Cultural differences in parenting Essay Sample

Chinese parents order their childs to acquire A’s. but western parents merely ask their kids to seek their best. Why are civilizations so different in their attack toward their child’s success? In several essays. the writers explore these differentness in western cultural rearing vs eastern cultural parenting. When it comes to rearing. different civilizations have their manner of raising their kids. when it comes to music. faculty members. and extracurricular activities. In the essay “why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua. She talks about how she raises her two girls to be the best at everything they do. She says that Chinese kids are more successful in life so the western kids. she even thinks when it comes to Chinese kids at that place better at making school work like math. scientific disciplines. and wellness. This is because Chinese people are better at rearing and raising their kids to be successful “from what” Amy Chua says. She begins speaking about what her girls can and can’t do. one activity was playing music. she begins speaking and this is what she states. “Can’t drama any instrument other than the piano or violin” ( Cha53 ) .

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Wow is what most people might state because it takes clip to play these two instruments and you must concentrate more when larning how to play them. Well there was an writer who disagreed with Amy Chua and he was sort of outraged by her statements. so in contrast to what Amy Chua states David Brooks who wrote “Amy Chua is a Whip” . States “practicing a piece of music for four hours requires focussed attention” ( 58 ) . Brooks was fundamentally say that no 1 can concentrate that long without taking a brake because the encephalon merely can take but so much information in at a clip.

Second Amy Chua so goes on to speak about her daughter’s faculty members. she wants her girls to be first-class in all that they do without taking any cutoffs. She knows that life is difficult and state of affairss come up where your force to believe fast. about the choses you make so she wants her girls to be ready for any state of affairs that may originate in their life’s. She states that “Chinese parents demand perfect classs because they believe that their kid can acquire them” ( Chua55 ) . She wants the best for her girls so by training them and doing them analyze hard so that they get good classs. she is demoing that her Chinese girls can make anything that they put their heads to. so long as she demands them to make as she says so they will acquire perfect grads all the clip. Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld. Amy Chua’s girl who wrote “Why I Love my Rigorous Chinese Mother” .

Compares why it was good for her female parent to be demanding. She states that “Knowing that you’ve pushed yourself. organic structure and head to the bound of your ain potential” ( Rebenfeld60 ) . She is stating that her female parent pushed her and her sister because she knew that they have petechial to win and get the better of any obstruction that they my face in life. Sophia Chua- Rubenfeld knew her female parent was tufa and faced the fact that. Amy-chua was making this to do her and her sister return duty for non having up to their errors. She was tufa and she did non allow them acquire off with taking the easy manner out in life. she knew if she disciplined her girls when they got school work like. trial. and other faculty members wrong they would come out to be winning in all that they did in life. This is because she loves them as Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld says. and she knows that her girls have what it take to accomplish womb-to-tomb ends that would do them superorder when it comes to working in the work force. She besides states that “if I died tomorrow. I would decease experiencing I’ve lived my whole life 110 per centum ( Rubenfeld62 ) . She knows that she has worked difficult and thanks to her female parent she can state that when she dies she will experience “Great. ”

Last Amy-Chua negotiations about her girls extracurricular activates she believes that her girls don’t have clip for merriment and games. She states that “Chinese parents understand nil is fun until you’re good at it” ( Cha54 ) . She goes on to state that kids on their ain ne’er want to work. so in order to maintain her girls heads focused on their faculty members she prevents them from making the undermentioned activates. Amy-cha tells her girls that they can’t attend sleepovers. have a drama day of the month. be in a school drama. and watch Television or play computing machine games. This is because Amy-Chua does non desire her girls to lose path of what is of import in life. and what is of import is that her girls don’t acquire any classs less than an A. she believes that if she lets her girls do what they want.

They will non do the best choses for themselves. so she forbids them from making these activates to do them more responsible adult females. In contrast to what she talks about David Brooks who wrote “Amy Chua is a Wimp” states that. “she’s protecting them from the most intellectually demanding activates because she doesn’t understand what’s cognitively hard and what isn’t” ( Brooks58 ) . Brooks thinks that she is non allowing her girls be free. and she is maintaining them sheltered and by making this she is non allowing them acquire a gustatory sensation of what life is truly approximately. He feels as if Amy-Chua Lashkar-e-Taiba loss and allow her girls have a spot of freedom they can besides larn by interacting with other people. but by Amy-Chua pampering them they will ne’er the interacting accomplishments need to interact with others in the work force.


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