Cultural Differences The Joy Luck Club English Literature Essay

Lindo explains to her girl if she goes to China for her 2nd honeymoon, why people will cognize she is from America no affair what. Lindo says, “ Inside, she is all American made ” ( 254 ) . What Lindo means by this is that her girl has lost her Chinese cultural tradition. As a child Waverly follows her female parent ‘s Chinese instructions, now that she is on her ain she has distance herself with her heritage and adapt to the American life. Lindo wants her kids to hold a good combination of American and Chinese character but that would non turn like she wants. Lindo so says, “ I taught her how American fortunes work ” ( 254 ) . She is

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stating that she let Waverly cognize how American life and Chinese life differ. If you are born in America you have benefits, if you hurt yourself there is ever immediate medical attending, and if there are any legal issues there is ever a solution. Basically she is stating that in America you have freedom while in China there are ever moral codifications of listening to your seniors. You must obey your parents and you besides must prosecute the greatest of challenges. The twenty-four hours before, she told Waverly to complete her java and do n’t throw away her approval, Waverly replies, “ Do n’t be so antique, Ma. I ‘m my ain individual ” ( 254 ) . Waverly is stating she can make whatever she wants, she is her ain individual and no 1 can command her. This makes Lindo believe to herself when her girl has become so independent. Her independency connects to her American civilization because it relates to the thought of freedom and how in Chinese civilization the kids must obey their parents.

Jing-Mei negotiations about how she has let her female parent down so many times, she says, “ I did non believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I could merely be me ” ( 142 ) . Jing-Mei is stating how she is a letdown to her female parent. Since she is Americanized she does non take Chinese civilization earnestly so she gives up and stops listening to her female parent. She did non acquire directly As, she did non become category president, nor did she acquire into Stanford ; she did non even finish college. Jing Mei usage to play piano when she was younger but after playing awfully at a endowment show she gave up. In a difference between her parents she yells, “ You want me to be person that I ‘m non! ” ( 142 ) . She is stating that her female parent is anticipating excessively much out of her. She expects Jing-Mei to be a piano prodigy while she knows that she can non be what they want her to be. In Chinese civilization parents expect their kids to be successful and this is what Jing-Mei ‘s female parent is making. They expect excessively much out of her and she can non manage the force per unit area on her. After Jing-Mei says

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that, her female parent cries, “ Merely two sorts of girls, those who are obedient and those who follow their ain head! ” ( 142 ) . What Jing-Mei ‘s female parent means is there are merely two types of kids, those who listen and obey their parents and those who want freedom and do whatever they want. Jing-Mei wants to be what she wants and does non desire the force per unit area from her female parent to be what she wants her to be. This ties in with cultural differences because since Jing-Mei is Americanized she has the will to make what she wants and hold her freedom, even though she is Chinese she is non accustom to the Chinese manner ; hence, she does non follow its values.

Cultural imposts of Americans and Chinese differ in legion ways. In this novel, Amy Tan through sketchs Tells narratives of the battles between female parents and their girls and how they have confliction accepting each other ‘s cultural values. The four female parents struggle to learn their girls Chinese facets of life because they have adapted to American civilization. The girls have problem following their Chinese heritage because it contradicts their adaptation to American tradition.


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