disadvantages

Newspapers advertizement besides have a shorten lifetime like as out-of-door advertisement. Normally a individual will put the newspaper aside one time they finish reading it. Normally a individual will non re-read 2nd clip on any information unless the object or article able to pull the reader.

Therefore, base on balls by advertizement will stay unobtrusive if it fails to pull the reader.

1.1 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Traditional Media Tools

1.1.1 E-Mail Newsletters

E-mail newssheets can be an first-class manner to construct trade name consciousness to the populace. Newsletters can be subscribed in some branded company web site. The newssheet must be in a signifier of turn toing offers value to the endorsers. Besides that, some company will corporate together so they can portion the newssheet by adding in their ain advertizement together with their spouse ‘s advertizement.

The Advantages

E-mail newssheet is close instant bringing comparison to publishing newspaper and magazine. The company can portion and direct the electronic mail to their clients at any clip they want. Meanwhile, the company may besides direct the newssheet to multiple clients merely in few chinks clip. Hence, receiver can send on the intelligence easy to their friends and household if the offer given by the company is good.

The Disadvantages

The existent deliverability to the receivers can be low due to SPAM filters or e-mail reference alterations. Nowadays, there are many possible hackers in the web. To forestall and protect client ‘s privateness, many e-mail browsers utilizing progress filter engineering to filtrate incoming message. So whenever the mail browsers detect something leery inside the newssheet, it will automatically direct it into the debris box.

1.1.2 Web logs

Some company usage web logs to advance their merchandises. A web log advertise can be effectual when distributing positive work-of-mouth communications. Meanwhile, utilizing a web log is easier to look into the company ‘s intelligence or procedure and the content largely will be updated on a regular basis comparison to a hebdomadal or monthly e-mail newssheets.

The Advantages

Company web logs provide an easy entree to company intelligence. By making so, they encourage their clients to see their web logs often because some company will regularly update their latest merchandise, approaching events and latest publicities. Hence, a company that shows their latest item will derive trueness from bing clients.

The Disadvantages

When a web log that covering with dealing, little local concern company may confront troubles with it. If the company is branded, clients will pass more clip on the web logs page to shop what they looking for and they can do payment firmly because normally well-know company let people to experience more dependable and secure. In other words, when a little local concern company with a least well-know trade name, client ‘s assurance degree towards the company will non every bit much as branded company.

1.1.3 Online Ad

Since 1990s, online advertisement have increased steadily. Due to the power of cyberspace, sellers think that on-line advertisement is the newest and extremely effectual method to make consumers. Types of online advertisement are popup, web streamer, media feed or video advertizement.

The Advantages

Online advertisement can let advertizers to make significantly more people than traditional advertisement media in a shorter clip. Ad can be more targeted than some traditional media because there are assortment of people with different age, race and civilization surfing the web day-to-day.

The Disadvantages

Heavy online advertisement will do web users to slowly immune to advertisement. When user are immune to advertisement, the figure of people who respond to advertisement will steadily lessening and those advertizements will go non of import to everyone any longer.

1.1.4 Online Social Networks

Recent old ages, online societal webs have become highly popular among people. Some company will utilize societal networking site to pass on with consumers. The most well-known societal networking site is Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and Twitter. Alternatively of communicate with consumers, companies besides doing merchandise and event proclamation.

The Advantages

Since the web is limitless, advertisement in societal networking sites are great for pulling more clients. When a client is connected to your company, your company profile and information will distribute among their household and friends excessively. The velocity on distributing intelligence in societal sites is acquiring faster so the web can shortly turn wider and even more when the advertizement has successfully build consciousness in public.

The Disadvantages

Despite of edifice trade name consciousness, societal sites are non that effectual because it need to depend on how a user remembers a company trade name. When your company trade name is non every bit celebrated in the market, people will non aware of your merchandise. Meanwhile, trade name consciousness is normally created from large advertizement on Television, streamers, hoardings, newspapers, magazines and other perennial advertizement tools. However, societal sites may assail from bad remark when a merchandise dissatisfied the clients and since everyone able to notice on something easy. So, this may draw down the company ‘s image easy.

1.1.5 Couponing

Coupon can be found in newspaper, magazines, or on-line advertizement. At most company will promote consumer to cut or publish out these full voucher and collect for certain sum so that you can deliver the offer. Some companies like McDonald will bespeak consumers to publish out the voucher from their web page so they can bask the discount.

The Advantages

Heavy Couponing user will salvage up their monthly disbursals efficaciously. When a smart Spender collected tonss of voucher, they may acquire the sum of offer goods in lower monetary value. During the period of roll uping vouchers, aggregators may bespeak their friends and household together for aid out in roll uping it. By making so, the publicity intelligence will distribute to others by word-of-mouth.

The Disadvantages

Some people will experience abashing due to self-respect. They might experience that why I need to pass clip to roll up the full voucher and utilize it to salvage merely a few ringgit which they may afford to pay. It is blowing clip to roll up it and sometimes some voucher occurs in magazines so consumer will necessitate to buy the magazine every hebdomad to roll up it.

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1.2 Promotional Mixes Used by Proton Company

Ad is of import to every company. Efficaciously utilizing advertizement will non merely making consciousness to the populace but besides potentially increase market gross revenues. The Proton Company is utilizing this method to derive net income and increase market portion. The company has used five ways to publicize their merchandise such as telecasting, streamer, newspaper, societal media webs and gross revenues publicity.

