Czech automobile industry PESTEL analysis

In back-to-back old ages 2002-2004, in Europe Czech Republic is one of the state which secured more automotive R & A ; D undertakings and for accounting 20.2 % of fabrication end product, for Czech exports 20.2 % in 2007 and in automotive sector there are over 120,000 employees which is half of universe ‘s top 50 constituent makers which is considered as the powerful engine for Czech economic system ( Czech Business Info, 2009 ) . Furthermore it is given that Skoda combined with Hyundai new works and Toyota/PSA will be shortly bring forthing 1,200,000 autos yearly ( Czech Invest, 2010 ) . Czech Republic ranked 14th place in EU when compared to cardinal and eastern European states and its growing rate in automotive parts sector is increased to 7 % compared to other sections in Czech ( Czech car industry, 2010 ) .

By sing the alterations and uninterrupted development in automotive parts sector, several factors are interlinked with market entry manners based upon market entry scheme. To measure and analyze the complexness associated with the factors through the prism of strengths and failing in the hereafter chance of position PESTEL ( political, economical, societal, technological, legal, competition, currency ) analysis is done ( Lee & A ; Carter, 2009 ) . PESTEL analysis is a construction of macro environmental factors that will assist the house to cognize the markets state of affairss in the CZ that are urging for its international investors ( see appendix 1 ) . From the analysis it shows the favorable conditions to put and besides shows the increased growing of production in automotive parts sector in CZ. The economic system of CZ is stable and conventional, the state is puting more in high fabrication and technological sectors which so offers first-class potencies due to its rich heritage and strongly supported by authorities assistance programmes ( Czech Invest, 2010 ) . As a member in European Union, its location that is in cardinal Europe, it has extremely skilled labor, high quality and advanced engineering, advanced substructure are the cardinal factors pulling the houses to put in CZ ( Czech economic system, 2010 ) .

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The pick of entry manners represents one of the most of import strategic determinations for foreign MNES whose desire to come in into emerging economic systems like Czech Republic. For automotive parts sector high resource committedness and proficiency human cognition is indispensable. Harmonizing to Tallman and Shenker, 1994 nature of market, runing cost and competition should be weighed against the houses cost integrating versus net income which determines the degree of hazard in CZ automotive portion sector control, flexibleness and degree of engagement ( Lee and Carter, 2009 ) . For direct investing factors like degree of engagement, velocity of entry, flexibleness and hazard is high but the returns will besides be high. The degree of hazard for shared and controlled MNE ‘s is medium.

Corporate aims and resources:

Corporate aims in car industry could be met but non easy. Automobile parts sector can be set up in CZ but it involves more investing and high cost.

The factors are evaluated and analysed as follows: Beginning: Tallman and Shenkar, 1994

Degree of Engagement:

Because of the lively environment in car sector, the degree of control and hazard is high. The degree of investings and hazard is high for the companies in automotive sector so it is likely to affect in shared and entirely controlled manner.

Degree of Risk and Control:

A high resource committedness is required for a house puting in automotive parts sector. The degree of hazard is medium for shared and controlled manner. The degree of hazard is high and investing is more for to the full controlled manner.

Speed of Entry:

Automotive sector is extremely competitory so it ‘s better to catch the enterprise instead than tardily. The companies must accommodate progress engineering, must understand the client ‘s demands harmonizing to the market state of affairss.

Nature of market, competition etc…

In Czech in last 10 old ages maximal investings can be seen in automotive parts sector. The chief rivals in car industry in Czech are Skoda, Toyota / TPCA, Hyundai and KIA. Market entry manners depend upon the degree of competition in automotive parts industry.

Market entry manner

Pay back: The payback period of initial investing in automotive industry is about four old ages ( Czech Invest, 2010 ) . When we compared with jointly owned mode the return of investing would be higher.


High resource committednesss and proficiency cognition is required in the Fieldss of automotive sector. Choosing CZ will assist tauten to export to cardinal and eastern European states as it is strategically located in cardinal Europe.

Investing and market cost:

The investing and market cost will be high in automotive industry. The houses in automotive industry is more and its makes merchandise distinction challenging and leads to extra market cost

Administrative demands:

Some of the administrative demands in CZ are extremely skilled labor, advanced engineering, substructure and low-cost belongings costs.

