Cultural Identity in the Film American Gangster Essay

Films constitute as the perfect illustration in pass oning cultural individuality. the elements such as character. secret plan. and script airs as effectual tools for pass oning the film’s message. Much of this can be attributed to the basic premises of civilization and communicating as two footings co-related in such a manner that cultures will merely discontinue to be or go on without communicating. Likewise. communicating of a certain group of people is merely limited to the traits distinct to their cultural form.

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In recent old ages. it has undoubtedly been established that the wide context of civilizations is a manner of placing a group of people ; this is because consciously or unconsciously everyone belongs to a peculiar sub-culture or microculture which unambiguously signifies him or her from the chief civilization. For case. the American civilization is divided in to different microcultures sing that the United States is comprised of a diverseness of people. James W. Neuliep ( 1999 ) defines microculture as a set of common values. beliefs. and behaviour that defines a group of people.

The aforesaid values. beliefs. and behavior besides integrate shared histories every bit good as verbal and non-verbal linguistic communication systems that are similar to. but methodically differing from the dominant cultural norms. The gesture image American Gangster ( Directed by Ridley Scott. starring Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe ) concurs with the old statement of how the cinematic tradition communicates cultural individuality. This is. in big portion. brought about by the fact that the movie contains subjects and elements which present traits and values reflected by several microcultures such as race. gender. and socio-economic position.

Chiefly. American Gangster follows the rise of Frank Lucas as a outstanding figure in Harlem’s organized offense and drug trafficking industries. The gesture image is a fictionalized re-telling of how Frank Lucas. following the decease of his foreman. Bumpy Johnson. bit by bit monopolized the New York drug trade with fantastic capitalist rules and devised a unflawed importing strategy thereby leting him to sell his good quality ware at a more low-cost monetary value ( Scott. 2007 ) .

However. jurisprudence graduate/street cop Richie Roberts. who is fighting to contend corruptness within the force every bit good as the full metropolis while fighting to maintain his matrimonial life integral. felt the sudden displacement of power in the belowground offense sphere ( Scott. 2007 ) . Uniting both street smarts and experience. Roberts conforms to the belief that an improbable person is mounting the ladder of success catching on the outstanding Italian-American offense households in the organized offense scene.

As such Roberts decides to examine the state of affairs closely giving him assuring consequences which co-incidentally became immense turning point of his offense breaking calling ( Scott. 2007 ) . In a first expression. the gesture image. American Gangster. appears to be another deadening gangster movie. nevertheless. the movie highlights a character that efficaciously communicates the noteworthy traits of people from a peculiar or diverse microculture.

Not to be mistaken as a signifier of pigeonholing or bias. the character merely mirrors the conventional forms distinct of the Afro-american race’s traits and behavior. Likewise. the character besides reflects the conventional life style of wealthy concern executives who keep a low profile while running their several concerns. Blood is thicker than H2O. so as the expression goes. this is how American Gangster’s Frank Lucas ( George Washington ) lives his life. both in personal and professional positions.

Bing an antique individual. Frank Lucas’ actions reflect the traditional norms of African Americans. most peculiarly of the belief in close household ties. Chiefly. most members of Lucas organisation are immediate blood relations. Frank Lucas seems to swear his household in running his concern above everyone else. In add-on. despite the moral contention environing his beginning of life. Lucas besides invariably pays ageless gratitude as a boy by prioritising his female parent and escorting her to church every Sunday and ne’er losing a household matter

At the same clip. Lucas besides belonged to the upper category societal class sing the depicted extravagant life style he lives and his alone ability to pull strings the belowground offense and drug scene every bit good as some officers of the New York Police Department to his advantage. even act uponing established offense organisations and overmastering stable offense cabals such as the Lucchese Crime Family and the Mafia severally ( Scott. 2007 ) .

