Cultural Fits Between Chinese And Africans Cultural Studies Essay

China is playing a polar function in set uping its economic might and presence every bit among developed states and the poorest states in the universe. China has invested a batch in the African continent in assorted sectors such as substructure, conveyance and other such industries. By far the African states have benefited a batch from the investing made by the Chinese authorities, and both the African states every bit good as China have reciprocally benefited from these trade activities. The Chinese authorities, apart from its investing activities has besides tried to convey in its civilization individuality into these African states, so as to do them more appealing and important in this portion of the universe.

This all makes it really of import to understand the assorted cultural differences between these two parts and see how the cultural factors influence the manner concern is done between them. Harmonizing to Reuters ( 2010 ) the low cost Chinese merchandises are easy accepted in the poorest states in Africa, as it is accepted elsewhere in the different parts of the universe. Some of the most dramatic resemblances of African civilization and Chinese civilization are both the societies are dominated by male opposite numbers more than females, authoritiess are more important, spiritually oriented and profoundly incorporate household values. Harmonizing to Idehen ( 2010 ) unlike West which ruled most of the African states, Chinese had no presence in Africa at all until late when the African states followed the way of liberalisation. Hence most of the African young person are culturally influenced by the western states in footings of the dressing, films, music etc, and coming to concern and trade African states still prefer the American and the British manner of direction. This is where differences between African and Chinese civilization start to originate.

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Harmonizing to Africa Business Pages ( 2010 ) , the diverseness of civilizations across Africa is non an obstruction to successful concern, but instead an chance to research and understand the assorted niceties of personal and professional dealingss. Chinese companies should understand the importance of understanding deep frozen personal functions that play a critical function in making concern with African states. A best manner to cover with this is to understand the assorted constructs of making concern along with understanding the traditions and civilization of the African states.

China is a taking economic power, that is doing its presence felt across the universe, and the Africans are so culturally attached to the West that they visibly follow them in malice of the negative traits that have been propagated by them during the colonisation times. However the Chinese should take by illustration and turn out to Africans how they have achieved the economic stardom without following a western manner of direction, but instead making it their ain manner. This manner the Chinese can maintain up their impulse traveling in the African continent stimulated by the extremely available African resources. We have understood the enormous chances both the parties have when they do concern, but the most of import inquiry to be asked is whether the Chinese and African concerns are culturally fit and compatible while working together.

Harmonizing to Hackett ( 2009 ) the civilization of administrations from two different parts of the universe are really likely to be different, and will consist of the single personalities, experiences, perceptual experiences and behaviors. But concerns ‘ exercise between two administrations merely when the differences particularly cultural differences are minimum or if there is a proper apprehension, trust and regard towards others civilization.

But it is really imperative to understand that some degrees of differences are built-in in any administrations when they come from different parts of the universe, but administrations should seek to minimise any differences and seek to work on them. Some of the major cultural facets that Chinese concerns ‘ have is they use their cultural individuality to act upon others particularly the poorest states in the African continent. Chinese people by and large prefer working with people who they know through mentions that is they trust in people who are recommended by people who are really near to them. Hence the Africans or for that affair any people outside China should seek to construct trust among the people of Chinese companies. This is really of import measure towards a long term concern committedness with a Chinese company ( Chinese Business Culture and Traditions, 2009 ) .

Normally Chinese prefer to keep good dealingss with co-workers even outside the concern ; they tend to portion more personal things with others such as involvements, activities, avocations etc. This is an of import thing that African concern people should maintain in head, because the Chinese give value to good dealingss more than what ‘s written in the understandings, this will besides take in constructing both personal and professional relationships among the employees of Chinese administration every bit good as African administrations.

Harmonizing to Kwintessential ( 2010 ) Chinese people prefer to give top direction functions on the footing of age and experience, similar is the instance with African administrations which prefer to hold a hierarchal construction of administrations based on senior status. In this aspect both the administrations agree on senior status based organizational construction.

In African administrations, senior directors take a really strong function in taking from the forepart, and the communicating of information is flown from top direction to bottom degree through handbills or by letters. The senior directors direct their subsidiaries in a polite but orderly manner and the subsidiaries besides do what the trough asks them to make and nil beyond that. However this does n’t intend deficiency of efficiency or being proactive but a mark of regard to their supervisors. In return the directors will besides be really fond towards their subsidiaries, and sometimes give advice associating to any personal affairs along with work related issues ( World Business Culture, 2009 ) .

In china the direction manner besides embraces a hierarchal construction where the waies are given by senior directors to subsidiaries, similar to that of African administrations, therefore the Chinese direction manner besides tends to be more way oriented, where senior direction gives way to subsidiaries who in bend follow the instructions and describe their supervisors. In these affairs both the Chinese and African administrations are both culturally near.

When it comes to running meetings in African administrations one should see some really practical facets, one should do certain that there should be person who is appointed by the company to pickup from the airdrome or hotel room, because personal safety is a really existent issue in most of the African states, because most of the states are threatened by knave elements. Meetings are besides non conducted by phone or through video conferencing because of the undependable substructure in most African administrations. Meetings by and large start with some confabs on general issues and may include personal issues besides. Social interaction is given batch of prominence in these African administrations. One more thing about meetings is they usually start after the scheduled clip ; therefore one should hold good sum of forbearance degrees.

