Culture Differences between Americans and Vietnamese Essay Sample

Why do people from different states act otherwise? Some cultural differences are reflected by other civilizations. Since I came to populate in the United States. I have experienced a batch of differences in life style. linguistic communication. and jubilation between Americans and Vietnamese people. Greeting and eating. the most experiences that I have learned. are two chief points of contrast between Americans and Vietnamese civilization.

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First of all. Americans and Vietnamese are really different in their salutations. Vietnamese do non recognize aliens when they are outside walking. running. or going. On the other manus. Americans are really unfastened and greet everyone even if they do non cognize that individual. In Vietnam. when recognizing person. even household members. people do non move friendly. For case. when the younger individuals come to see a household. they show their regard by recognizing the eldest individual in the household foremost. In contrast. Americans are friendly. and they normally greet whoever they see. For illustration. Americans hug each other and give busss on the cheek when they meet.

In add-on to recognizing. eating manners is another difference between Americans and Vietnamese. To eat their nutrient. Americans use a knife. a fork. and a home base. whereas Vietnamese usage chopsticks and bowls. In a traditional Vietnamese household. eating manners is really slippery. For illustration. the repast merely begins when the youngest individual coatings recognizing all of the household members. On the other manus. Americans do non recognize their seniors before eating. Alternatively. many Americans pray to thank God before they eat. In add-on. Americans divide their repast into three classs: appetiser. main course. and dessert. While in Vietnam. people have their whole repast all at one time.

Every state has different civilizations. Eating and recognizing are really different between Americans and Vietnamese. To avoid an awkward state of affairs that may go on when we live in a different state. I recommend to larn and accommodate to these differences into our life.


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