Demonstrating Speech Description

HOW-TO SPEECH ASSIGNMENT This demonstration speech gives students the opportunity to develop and present a “how to” speech. Students should present a 4 -5 minute speech demonstrating how to do something. Students can choose to demonstrate how to cook something or pick one of the topics covered in their kitchen classes such as the examples below: * How to sharpen a knife * Mise en place * How to Concasse a tomato * Different Cuts a Knife can make * How to make different stocks * How to make different sauces How to make fresh pasta * How to wash your hands * How to set a table * How to prep food: cooling and reheating * How to fold do a napkin fold * Fruit Carvings This speech should be 4 – 5 minutes in length. You will show us step by step how to complete the task you are demonstrating for us. You may not have time to do the whole project in the minutes given. So you show us how to begin each step, and then, if applicable, have a pre-completed example of how that step will look when the project is complete. Just like Martha Stewart] If you are demonstrating how to make something edible, you may bring enough of the finished product to share with the class. When you present to the class you need to submit your TYPED outline to the professor based on the informative speech outline guide. * Typed Delivery Outline. Outline on Portal as DEMONSTRATION Outline Template. There is a sample guideline on portal also. * Note-cards * Presentation Aids: Props (Remember these are worth 10 points) * Food Samples for Class (voluntary) DEMONSTRATION SPEECH OUTLINE NAME: Neysha Figueroa

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I. Introduction A. Attention-Getter B. Thesis Statement: Today I will be showing you how to make a famous Puerto Rican sandwich spread also known La Mezcla. C. Preview Statement: I will be telling you the ingredients needed, how to mix them together and how to cut the sandwich. TRANSITION: I’m going to start by telling you the ingredients that you need to make La Mezcla. II. Main Point #1- La mezcla is made with different types of ingredients depending on who is making. I’m going to tell you the way my husband taught me. A. Spam B. Cheese wiz C. Red Peppers in a can

TRANSITION: Now I’m going to tell you how to mix it all together. III. Main Point #2- Some mix it by hand, the lazy ones use a blender. A. It all depends on what ingredients you use whether you use a blender or not. B. Take the spam out of the can and cut into small pieces. Throw in blender. C. Add cheese. Mix together. D. Add the red peppers. (Optional add a little bit of the pepper juice. ) E. Blend until mixed together well and spam is not in chunks. TRANSITION: All done, now to spread and cut. IV. Main Point #3- There’s a special way to cut the bread.

A. First off make sure you put enough spread on the bread. B. Then you cut the edges off. (Optional) C. Then you cut into triangle shapes. TRANSITION: Now eat. V. Conclusion- It doesn’t take much to make mezcla. It’s easy, fast and a convenient snack for parties. A. Summary- La mezcla is made differently by all people. Some don’t use spam, they use potted meat instead, and some add mayo to it. This is a famous sandwich snack that Puerto Ricans have for their parties. b. Concluding Memorable Remarks: “It’s not a Spanish party if you don’t have La mezcla. ”


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