Critical success factors of nike in hong kong

In this proposal, it will explicate Nike Sportswear Company history, background, analysis the aim and the job of Nike Company, and happen out the ground why Nike Sportswear Company can to be a largest sportswear company in the universe.


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This proposal is focus on what is the chief point of critical success factors of Nike in Hong Kong. Cause a two adult male trade name to be a celebrated and the largest sportswear company of the universe, and why this athletic wear trade name can be so successful.

When Nike Company have any determinations and supply any new merchandises, it will act upon the athletic wear market and the history.


Nike Company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight at 1964, Bill Bowerman was a nationally respected path and field manager at the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight was a gifted middle-distance smuggler from Portland. he believe proposed quality running places could be manufactured in Japan that would vie with more constituted German trade names, so Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman put the Tiger places in Japan, and do Knight a distributer of Tiger running places in the United States, they set up the ain company Blue Ribbon Sports. At first, it agent running places import from Japan, after that, they began to plan and development the ain running places.

At 1972, The Company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of triumph, and the Nike logo is created by a in writing design pupil.

With a new trade name name, a new trade name logo and a new design invention, Nike Company merchandise is really variegation, for illustration Basketball, American football, Volleyball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, running, swim, cycling, association football etcaˆ¦

And Nike Company have create different line of the merchandise, such as Nike hoops Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike Football, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding, Nike ID, Nike Sportswear etcaˆ¦ and Nike have a subordinates company including Umbro and Converse. Nike Company is the universe ‘s taking provider of athletic places and dress and a major maker of athleticss equipment.

Nike of SWOT analysis:


Nike Company belongs to the Fortune 500 companies, Nike is a competitory and big organisation, it is a universe recognized for being the figure one athletic wear trade name, and every people know this celebrated trade name.

Nike is besides making or patronize different athletics events and the competition to advance their trade name and merchandise, for illustration, World Cup and Olympics games.

Nike is stronger in research and development a new merchandise ; Nike is germinating and advanced merchandise scope to different market. Nike Company manufactures high quality at the lowest monetary value, so it can utilize the lowest cost and acquire highest income.

, and they normally sponsor the top jocks to advance their trade name.


Even the Nike Company is a largest company in sportswear market, but the chief income of the concern is dependent the footwear market, if the footwear market have any job, it will serious consequence the Nike Company income.

Nike was charged with the misdemeanor of lower limit and overtime pay rates in Vietnam, and that it was besides charged for the inexpensive work force overseas.

Nike was besides reported to hold applied the kid labour in Pakistan and Cambodia to bring forth association football balls ; it was consequence to be the bad image signifier Nike Company.


Nike is non a manner trade name, but they want to be make a new construct is combine athletic wear and manner trade name ; so that, they create a new line call “ NSW ” is it a manner line from Nike Company. In the other side, there besides can develop type of merchandises of athletics, such as ; dark glassess, bag and athletics protect equipment etcaˆ¦ to widen the market and the merchandise type.

The concern besides developed to the new international market, constructing upon its strong planetary trade name acknowledgment, for illustration, China and India, because this is the new rich economic state, and it will be a largest market in the market.


The sportswear market is really competitory, for illustration, Adidas, Fila, Reebok, Li Ling etc… Many rivals developing a new merchandise and techniques to take away Nike ‘s market portion.

Objectives/Research Questions


Nike Company is the largest athletic wear is a fact, but different new athletic wear trade name to look in the market, particularly China trade name, for illustration, Li Ling, Peak, ANTA, XSTEP etcaˆ¦ these all are the celebrated mainland athletic wear trade name, and they have a common manner, they create by the large pool, all trade names have been enter the market already, and the pool pass money to back up the trade name operation.

Some of the trade name was acquiring in the universe market, so the mainland trade name is really powerful and a large menace with the Nike Company.

The most of import dependant variable is the investor ; it can mensurate the public presentation of the company in Hong Kong. It is because the investors put how many resources, and money in the company, will impact the company public presentation and development.

It is a uninterrupted variable, it is because the Nike Company is the largest athletics trade name in the universe, and they put the company information and some investor ‘s informations in the official web site. In the official web site, there have Investors small, and at that place have a large small call “ Nike is a Growth Company – power of the portfolio ” .

