Cubas Transformational Leader Fidel Castro Cultural Studies Essay

Inspirational Leader During my engagement with issues like leading and direction, I must acknowledge that existent leaders are the 1s that implement their vision with efficiency and do people experience trusted and inspired. Peoples can be inspired and happen their significance of life by alining their demands and desires with the vision of their chosen leader. The history has shown that few persons can be thought as existent leaders. As Ronald Heifetz and Donald Laurie province, the leader ‘s chief duties are to direct people by specifying the jobs of a state of affairs and place the adaptative challenge. In this manner the leader can be considered as “ defender ” since he or she can screen people and organisations from external togss. Apart from this an inspirational leader must hold ego cognition, must be reliable and devoted to his passion and vision. Great leaders as Goffee and Jones discovered, portion unexpected qualities such as they empathize passionately and realistic with people. In add-on they manage employees with something they call tough empathy.

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Early Life

An of import personality and an inspirational leader can be considered Fidel Castro. Fidel was born in Biran and he is connected with the revolution of Cuba for its independency. His male parent was an immigrant from Spain that succeeded in sugar industry. His female parent was a family retainer. It is said that Fidel was an rational pupil that was more interested in athleticss and spent many old ages of his life in private Catholic schools. He entered the University of Havana and he began his political callings by being a recognized figure in Cuban political relations.

It is of import to advert that Castro was considered to be one of the primary leaders of Cuban Revolution. At that clip Castro enrolled with the political relations of the state by being the Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959-1976 and so he took over as the President of the Council of State of Cuba until 2008. By being a transformational leader Castro tried and pull off to subvert the dictator Batista, and led the transmutation of Cuba into a one party socialist democracy.


Castro tried to go through the message to Cubans of societal justness, honorable authorities and political freedom. He believed that freedom and economic independency are two of the most of import elements and rules that a individual should contend for.

His beliefs and his vision were highlighted by the Cuban Revolution, where he managed to do his followings believe in his ideas and prolong their freedom and equality. He and his followings tried to assail Batista ‘s authorities. Although this onslaught proved to be a catastrophe and caused the decease to many people, Castro managed to get away. His people were wholly devoted to him and he assured that freedom will originate. It is of great importance to advert that Castro believed that his failure came from the fact that his auto encountered serious jobs and that the operation was lost. This, state us that he ne’er gave up the battle and that nil else could be a all right ground for his failure! Castro went to prison for 15 old ages. During his test he delivered his celebrated defence address “ History will shrive me ” a address that can be considered as the look of the personality of the leader.

Leader ‘s Traits and Style

Harmonizing to this address we can foreground some nucleus constructs from the Rhetorical Tradition. Fidel had the ability to “ Adjust thoughts to people and people to thoughts ” . His addresss had ethos and character along with poignancy. His hearers and audience were engaged in his ability for speaking for hours, ever staying devoted to his words. He repeatedly made rhetorical inquiries to its audience doing his addresss lively and enthusiastic.

Fidel held wholly and perfectly “ incommunicado ” , in misdemeanor of every homo and legal right. He states, emotionally, that “ merely 1 who has been so profoundly hurt, who has seen his state so forsaken and its justness trampled so, can talk at a minute like this with words that spring from the blood of his bosom and the truth of his very intestine ” .

He was really self confident of his competences where he stated that: “ taking advantage of my professional rights as a attorney, I would presume my ain defence ” . In an interview in 1995 he express that “ Today, I feel I am more a revolutionist than of all time because mundane I am more positive that what we did was right. ”

In an effort to back up his subsidiaries he said: “ The remainder of the accused, the minority, were brave and determined, ready to proudly corroborate their portion in the conflict for freedom, ready to offer an illustration of unprecedented selflessness and to twist from the gaol ‘s claws those who in deliberate bad religion had been included in the test. ” Fidel was proud of himself as we can see from his ain word: “ to inform you that if to salvage my life I must take portion in such misrepresentation ( of being sick ) , I would a thousand times prefer to lose it. ”

He seems to be dry and sarcastic in some portion of his address: “ What incredible offenses this government must hold committed to so fear the voice of one accused adult male! ” This in fact Tells us that he ne’er lies and he expresses his feelings ( negative or positive ) .

A leader is of import to hold specific traits that will assist him in his mission. Harmonizing to Kirkpatrick and Locke traits entirely are non sufficientaˆ¦Leaders who possess the needed traits must take certain actions to be successful. Among these traits are surely drive, leading motive, unity, self assurance, and cognitive ability, traits that can be identified to Fidel Castro personality and leading features.