Harmonizing to World Business Culture ( 2009 ) , in Chinese administrations, it is really of import to give regard to seniors irrespective of the place a individual holds, by and large people expect regard for their age, senior status in the administration, the company they work in and standing up in regard of a senior individual is a manner to demo regard. In meetings usually concern cards are exchanged if that is the first meeting. Chinese people will wish if the concern card is printed in the Chinese linguistic communication apart from the national linguistic communication of the African state. Chinese people besides prefer to give a hand-shake when they meet others and it is ever good to non to look in the eyes as a grade of regard. Chinese people prefer to hold multiple meetings to settle or speak into issues instead than a individual long meeting. Chinese believe that meetings are the best manner to construct relationships. It is besides deserving observing that seldom does a determination will be taken in a meeting, but it may be taken sometime somewhere else. Here to wish in African administrations, forbearance holds the virtuousness. Chinese people besides like to give and have gifts in a formal concern environment such as in meetings, and this should be seen as a concern tool instead than a mere exchange of activities.

So in comparing meetings of both the African administrations and Chinese administration, the cultural facets remain largely same with exclusions to discrepancies such as the regard, linguistic communication and gifts.

In the affairs of squad working, the Africans are enormously relationship oriented ; they are extremely adaptative in working in groups and in a squad environment. Although the initial accommodations in working in squads may be a clip taking procedure, because of the many factors such as mutual exclusiveness, societal intercessions such as faith, tribal or even linguistic communication which obstruct the smooth procedure of working in squads. However one time a squad is formed it is ever better to maintain the squad intact instead than tampering with it often, and the squads will execute merely when a good leader is appointed to take the tem, who can clearly specify the functions and duties to team members.

In Chinese administrations, the hierarchal degrees are excessively many and all the employees remain consensus oriented and that make them best squad participants, largely all Chinese administrations have squads which do specific undertakings, therefore the whole cultural accent in working in groups, that is people work in squads, and leave the single ends and demands at a side. However in this type of civilization an person could non turn by himself and should ever concentrate in working in squads. Hence standing out from the crowd can turn out black in Chinese administrations.

In comparing to Chinese and African administrations, culturally talking Chinese people are per se oriented in working in squads than the African opposite numbers ; this may be a major factor that needs to be addressed in instance of a amalgamation between Chinese and an African administration.

Africa has many linguistic communications and idioms that are widely spoken across the continent, and in such linguistic communication diverse continent, English has become the consolidative concern linguistic communication which can be understood by most of the people, although the eloquence degrees may change from an person to single. The Africans speak in a much respected tone and demo courtesy ever in concern traffics, nevertheless sometimes one may be surprised to see household affairs come into concern affairs, such as household affairs, avocations etc may be asked. However this should be taken as a signal for friendly relationship and warmth nature of Africans. Africans besides in non verbal communicating, utilize a long and steadfast handshaking.

Chinese people speak English to a really small extent and the eloquence degrees are really patchy. Hence communicating remains a major job, as the communicating procedure remains really slow and a boring activity and when it comes to understanding the book it is even more hard and involves many yearss of extended acquisition to understand, speak and compose Chinese linguistic communication. The opportunities of misunderstanding, misconstruing and mistranslation can be really common.

When it comes to stating no during concern communicating, the Chinese find it hard to state ‘no ‘ . therefore their caput nodding can intend anything ‘yes ‘ or ‘no ‘ , which gives the other individual a batch of confusion.

One can happen presenting a bad intelligence straight to the individual really hard and people use mediators to pass on bad intelligence so as to continue the good will in the relationships. Chinese are besides known to be stolid, but this is merely the misunderstanding of Chinese organic structure linguistic communication by other western states.

In the concern communicating scenarios the African and Chinese civilization tantrum is really far and remains to be seen as a major obstruction in the manner to successful concern relationships.

Dressing is besides a really of import portion of making concern, in most of the African states, work forces normally wear dark suits and adult females wear dark demure concern manner suits, and in most parts of the Africa it is really hot through most portion of the twelvemonth, hence visible radiation vesture is preferred. Chinese people besides have changed their dressing penchants over the old ages ; they prefer to have on western suits than the traditional Mao jackets they wear. The manner one dresses reflects an person ‘s personality, particularly in professional life, in this aspect both the people from Africa and China frock elegantly.

Following points all show both the African civilization and Chinese civilization are really similar and the cultural tantrum between them is really near, nevertheless there are some cultural differences that can be minimized and following are some of the ways in which cultural apprehension between the two groups of directors

Chinese administrations give batch of importance in constructing personal relationships along with the concern relationships ; hence the African group of directors should be told how of import it is for them to keep coordinal relationships with their Chinese opposite numbers, likewise the Chinese should be cognizant of the constitutional and corporate corruptness which is to chair extent seeable in the African administrations.

The African troughs should be cognizant of the Chinese top degree direction ‘s nexus with the communist authorities, because most of the Chinese administrations are influenced by the authorities ‘s directives. The Chinese group of directors should besides understand that the determination doing power entirely lies with the top degree direction and hence it should non set excessively much force per unit area on them to acquire determinations.

Both the group of directors from the African administration every bit good as the Chinese administration should be clearly informed on how the senior status, traditions and civilization reflect the concern operations in instance of the amalgamation and both the parties should let sufficient clip to larn and acquire used with their several civilizations and eventually should be told to esteem each other ‘s civilization and traditions.


Differences in civilization will ever take to some jobs and when it is the instance of two states from two different continents so the jobs tend to be more and complex. However the cultural difference should non be treated as barriers for international trade but a great chance for both the administrations to utilize their several strengths to derive common benefits. Chinese administrations are largely influenced by their authorities in major determination devising processes ; hence there are cases where major concern dealingss are politically motivated. The African states have really high corruptness rates, which can badly impact the international trade, nevertheless the Chinese and African administrations should in malice of these factors and the above mentioned factors that were discussed before should set all attempts to guarantee that cultural barriers are removed or minimized when it comes to concern.




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