On May 5, 2010, Nike Company opens an investor meeting in New York, and provides a scheme of Nike Company long term and cardinal enterprises to present sustainable and profitable growing. In the Annual Report, the gross revenues growing is maintain every old ages, and gross revenues profit uninterrupted addition.

Merchandise is the chief independent variable impacting the most of import dependant variable.

It is because Nike Company is chiefly provided a athletics wear and equipment ; they have many rivals in the market, such as, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Li Ling etcaˆ¦

These companies will menace Nike Company net income, if the quality of the merchandise and type of merchandise is bad. So Nike Company needs to maintain the merchandise in the high quality, to maintain the competition in the market ; in the other side, some other manner trade name want to increase their market portion, supply some athletics wear and some athletics wear trade name provide so manner design wear to assail Nike Company, so Nike Company supply a new line – Naval special warfare to increase the market portion and retain the competition in the market.

We can watch their merchandise line and their interests state of affairs to mensurate the merchandise is it affects the gross revenues growing and market portion.


I will utilize the trial to accomplish my purpose.

Critical reappraisal of relevant literature


In fact, the top 10 footwear companies control over 70 % of the planetary athletic footwear market. Since displacing Adidas in the early 1980s and Reebok in the early 1990s, Nike has become the largest and most of import athletic shoe company in the universe. ( Richard M. Locke, July 2002 )

This article information is explicate the Nike Company and the other sportswear trade name is control over 70 % of the planetary market, and the information show Nike has displacing Adidas and Reebok to go the largest sportswear company in the universe. This article is support our background and cognize which celebrated trade name is Nike Company chiefly rival.

Indicating the finger: The first allegations

Early on that June, Bob Herbert, a New York Times editorialist, boldly criticized Nike labour conditions with a rough op-ed piece ( 1996 ) . The accusals alleged that Nike built its wealth and merchandises with the ”slave ” labour of immature Asiatic adult females. The article said Nike used ”sweatshops ” of ”wretched beginnings, ” and compared the corporation to a elephantine pyramid that crushed the dorsums of laden labourers ( Herbert, 1996 ) . This column created a countrywide splash among consumers, militants, and international corporations. Soon afterwards, Nike found itself in a sweltering limelight, with several non-profit-making groups ‘ surveies hitting the newsreel. The histories described human rights maltreatments, force to labourers, and horrid working conditions within Nike ‘s Asiatic installations ( Savage, 2002 ) . The intelligence rooted itself rapidly in consumers, and protests and little boycotts sprang up around the state. Over 40 presentations occurred at countrywide Nike towns, with one Nike town expansive opening being marred by the apprehension of 19 demonstrators ( Emerson, 2001 ) . Nike ‘s image was stained, and it was pressured to react. ( Kristen Bell DeTienne, Lee W. Lewis, 2005 )

Bob Herbert criticized Nike labour conditions and the labourers benefits is bad, the article said Nike used ”sweatshops ” of ”wretched beginnings, ” and compared the corporation to a elephantine pyramid that crushed the dorsums of laden labourers ( Herbert, 1996 ) .

Nike found itself in a sweltering limelight, with several non-profit-making groups ‘ surveies hitting the newsreel. The histories described human rights maltreatments, force to labourers, and horrid working conditions within Nike ‘s Asiatic installations ( Savage, 2002 ) .

The other paragraph is talk about the Nike company described human rights maltreatments, force to labourers, and horrid working conditions, it make the citizen really bitterness and started to protest and destruct their ain trade name image.

Research Methods




The method of informations aggregation

Communication Study

The intent of the survey


The clip dimension


B. Data aggregation method:

Self-administrated study ( intercept, cardinal location, [ e.g. shopping promenade, sportswear store ] , computer/ cyberspace )

Personal Face to confront interview [ interviewer controlled environment ; Pre- scheduled, Intercept ]

Undertaking Plan









Meeting with supervisor, concentrate group meeting

Revision proposal

Expand literature reappraisal

Submission of finalized proposal

Drafting the questionnaire

Pilot trial

Finalizing questionnaire

Actual study

Data aggregation and analysis

Report composing

Oral nowadays

Revise undertaking study

Submission of concluding study

The meeting with supervisor, concentrate group meeting is a on-going undertakings, and the other undertakings, is a step-by measure undertakings, all measure will be follow the Undertaking Plan Table.


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