Customer Based Brand Equity Model Essay Sample

Customer Based Brand Equity Model ( CBBE )

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The CBBE theoretical account attacks trade name equity from the position of the client – whether client is an person or an organisation. The CBBE theoretical account provides a alone point of position as to what trade name equity is and how it should best be built. measured and managed. The power of a trade name lies in what clients have learned. felt. seen and heard about the trade name as a consequence of their experiences over clip. The large challenge for sellers is to guarantee that clients have the right type of experiences with their merchandises and services. In order to make this. sellers must develop selling plans in manner that best tantrum into customers’ head and linked the trade name to the desire customers’ feelings. ideas. actions and beliefs. So that customer-based trade name equity is defined as. the differential consequence that trade name cognition has on consumer response to the selling of that trade name.

Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid

Brand Salience:

It’s means wide consciousness of the trade name. The first measure in constructing a trade name equity is the trade name consciousness that contains two parts ; trade name recognitioin ( how easy client place a trade name after exposing some cue or a physical merchandise ) and trade name callback ( how easy client recall the trade name without demoing a cue while doing purchase determination or believing the merchandise class ) . We must see both the comprehensiveness and deepness of the trade name consciousness ; the deepness is that how likely it is for a trade name component to come to mind and a comprehensiveness is the scope of purchase and the state of affairss in which the trade name comes to mind of the consumers. A trade name we easy remember has a deeper degree of trade name consciousness and comprehensiveness is related to the merchandise cognition in the memory of the consumer. So companies must see or develop the merchandise class construction for the trade name or merchandise hierarchy because clients ever make a hiararchical decisio while buying some merchandise or service. the first thing comes his/her head is the merchandise class so he/she goes farther. So it is really of import that consumers consider our trade name in their coveted merchandise class while doing purchased determination.

Brand public presentation:

It is describes how good the merchandise or service meets customers’ more functional demands. Brand public presentation straight related with the characteristics of the merchandise that differentiate it from others.


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