Crime In Shenzhen China Criminology Essay

Shenzhen, China has been recognized as a township for a small over 30 old ages. The earliest known records that carried the name of Shenzhen day of the month from 1410 during the Ming Dynasty. The drains in the Paddy Fieldss were known to the locals as a “ Zhen ” ; zhen intending “ deep drains ” ( Wikipedia, neodymium ) . Deng came into power in 1976 after Mao ‘s decease ; under Deng ‘s reign, Shenzhen was transformed from a sleepy boundary line town to a “ reform research lab ” populating up to its moniker “ Window to the outside universe ” ( Pearl River Delta, p. 3, neodymium ) . Shenzhen was recognized as a township and subsequently was divided into two territories, Xin’an and Bao ‘ an. Today Shenzhen is portion of the Guangdong state and is known as one of the universe ‘s largest Producing metropoliss ; it borders Hong Kong and is divided into six administrative territories, Bao’an is the northwesterly portion, Longgang is in the Northeast, Nanshan is the southwest part, and Yantian, Futian, and Luohu are all located straight south of the Longgang territory. Shenzhen has became known as Shenzhen SEZ ( particular Economic Zone, ND ) . This zone merely includes four of the six territories: Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, and Yantian. Those territories along with Boa’an and Longgang make up the whole metropolis of Shenzhen.

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In 1979 Deng Xiapong designated Shenzhen as one of the state ‘s first Particular Economic Zones, offering foreign state ‘s the chance to thrive at that place. Eager to take advantage of the states low labour costs, many foreign companies rushed into the SEZ. This resulted in decennaries of a flourishing economic system spread outing at a rate of 28 per centum yearly until 2004 ( Schuman, P.3, 2006 ) . As of 2007 Shenzhen had a population of about 12 million people ; 1.87 million people were lasting occupants and 10.58 million were immigrants. This town was filled with people, mills, offices, and flats ( Pearl River Delta, p. 3, neodymium ) . Shenzhen ‘s volatile offense rates are a merchandise of the metropolis ‘s societal stratification ; the wayward, poorer territories, subjugated by hokou cards that delineate societal position, and inflamed by an inflow of in-migration, and the illegal control over kids, are the centrifugal point from which Shenzhen ‘s offense emanates.

Criminals in Shenzhen are convicted for perpetrating offenses runing from bag snaping to slaying. There is an unusual sum of junior-grade offense happening in Shenzhen, including pick pockets, bag snatchers, stealers, and harlotry. Tourists are recommended to be really cautious when going in this country. Thiefs tend to be more rampant in coach and train Stationss. Many kids have been taught to hang out around these countries and assail guiltless people in attempt to rob them of anything that has any value ( Brooks, p.2, 2009 ) .

80 per centum of these offenses are committed by immigrants ( Brooks, 2009 ) . Crime rates are increasing in Shenzhen yearly ; 90 per centum of Shenzhen ‘s dwellers are from elsewhere. there is a form throughout history of people emigrating from the rural countries of China to the urban countries for work. When the occupants from rural countries in China began to see the chances available in the metropolis, “ Shenzhen became one of the ‘Mecca ‘ finishs for these people ” ( Zhong, p. 14 ) . Western critics of Shenzhen are appalled at what they see: unsafe and degrading mill conditions, environmental harm, sexual development, and widespread corruptness ( Nourishing the Spirit, p. 3, 2003 ) . The evildoing rate tripled between 1984 and 2004 ; the entire figure of condemnable instances rose 13 per centum to 2.2 million between 1998 and 1999. In 2004 there were more than a million serious offenses ; in 2006 there was a rise in the figure of major condemnable instances including detonations, snatchs, and homicides ( Hays, 2010 ) . Due to the trouble of obtaining pieces in China, many slayings are committed with toxicants and explosives because they are easy accessible. In July of 2007, 18 kids aged seven and below along with their instructor, were injured when a mentally sick adult male entered a kindergarten schoolroom with a twist ; in 2008, a former pupil broke into a school in the Guangdong state, he killed two pupils, and so took his ain life by jumping off a five narrative school edifice. The felon was subsequently identified as a dropout ( Hays, 2010 ) .

There is a rise in offense non merely in the metropolis, but in the countryside of Shenzhen as good ; due to the anarchy of the countryside many guiltless people are being caught in the center of rival small town wars, while the constabulary base by and watch. “ Many people blame the deficiency of enforcement on the dislocation of the Maoist subject and the rise of cutthroat capitalist competition and links between constabularies and condemnable packs. Often power is in the custodies of the local leaders and kin heads, corrupt constabulary or mobsters ” ( Hays, 2010 ) .