Conversely. being the foul rich drug Godhead that he is. Lucas is a really inactive individual in such a manner that he refrained from have oning any expensive jewelry and other accoutrements every bit much as possible. this is possibly to maintain a low profile and to command attending off from him and his day-to-day operations. . Both Lucas’ race and socio-economic position place him the most because of how Richie Roberts instantly felt that the sudden alteration of control over the belowground offense scene was brought about by an Afro-american person.

His socio-economic position provided Roberts with the grounds that he is a major participant in New York’s belowground offense scene as the clever street bulls immediately determined Lucas as an elect offense foreman even though his individuality was non yet confirmed. Furthermore. as Lucas often reiterated and practiced throughout the movie. he upholds the importance of honestness. unity. and household in his concern and his life ( Scott. 2007 ) .

As antecedently iterated. Lucas rose to prominence as the top banana of diacetylmorphine trafficking and selling in the Harlem country. therefore. he experienced a high power distance degree for two grounds. First. Lucas’ became so powerful that he had the capacity to short-circuit ill-famed offense households such as the Luchesse and the Mafia. Second is that Lucas stayed top banana for seven old ages until he gets eventually caught in 1975 ( Scoot. 1975 ) . However. like all imperiums in history. Lucas’ drug imperium crumbled in due clip.

As such. his power distance had a entire paradigm displacement as he chose to be a constabulary plus in exchange for his freedom ( Scott. 2008 ) . Alternatively of paying his societal debt by imprisonment. Lucas embarked on the way of self-redemption by going a constabulary source and assisting work out the evasive nature of belowground offense and corruptness within the force. Frank Lucas being the premiere diacetylmorphine provider during the late sixties and the first half of the seventies. lived in a high context microculture. mostly due to the fact that most of his easy activities reflected the flashiness and glamor of high society.

Initially. despite the old statement that he does non have on expensive accoutrements. Lucas dresses up in a well fashioned mode. Furthermore. Lucas has adequate financess to witness headlining events and be seated among the affluent offense Godheads during chief athleticss events such as the first turn between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier 1971. However. since he kept a low profile. Frank Lucas besides chose to populate in low context microcultures. One is that he avoided any signifier of attending and intuition from governments during his 7-year term of office as a drug Godhead.

Second is that although he dresses himself good plenty to be distinguished as an person with above mean socio-economic position. he does non attest any agencies of uncovering his fiscal stableness. As a individual. Frank Lucas is both an individualistic and collectivized. This is. in big portion. brought about by the individualities he maintains both as a household adult male and a drug Godhead. Lucas is individualistic in such a manner that he took the bold pick of traveling to the chief beginning in order to buy the ware himself ( Washington. 2007 ) .

Lucas besides appears to hold small tolerance for failure despite the fact that his ain household is portion of the concern. On the other manus. Frank Lucas besides manifests a collectivized attitude by being over generous to his ain household members and concern associates. As antecedently mentioned. Lucas prioritizes household even if his concern is at interest. First noteworthy thing is that Lucas uses some of the returns from his concern to buy a larger and more suited place for his female parent.

Another thing is that Lucas ne’er fails to give supply the chief dish for Thanks Giving dinner and although he has temper jobs when it comes to failure and alibis. Lucas by and large upholds the rules of honestness. unity. and household. The gesture image American Gangster efficaciously communicates the cultural forms of the group where Frank Lucas is categorized during a peculiar epoch through the elements and subjects integrated within it. Likewise. despite the history that the movie is merely a fictionalized re-telling of a peculiar civilization. the world of what truly happened has been extensively established.

Furthermore. although the cardinal character. Frank Lucas. belongs to a battalion of microcultures or sub-cultures. strong grounds within the movie has one time once more re-established the rules of co-existence between communicating and civilization. Mentions Grazer. B. . Whitaker. J. . Zaillian. S. . Pillegi. N ( Producers ) and Scott. R. ( Director ) . ( 2007 ) . American Gangster [ Motion Picture ] . Los Angeles. Calcium: Cosmopolitan Pictures. Imagine Entertainment. Neuliep. J. W. ( 1999 ) . Intercultural Communication. B. MA: Houghton Mifflin Company


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