Crude Oil Prices And The Economy Economics Essay

Harmonizing to FAUCON ( 2012 ) , the convulsion in the Middle East, which began about twelvemonth agao, and is go oning because if the civil War in Syria, the Israeli-palestinian War and the civil discord in Egypt, should hold an upward consequence on the pricing of rough oil hereafters, which will in bend have an upward consequence on the pump monetary values ( FAUCON, 2012 ) . The In-between Eastern political troubles have been the chief ground behind the cost-push rising prices in the universe, since the 1973 oil monetary values spike. However, this article expects that the monetary values of oil may still cut down in the approaching months, non least because the states confronting struggle are non major oil manufacturers, and besides because the monetary values of oil hereafters have beem falling since January of this twelvemonth. Despite the on-going troubles in the state, the monetary values did non lift, stoping up at more than 1.8 % lower than the monetary values a mong before, and a last most, Brent petroleum saw its monetary values addition by $ 3.32 % .

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The OPEC member states have shown small appetite towards cutting production to run into the political demands of its member states, despite calls from Iraq to make so. By the stopping point of October 2012, its production reached 30.9 million barrels, much higher than the prognosis production. In add-on, OPEC reduced its prognosis of the demand for oil, which efficaciously puts oil supply in a excess in the short term. The factors act uponing demand are nevertheless still driven by frights of increasing fuel monetary values as against the increased supply of oil. The motion towards keeping higher fuel researves, and seeking aleternative oil supplies other than the Middle East have been cardinal ( FAUCON, 2012 ) . In adiditon, the Eurozone crisis, which has seen the recognition evaluation of states sich as France and Greece reduced, will guarantee that the overal demand by their several economic systems will stay well lower. The lower demand besides implies that there is increased sensitiveness to the possible alterations in the monetary values of oil.

Application of Economic Principles

Oil is a critical resource, and the alterations in its monetary values causes cost push rising prices across the full economic system. When rough oil monetary values addition, they force consumers within an economic system to use more of their incomes on transit, warming and other ingestion since the pricing will besides be a factor in the increased transit monetary values. The extra outgos besides cut down the overall ingestion on all merchandises, because of the cut down value of money ( cost-push rising prices ) and the decreased income ( because of the higher proportion spent on fuel ) . These have a double consequence on the economic system ( Krugman, 2009 ) . The rising prices, triggers more rising prices, by increasing the monetary values of labour and inputs, which increases the costs across the economic system. This is why the economic system is highly sensitive to existent or expected alterations in the monetary values of rough oil.

Given the fact that many states are really net importers of oil, and the huge beginnings of oil do really come from the Middle East ( OPEC states ) , any alterations in the production of these states implies a decrease in the planetary petroleum oil supplies. This should in bend create a excess on the market, coupled by an addition in the monetary values of the trade good and the associated rising prices. The inflationary force per unit areas associated with rough monetary value additions, coupled by the decrease in disbursement have negative effects on the economic growing, non least because it reduces the ingestion or demand for other merchandises in the economic system ( Eicher, Mutti, & A ; Turnovsky, 2009 ) . The decrease in the demand within the economic system in bend discourages firms/producers from bring forthing more merchandises, therefore cut downing investing outgo. Investings and ingestions form an of import portion of the GDP, which is given by the equation Y=C+I+G+ ( X-M ) . The decrease, in the GDP growing and decrease in production have the consequence of increasing unemployment and rewards, which further contracts the family incomes, which farther reduces the ability of the population to devour.

The consequence of the petroleum oil monetary values on the economic system are dependent on the ability of the economic system to replace the merchandise with other merchandises, including alternate fuel monetary values. However, the permutation for oil remains well hapless, and therefore, the providers of oil hold a close absolute monopoly of the fuel resources. They can freely change the monetary values of their trade goods by cut downing supply and frailty versa. There monetary values of brent petroleum are low, and such low monetary values mean that the pump monetary values in the following monetary values are expected to fall, which should cut down rising prices and promote growing. There forecase falls in the fuel monetary values are based on the fact that while there is extra supply by OPEC, the demand will stay low, because of the economic jobs confronting Europe, which should in bend cut down the demand.

Graphic Analysis

Figure 1: Cost Push Inflation

In figure 1 above, the initial equilibrium in an economic system is given by the intersection of AD and AS curves, which are the demand and supply curves for oil in an economic system. This equilibrium output an equilibrium monetary value of oil every bit good as the measure demanded. When the supply of oil is reduced due to political jobs in the Middle East, this will be reflected as a contraction in the supply, which causes the supply curve to switch leftwards, ensuing in the new equilibrium monetary value and measure to be determined by the intersection of the demand curve AD and AS2. This equilibrium consequences in higher pump monetary values ( European Wind Energy Association, 2009 ) . Given the cosmopolitan function of oil in economic production, this state of affairs will be replicated across the economic system, therefore ensuing in a relentless addition in the monetary values ( or rising prices ) .

Figure 2: Consequence on the economic system

Figure 2 depicts the effects of increased monetary values on the growing of the economic system i.e. by impacting ingestion ( C ) and investing disbursement ( I ) . The GDP growing is reverse to the growing in fuel monetary values.


Oil represents an of import resource for ay country7, non least because it is used for in about all signifiers of transit, which makes it necessary that an addition in the monetary values of rough oil to take to economy-wide rising prices. While the supplies should be jeopardized by the agitation in the Middle East, the prognosis in FAUCON ( 2012 ) that the monetary values of oil are improbable to increase in the close hereafter are based on the multiple factors. To get down, with the OPEC states have indicated they are are unwilling to cut down their production and crucially, the production over the month of October and novemeber really surpassed the jutting degrees. In add-on, the important function played by the hereafters markets in the finding of the topographic point oil monetary values is apparent here ( European Wind Energy Association, 2009 ) .


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