Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit The Mercury Thermometer (“Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel (1686-1736)”) The great man himself, Daniel Fahrenheit. Boiling water, freezing water and the temperature of a human body: these were the key points of the Fahrenheit scale. These three temperatures were chosen to act as the basis of the Fahrenheit temperature scale. The scale was named after Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, who invented the first non-alcohol based thermometer. Fahrenheit’s thermometers were popular to the public, accepted by the church and influential because they were the most accurate thermometers of the time.

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Fahrenheit’s thermometers caught the eye of the public people immediately. The public was so intrigued by the inventions because they were the most accurate thermometers invented at that time (“Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit: Biography from Answers. com”). Fahrenheit’s thermometers were also the first thermometers to be invented without the use of an alcohol and water based mixture, instead of this traditional concoction, Daniel used mercury (Asimov 184). He used mercury because the expansion was not affected by its surroundings. The new list of ingredients had the public excited to use the revolutionary device. Fahrenheit’s thermometers could also be used at higher altitudes than their alcoholic counter-parts and still be accurate (“Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit Biography”). This was because the altitude did not affect the expansion of mercury as much as it affected the expansion of the alcoholic mixture. Alongside his revolutionary inventions, Daniel also created his own temperature scale, which he called “The Fahrenheit Scale” (“Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Biography”).

This new scale had the population buzzing because it had more depth than the other temperature scales at the time. Fahrenheit’s invention of the mercury thermometer was revolutionary and was a new way to measure temperatures, which had the public yearning to see how it was done. The church, alongside the public was very interested in Daniel’s thermometers. However, although they were very interested in the thermometers, they were vey passive towards the revolutionary device (“Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Biography”).

Daniel’s thermometers were not a challenge to the teachings and beliefs of the church; therefore, the church disregarded them as an idle threat (Asimov 184). Overall, the church never confronted Daniel, or even recognized the thermometers as a threat, so, there was no conflict between Fahrenheit and the church. Fahrenheit working on his thermometer. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit’s thermometers were a very big influence during their time. Following the invention of his thermometers, other inventors attempted to outmatch them, but it was not possible with the technology of the time (“Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Biography”).

Many other similar inventions were created, however nobody could advance in the mercury thermometer (“Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit”). No advancements could be made because the technology was not available to surpass the original mercury thermometer. The blueprints to Fahrenheit’s original mercury thermometer were released 18 years after the thermometer made its debut in the science community, sparking another inventing spree (Asimov 184). The results of the release of the blueprints were very similar to the results of the release of the thermometers themselves, many scientists attempted to outdo Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit’s thermometers were a very big influence for other inventors; however, no one could outmatch Fahrenheit’s own thermometers. Fahrenheit working on his thermometer. (“Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit”) The invention of the mercury thermometer was revolutionary and it caught the eye of the public. Fahrenheit influenced many other inventors to attempt to outmatch his thermometers; however, it was not done during Fahrenheit’s lifetime. The Church accepted his invention of the mercury thermometer. The new, revolutionary devices were accepted by the church and the public while also inspiring other inventors.


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