Firms whose desire is to put in car industry sector can utilize Eclectic theory because of choice of location. Further more in elaborate can be explained by sing the illustration of Volks Wagon a Germany company took the control over Skoda in CZ in the twelvemonth 2001 ( presentation on Skoda ) . For exporting their merchandises to eastern and cardinal Europe VW used eclectic theory. They gained ownership advantage due to 100 % acquisition but besides by keeping good engineering, quality, fiscal and selling variables. By sing these factors they gained local advantage and positioned subordinates in a topographic point which is ready for car market such as Central and Eastern Europe.

Chief Market Entry Modes:

Market oriented


Shared Owned and Controlled

Wholly Owned and Fully controlled

Direct Exporting



E commercialism

Tocopherol concern

Synergistic Television


Contract Industry



Management service


Joint ventures

Partial amalgamations and acquisitions




Indirect Exporting

Via domestic


Trading companies

Export houses

Piggy Backing

Low Level of engagement high

Low Level of Risk and Control high

Beginning: Lee & A ; Carter, 2009

The houses whose desire to put in automotive parts sector in CZ will be appropriate in accommodating towards entirely owned and to the full control of subordinates than the representatives of every other entry manners. For any MEMs, during the choice of entry manner, it is necessary to briefly reexamine the leading function of control that may outdo suits to them. It is advised to companies which invest in automotive industry to be operated in full control because in to the full command manner the degree of engagement of resources will be high and it will travel through high degrees of hazard and allows it to derive high returns on investing. Particularly to come ining into automotive parts industry into emerging markets like CZ these signifiers of entry manners are suited to sell with in the state and to cardinal and eastern European states. Market entry manners varies depending upon the operations in specific states for case, VWs shared ownership brand to take over the operations in Prague thereby signalling switch towards entirely and to the full controlled manner ( See Appendix 2 ) .

Harmonizing dunning ( 2000 ) houses in automotive parts sector in CZ market they will follow Bargaining power and Eclectic theory. In dickering power the degree of investing and committedness of resources are high and it besides involves high degree of hazard and return on investing is high ( Dunning, 2000 ) . Firms accommodating dickering power attack, the authorities of the host state supply subsidies in signifier of revenue enhancement decreases, location of works, the peril of investing etc. Harmonizing to Taylor, Zou and Osland ( 2000 ) explained that BP starts from the premiss that house preferred for a high control market entry manner because it is the desirable result in footings of houses long term ability to rule a foreign market.

Culture Issues while Making Business In Czech:

Interesting cross civilizations challenges occurs when a house desires to make concern with and in foreign states. Cultural issues vary from state to state and a house has to be really careful while puting in foreign states. For case consider the illustration such as concern trades go incorrect because of over culturally insensitive actions. In international concern context a house can maximise its potencies by accommodating appropriate civilization of that peculiar state such as appreciating a state cultural niceties, protocol etc ( Czech Business,2010 ) .

Czech Republic needs to be viewed as transitional economic system which in procedure the economic system is traveling from province controlled centrally planned economic system to more Anglo manner capitalist theoretical account. One of the strongest bequests of the former Soviet-style system is in the country of trust in the concern environment ( Semerak, 2010 ) . Czech concern civilization chiefly focuses or underscore on developing deep degrees of trust within concern relationship. Harmonizing Czech people the misgiving in concern starts when they engage with in new contact and the misgiving can be broken through clip and turn outing a trust worthy associate. From the above the cardinal message while making concern in Czech is needed to be forbearance and seeking to make much rapidly, faster will ensue in counterproductive ( Czech Business,2010 ) .

The cardinal issue in Czech concern environment is people from different coevalss where we can anticipate different attitudes to concern issues. Older coevals people are chiefly influenced by Soviet manner system whereas younger coevals who are good educated, come into work after many alterations are influenced by western concern methods ( Czech Business,2010 ) . Czech are considered to be cautious while acquiring into new concern trades and the chief purpose of the initial concern meetings is to cognize each other and reserved civilization of Czech ab initio perceived to be cold but they are really warm and hospitable people.

