Definition Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

Water pollution is the presence of any substances in H2O which can be harmful for workss and animate beings that live in H2O or people who use it. In other word it is the alteration in the chemical or physical belongingss of the H2O and this alteration can take to do harm and wellness jeopardies to animate beings and workss that live inside it or organisms that usage it. ( 1 )

Importance of the Nile River for Egypt

The Nile River is the primary H2O resource in Egypt, where it represents more than 95 % of the entire H2O resources in Egypt and it is the line of life for Egypt and there are many grounds for its importance which are:

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Egyptians depends on it to get fresh H2O to utilize it for assorted intents such as imbibing, cookery, cleansing and other family utilizations.

Use it for agribusiness where fertile land formed around the Nile River and they irrigated by Nile River.

The Nile River is an of import beginning of fish.

It is used in H2O transit because it passes from south to north Egypt.

Industry in Egypt depends a batch on the Waterss of the Nile River.

Recently after the building of the High Dam became the Nile River is an of import beginning for bring forthing electricity to Egypt. ( 2 )

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Causes of pollution

There are many beginnings of H2O pollution in Nile River.

Industry Effluent:

Industry is an of import user of H2O. In same clip is an of import manufacturer of pollution. Water is really of import in industry. Water demand for industry was 3.6 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year in 2000. And they expect to be 5.5 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year in 2017. So, when industry increases, the H2O demands addition. ( 1 )

Municipal Wastewater

In the metropolis, the H2O which used by people traveling down through assorted intervention processes to do it healthy as possible before release it back to environment. Treating H2O is aid to minimise the negative effects of effluent on the environment. However, some hapless metropoliss along Nile River can non utilize intervention installations which are expensive for them. The lone manner they can utilize it is dumped in the river without treated. ( 2 )

Statisticss show that, all authoritiess generate 3.5 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year of effluent. Of these wastewater 1.6 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year receives intervention. In 2017, 1.7 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year will have intervention. Although the capacity will increase but it will non be able to covers all effluent. As it is show in tabular array ( 1 ) the figure of people serves addition and figure of people non served addition because increasing in population. ( 3 )

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So, it will non be able to worsen the sum of effluent that is non having intervention. ( 1 )

Table ( 1 ) : Projections of Wastewater Treatment Coverage



Peoples Serves

Peoples Not Served


60 Million

18 Million

42 Million


83 Million

39 Million

44 Million

Agribusiness Effluent

Agribusiness is larger consumer of H2O. And it is in same clip contributed in H2O pollution. Overflow from the agricultural sector often contains pollutants that may hold an inauspicious consequence on the river. Pollutants such as salts, foods like P and N, and pesticide residue can be found in this overflow. Agricultural overflow frequently is a “ non-point ” pollutant, in that it can come from anyplace in a part, and non from a specific drain. This can do it hard to There are besides jobs associated with agricultural overflow oozing into the groundwater every bit good. ( 2 )

Consequence of population

There are many consequence of Nile river pollution. Some of these effects are:

The presence of oil on the surface of the river works as a buffer between the Sun and the workss. This leads to decease of fish and Lack of nutrient for worlds. In add-on, that will diminish the figure of fishermen “ Many fishermen have either left their occupations wholly or migrated, ” el-Fikky said. ( 3 )

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The solid waste thrown in the river hinder the motion of fishermen net and lacerate cyberspaces which reduces the sum of fish and increase the cost on the fishermen. Saed said he normally catches 2kg of fish a twenty-four hours that equal to US $ 165 a month, but over the past few months he has had an extra concern: his cyberspace demands replacing non every month as in the past but every few yearss, bing him up to $ 144 a month.

The Nile river is beginning for imbibing but because it polluted by homo that could do a harmful consequence on homo and do a unsafe diseases. Not merely for people whose drink from it but besides for people who eat fish or works from it. ( 1 )

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Water pollution is a serious job for the full universe. And it is considered to be one of the most unsafe jeopardies impacting Egypt. The pollution of Nile River is increase especial in the past few decennaries.

Although the Egyptians love the Nile River a batch and it is of import for them, non merely in economic footings but it has a important significance for them. But this did non protect it from pollution.

In this study I will explicate the significance of H2O pollution. Then, I will take about the of import of Nile River. After that, I will speak about causes of Nile River pollution which are industry effluent, municipal effluent and agribusiness effluent. Final, I will take about consequence of Nile River pollution.


Over two tierces of Earth ‘s surface is covered by H2O ; less than a 3rd is taken up by land. As Earth ‘s population continues to turn, people are seting ever-increasing force per unit area on the planet ‘s H2O resources. One of these fresh H2O resources is Nile River. Water is indispensable for life. No being can populate without it. Water pollution is job consequence homo, animate beings and workss. And it caused by different resource. In these study I will seek to happen the chief causes of H2O pollution in Nile River and the consequence of that pollution.


In the drumhead, as you see all H2O pollution in Nile rive and in any topographic point in the universe created by homo and so he seek once more to work out it what he already create. I advice all people to keep the environment. And maintain the H2O clean.


Are n’t we cognizant of the different jobs happening in our nature, particularly in different organic structures of H2O? Water pollution is the cause of our undisciplined actions and irresponsibleness. We, worlds are merely making jobs that accordingly we will besides transport the load of these jobs. We all know that H2O pollution can impact our wellness severely and earnestly. The solution for all environmental jobs is non created.

UAE University

Faculty of Science

Department of Biology

Principles of Environmental Science

Done by: Shaikha Mohammed.

Idaho: 201003128.

Teacher: Dr. Tarek Youssef.


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