First of wholly, many company still believing advertise in telecasting is the most successful manner to make the audience. Since every family own a telecasting, the per centum of people watching telecasting everyday will stay at an upper rate. Proton usually advertises their merchandise during some peak hours like during 6p.m. to 10p.m. Every household will get down to watch telecasting during that period because everyone already back to house from working and holding dinner with households. By that clip, each of them may come across with the advertizement. Protons even pick some gay seasons to advance their merchandise like the recent Chinese New Year. Proton has intentionally make a commercial for observing Chinese New Year by demoing a German applied scientist driving the Proton Preve safely back to his married woman ‘s hometown.

Second, Proton is besides to a great extent utilizing streamer to publicize. By puting streamer in certain heavy traffic, metropoliss such as Kuala Lumpur and even wing over in main roads. Catching oculus streamer usually the best manner to convey message into spectator head even there is merely a short clip exposure. The best streamer that Proton has created is reding drivers to drive safely on the route. Once the driver read the message, the following twenty-four hours when they pass by once more they will look into which company is refering the public safety. By making so, Proton has already make a trade name consciousness to the populace.

Third, in cognizing most of the consumers will be reading newspaper in the forenoon or anytime in a twenty-four hours. Proton ‘s advertizement sometime will be seen in a newspaper. They normally will used up whole page to publicize their merchandise or service. Normally they will non take forepart or 2nd page but they will take in-between portion of the newspaper so that can easy capture the reader ‘s head with colourss and images after reading tones of words in the old page. Besides that, Proton besides advertises their service centre location so readers may happen their service centre easy.

By catching the aureate chance of utilizing web in this twenty-first century, advertise in societal media webs is every bit simple as effectual. The big audience in the web has brought Proton to happen more possible clients to advance their services and merchandises. Simple stairss like sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will expeditiously convey all the information to its audience. No affair they accept it or non, one time they view the message already convey into their head. Proton owns a Facebook and Youtube page. On Facebook page, they frequently use to upload recent publicities exposures and answer consumers remark. While on Youtube channel, they are posting their merchandises commercial or pictures during their recent event.

Last, gross revenues publicity is a value adding activities designed to hike short term gross revenues and normally include point of gross revenues activities such as in-store and event shows, merchandise test and administering cusps in public. Before establishing the new Proton Preve, the company has organized a immense event named Power of 1 at Stadium Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur. The intent of making that event is to raise the consciousness of their Proton trade name and to demo the public how good their merchandise perform, presentation is provided on the topographic point. At the same clip, the Preve besides shown up but is covering up by stripe signifier screen so that can keep at a cryptic phase. Every clip after the launch of their merchandises, they will carry on a route show excessively by publishing booklet to let consumer to cognize more about the merchandise.

Therefore based on all of these publicity schemes from Proton, the opportunities to convert a spectator to purchase the merchandise is mostly depend on the purchaser outlook on the merchandise, degree of trade name trueness or trade names repute and how great is the quality of the merchandise. Even though sometimes it might non convert a spectator but at least they ‘re cognizant of your trade name, merchandise and services. So when times goes on follow by the sweetening of a company merchandise, the opportunities to convert a purchaser will besides increase. In decision, Proton Company should go on to publicize their approaching merchandise so it may demo the growing and betterment of the company. With these ground, the opportunities of people to purchase their merchandise is higher.

1.3 Effectiveness of Advertisement

There are two constructs that guarantee the times of advertise to make mark audience is the effectual range and effectual frequence. Effective range is the per centum of an audience that must be exposed to a peculiar message to accomplish a specific aim. While the effectual frequence refers to the figure of times a mark audience must be exposed to a message to accomplish a peculiar aim. ( Clow, 2011 ) Effective frequence and effectual range are important as when excessively few exposures will do the advertizer fail to derive its intended aims. Whereas if excessively much exposures will happen in the manner of blowing resources. The most effectual in advertisement is accomplishing the intended aim successfully without sing wastage or fringy return from excess advertizement.

Effective range can be used under state of affairs like a company wants to increase trade name acknowledgment. Then the advertizers will emphasis on the ocular presentation on the merchandise or the company logo. In this manner may let a individual to acknowledge easy on the trade name name together with the company ‘s logo. The chief aim of utilizing this method is to nearer a spread in a individual ‘s cognition with the trade names. Therefore, if an advertizer wants to increase range so they have to publicize to a big group of mark audience and maintain adverting the trade name ‘s name and logo as a merchandising point. Media tools that can do this go on efficaciously are by advertisement in telecasting, out-of-door advertisement, magazines, cyberspace, and direct mail.

On the other manus, the aim of effectual frequence is to increase trade name callback. Usually repeat in advertisement method is needed so that consumer can retrieve good of the trade name in their head or memory. Besides that, repeat can increase the times that peculiar trade names will automatically popup in your head. The more clip the audience sees or heard about the advertizement is more easy to retrieve than he or she heard one time in a life clip. Examples of media tools that can be used are by telecasting, wireless, newspapers and Youtube advertisement that ‘s play first before demoing the existent picture content.


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