Some of the tips to while puting up a concern in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an economic system which is on still on a journey which is running towards a free market attack. But it is still on advancement. The concern environment still suffers from the bequest of the old system.

In Czech society we can happen possible generational division, older coevals are more influenced by old Soviet manner whereas younger coevals are more unfastened and influenced by entrepreneurial attack. When traffics are made with older coevals we can anticipate to meet a hierarchal attack where determinations are made at the top of the organisations.

Punctuality is the mark of a serious professional.

Due to the built-in intuition in Czech Republic, attempt to maintain squads together over long periods of clip.

( Beginning: World concern Culture,2010 )

Finally we can state that a house has to make a careful survey on civilization and if he follows the above mentioned guidelines while puting up the concern in Czech he will be benefited.


PESTEL Analysis on CZ Automobile parts sector industry

Market Environment


Political Factors

( Czech automobile industry,2010 ;, 2010 )

Democratic authorities combined with steady Torahs, human rights, protection, value and regard for minorities and one of most advanced new EU members ( Czech economic system, 2010 )

Harmonizing to CIA Czech is considered as one of most stable and comfortable state of Eastern and Central European states ( CIA, 2010 ) .

Government provides inducements for investings and revenue enhancement freedoms ( Czech car industry, 2009 ) .

Job creative activity, preparation and retraining grants.

Socio – Economic Factors

( Czech invest,2010 ; talk by Anna Klosova, 2010 )

Land country is 78,864 kilometer ( Czech invest, 2010 ) .

Population is about 10.4 million ( Czech invest. 2010 ) .

Labour force is about 5.7 million ( Anna Klosova, 2010 )

Growth in GDP is 2 % ( Czech invest, 2010 ) .

Unemployment rate 8.5 % ( Czech invest, 2010 ) .

Nationalities in Czech: CZ 81.2 % , Slovak 3.1 % , Polish 0.6 % , Gypsy 0.3 % , Silesian 13 % and other 0.2 % ( Czech economic system, 2010 ) .

Gross rewards: 24000 CZK ( Anna Klosova, 2010 ) .

Inflation rate of CZ is 1.1 % ( Czech invest, 2010 )

Internet users ( ‘000 ) : 5,970.36 ( euro proctor international, 2009 )

Highly skilled labour force ( Czech invest, 2010 )

Good conveyance system ( The Prague Post, 2009 )


( Czech statistical office, 2010 )

As per Exchanges rates on July 12th, 2010.

1 GBP = 29.6436 CZK

1 USD = 18.8123 CZK

1 EUR = 24.7629 CZK

( Beginning: XE – Worlds favorite currency site )

Flexible exchange system.

Czech currency ( koruna ) is easy exchangeable. All international transportations are carried out without any holds (, 2010 )

Legal Factors

( Czech invest, 2010 )

Intellectual belongings protection ( Czech invest, 2010 )

Foreign legal entities and other provinces from EU can get existent estate in CZ without any limitations where same conditions is applicable to local legal entities ( Fact, 2010 ) .

Harmonizing CZ Torahs and ordinances domestic and foreign entities are treated every bit in all parts of the state ( Czech economic system, 2010 )

Laws and ordinances are subjected to EU


( Skoda presentation, 2010 ; Czech Trade, 2010 )

Strong competition from states like Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Major rivals in Czech car industry Skoda 52.3 % , TCPA 13 % , Hyundai 10 % and Kia 10 % ( Skoda presentation, 2010 ) .

High figure of car industries ( Czech trade, 2010 ) .

Technological Factors

( Car Industry in Czech, 2010 )

High quality and advanced infra construction ( Czech invest, 2010 )

Advance engineering in automotive industry ( Czech car industry, 2010 )

Increased investings in R & A ; D sections.





Degree of


Degree of


Tax return on investing

Agency attack ( Carney and Gedajlovic, 1991 ) Uppsala ( Stopfort and Wells, 1972 )


Very low

Very low

Very low

Very low

Industrial web attack ( Whitelock, 2002 )

joint ventures

Shared Owned and controlled













Partial amalgamations

Shared Owned and controlled

Eclectic theory or Contingency attack ( Dunning, 1998 )


Wholly owned and to the full controlled


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