Fidel Castro can be considered as an effectual leader that combines a task-oriented behaviour along with relations-oriented behaviour. He is task oriented since he has the ability to program and schedule his people, organize his subsidiary ‘s activities. He tried to subvert his enemies by puting high but realistic public presentation ends. In add-on he can be though for his relations-oriented characteristics due to the strong supportive and helpful function he maintained through his political calling. At a point of his address he addresses his people: “ my brave companions, with unprecedented nationalism, did their responsibility to the uttermost. ‘Yes, we set out to contend for Cuba ‘s freedom and we are non ashamed of holding done so, ” .

Bing a magnetic leader, Fidel was being change-oriented, possessing a compelling vision. Harmonizing to Bycio behaviours associated with transformational leading include giving a high grade of attending and support to single followings and offering followings rational stimulation and breeding a high grade of regard from them. Fidel as we can see, was able plenty to derive the regard of 1000s of Cubans and 1000s of people around the word. On the other side he respected them besides. As he states: “ I am thankful for the polite and serious attending they give me. ” His vision was correlated with his followings demands, beliefs and values, and this was of utmost importance for the accomplishment of Fidel ‘s ends. His vision of freedom was aligned with his followings ‘ dreams! This can be seen from his ain address “ The fact is, when work forces carry the same ideals in their Black Marias, nil can insulate them – neither prison walls nor the turf of graveyards. For a individual memory, a individual spirit, a individual thought, a individual scruples, a individual self-respect will prolong them all. ”

Fidel employed a scope of alteration direction manners. He can be considered an Effective Leader since he was wholly committed to his believes and to the goods such as freedom, religion. As he states in an interview “ individuality with the homeland, with sovereignty, with independency, and with the Revolution — save it, assist to salvage it, among all of us. Many, many things can be done. I hope that you are convinced ” . Furthermore he possessed a vigorous chase of a clear and compelling vision. In that sense it is of import that he managed to excite his people with high criterions as he tried to go through the message of freedom to its community and its state in general. Furthermore we can separate in its face a competent director and leader where he managed to form people and resources toward its effectual aims.

Fidel engaged in rational stimulation, individualized consideration and inspirational motive, doing himself being recognized as a transformational leader. He possessed the personal appeal in order to transform the whole society. It is clear that this assortment of leading manners had been used at the same time.

Harmonizing to trait attack, Fidel was intelligent and confident. Furthermore he was sociable and this can be seen from the manner that he handled his people in his addresss, his gags etc. Harmonizing to R.Duane Ireland and Michael A.Itt, Fidel managed to develop a great group that has accepted their duties, which are fulfilled with engagement and committedness, understand the significance of their responsibilities. As Fidel says: ‘You must cognize your responsibility ; I surely know mine. ‘

Fidel can be seen as a airy Leader with many features of a strategic leader as these are described by Glenn Rowe. As a airy leader Fidel Castro was proactive with molded thoughts. He had the ability to act upon attitudes and sentiments due to his strong character and personality. Furthermore he was concerned about the hereafter of his society and his people and he kept happening ways of guaranting the freedom and justness. He was doing determinations based on values, such as freedom, justness, virtuousness, trust. Furthermore we can happen features that justify the fact that Fidel is considered to be a strategic leader. He had strong positive outlooks of the public presentation he expected from his subsidiaries and itself. His picks made a difference in the whole society.

Can Fidel be considered as an reliable leader? I believe that Fidel managed to convert his people and his subsidiaries that he is capable of accomplishing great things for his state. His words where consistent with his workss, as his vision of release of his society from the unfairness and poorness became a world. He ne’er said that he was an reliable leader! As Goffee and Gareth assumes, genuineness is mostly defined by what other people see in you and, as such, can to a great extent be controlled by you. For these grounds he can be considered reliable.

Fidel maintained a chopper position of his society with strategic thought, strategic direction and leading. He was able of making the right things for his people.

The Alchemist

The leader ‘s ocean trip of development is non an easy one. Some people change little in their life-times ; some change substantiallyaˆ¦Few may go Alchemistsaˆ¦

David Rooke and William R. Torbert

In their study on the “ Seven Transformations of Leadership ” , David Rooke and William R. Torbert, show seven ways of Leading. Fidel can be considered as a strategian since he generates social and personal transmutations. Apart from this we can warrant that Fidel combines besides characteristic of an Alchemist, where he generates societal transmutations, integrates stuff, religious and social transmutation, doing himself one of his sort. As they province, alchemists are typically magnetic and highly cognizant persons who live by high moral criterions, while they focus intensively on the truth. As Fidel says: “ I had nil to conceal, for the truth was: all this was accomplished through forfeits without case in point in the history of our Republic ” . Furthermore he as a leader had the ability to talk to people ‘s Black Marias and heads.

FidelA?s personality and paradigm could be highly of import in the today ‘s globalizing universe. Companies should be recruited with this sort of heads in order to prolong the competitory advantage and be more affluent and profitable. Strategic alliance, legerity and sustainability are the most of import values in a concern context. A transformational leader like Fidel can keep the effectivity of the public presentation of every concern or society.


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