Critically Consumer Decision Making Towards Mobile Phone Marketing Essay

In 1973, the first nomadic phone in the universe has been developed by Motorola, it called DynTAC 8000X, but it was excessively heavy and large, and the monetary value was about $ 4000. However, this really first Mobile phone was non appeared in the market until 10 old ages subsequently. Afterwards, Nokia, a French telephone shaper from Finland, launched their first nomadic phone in 1982, and so the competition between Motorola and Nokia has been started and go oning about two decennaries.

From 2000, the engineering of smart phone was quickly grown. It means the new age of nomadic phone is coming ; a batch of nomadic phone makers join this competition, for illustration, Blackberry, SonyEricsson. Nokia and Motorola, they are non the lone picks in this nomadic market from that minute. The critical phase of nomadic phone, it could be 2007, because Apple and HTC launched their smartphones, which are iPhone and HTC touch. iPhone and HTC touch are the first Mobiles phones which are chiefly controlled by touch screen, and they have a batch of maps on it.

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Presents, nomadic phone is a competitory market, whatever the maps, forms, and monetary value ; the designs between companies are rather different from each other ; it besides means consumers have a batch of picks.

Aims of the survey

The figure of nomadic phone users is over 4.6 billion so far, and it is still turning quickly. It is expected to make five billion within 2010 ( Geneva,2010 ) . Mobile phone is a mature and competitory market. Therefore, it is a critical issue for seller to understand how consumers choose nomadic phone.

In this survey, seller will follow the determination doing model to set about this undertaking, in order to grok consumers ‘ behavior how consumers make their determination of purchasing a nomadic phone.

Problem acknowledgment

The first measure of the consumer decision-making model is job acknowledgment which is by and large caused by a important difference between a coveted province and an existent province ( Girish, 1992 ) . When consumers perceive there is a job with their current merchandise demand to be solved, and this job could be simple or complex, rational or irrational. On the other manus, there are assorted causes of job acknowledgment of merchandises, for case, dissatisfaction, out of stock, and new demands or wants. In footings of Mobile phone, consumers can hold assorted grounds for them to comprehend that their nomadic phone got job demand to be solved. As mentioned, those grounds could be rational or irrational. For illustration, a new phone release, current Mobile phone is non runing good, non satisfied with current nomadic phone, or merely wants a new Mobile.

Information hunt

Once consumers realize that current merchandise is non as it should be, it means a job has been recognized, and so consumers will continue to seek great information in order to decide it. This procedure is called information hunt, if people undertake this procedure by purchasing a merchandise, it besides can be called pre-purchase hunt. Information hunt can be divided into two types: internal and external hunt. Internal hunt is consumers search information from their ain memory, because consumers may already hold some cognition of merchandise which they intend to purchase, or they already have old experience about same merchandise. External hunt is consumers obtain information from household, friend, and advertisement.

Mobile phone is a mature market, the figure of nomadic phone users has already reached 4.6 billion around the universe ( Geneva,2010 ) . Therefore, most of consumers have anterior experience of nomadic phone, so they already have some grade of cognition of nomadic phone. On the other manus, consumers can besides acquire plenty information from their household, friends and companies publicizing as external information.

Evaluation of Options

“ Much of the attempt that goes into a purchase determination occurs at the phase when a pick must be made from the available options ” ( Solomon, Dann, Russell-Bennett, 2010 ) .

In this procedure, consumers about determine to buy the peculiar merchandise, merely the trade name ‘s pick still wavering in their heads. Those trade names could be broken down into three types: Evoked set, Inert set and Inept set. Elicited set is defined as trade names which are in consumers mind with positive image, and Inert set is contrary to Evoke set, it is defined as the trade names are negative and already outside of consumers pick. Inept set is defined as the trade names have no characteristic, consumers possibly will non pick them. ( Solomon, Dann, Russell-Bennett, 2010 ) .

Below is a simple model illustration: ( Cathy, Genevieve, Pettigrew, 2007 )

In footings of Mobile phone, if consumer is satisfied with the trade name of their current Mobile phone, they may still take one of the same trade name ‘s new merchandises, if non, they will take others. “ Brand consciousness is expressed as the power of the trade name ‘s being in the consumers ‘ heads and it is an of import portion of the trade name equity “ ( Pappu, Quester and Cooksey, 2005 ) . Therefore, trade name ‘s image is the critical factor when consumers think about the options.

Merchandise Choice

Evaluate standards are the dimensions used to judge the virtues of viing options


“ Once the relevant options from a class have been assembled and evaluated, a pick must be made between them ” ( Solomon, Dann, Russell-Bennett, 2010 ) .




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