Child slave labour is a immense job in China every bit good. “ The International Labor Organization has estimated that of the 250 million kids between the ages of five and 14 working in developing states, 61 per centum are in Asia ” ( Grau, pg. 1, 2005 ) . Most of these kids work in sweatshops. “ Sweatshops are a workplace where the workers are subjected to extreme development, including the deficiency of a life pay, ” which is non plenty to back up them or their households for that affair ( Grau, p. 1, 2005 ) . They do non do adequate money to salvage for their hereafter, therefore they are finally stuck working in inhumane sweatshops. “ They do non have any medical benefits or holiday clip. ” Sweatshops are highly insanitary and are enormously unsafe. These workers or kids frequently receive barbarous penalty. There are non any determined guidelines for penalties ; “ subject ranges from verbal warning to barbarous whippings, “ depending on how their higher-up is experiencing at the minute. Officials are unsure of the exact figure of kids working in these sweatshops ; the Chinese Government does non let this information to be published, due the fact that they are chiefly Communist, and do non desire the remainder of the universe to cognize how agonizingly these concerns treat their workers. This information will give them a bad repute, and that is the last thing they want. “ Experts claim that kid labour is increasing, peculiarly in countries around Hong Kong ” ; sing Shenzhen is merely across the boundary line it can be generalized that child labour is increasing in this metropolis every bit good. Much of the cogent evidence that child labour exists in China is taken from informations observed in Shenzhen and the dropout rate of kids in school. The dropout rate is increasing enormously, and experts have seen a tendency that childs are dropping out in order to back up their household or because their parents are coercing them to. “ In this Particular Economic Zone kids between the ages of 10 to 16 are working up to 14 hours a twenty-four hours in mills throughout. It was besides concluded that immature misss work in atrocious conditions for 13 to 14 hours a twenty-four hours ; if they are lucky, they may acquire one or two hr interruptions ” ( Grau, p. 1, 2005 ) . The China Youth News claimed that 44 of the 206 foreign owned companies in Shenzhen employ kids younger than 16 old ages of age, disregarding the fact that the legal working age in China is 16 old ages old ( Barboza, p. 1, 2008 ) . There have been many accidents and hurts to workers that are working in these unreliable environments including serious hurts such as broken castanetss, sightlessness, and finally decease. “ Some kids in Shenzhen every bit good as the remainder of China are working with pyrotechnics. The United States imports of pyrotechnics and explosives are nearing 1 billion dollars ” ; Thus the United States plays a large function in Child Labor. Not merely have at that place been legion errors taking to deceases and serious hurts involved with these unsafe substances, workers are being lied to about their compensation. Many are being told that they will gain more than what they are really are conveying place ( Grau, p. 1, 2005 ) .

Childs are besides working in the garment, fabric, plaything, featuring equipment, and game mills every bit good. “ Around the vacation season, kids ( the bulk being female ) work one or two 24 hr displacements a month. The mean North American plaything maker gets paid 11 dollars an hr ; in China the mean plaything shaper makes approximately 30 cents an hr. ” Child labour is difficult to get rid of, because the kids obtain bogus ID cards which claim that they are old plenty to be employed. Residence cards are the chief beginning of designation which allows governments to obtain and place Criminals. Education in China is required up until age 16, but there is a lifting addition of drop-outs and it is assumed that these drop-outs are making so because many are being forced to fall in the labour force. “ The Chinese Press studies that drop-out rates of kids between the ages of 12 and 15 exceed nine per centum ; the usual rate is about 2 per centum ” ( Grau, p. 2, 2005 ) .

The authorities and functionaries are seting in every bit much attempt as they can to discourage this high rate of offense. Immigration has besides been an issue nowadays in Shenzhen for a piece. “ There are biting wire fencings dividing the territories to forestall immigrants from traversing the boundary lines ” ( Zhong, p. 14, 2008 ) . In order for functionaries to separate between immigrants and lasting occupants, it is required for one to obtain hokuo position before they are considered a lasting occupant. The hukou system is the historic technique used in Shenzhen leting people to claim residence ; it was put into consequence due to the high offense rate this metropolis faces. This card recognizes place ownership, land purchases, and other personal information that would corroborate residence. Residence licenses have been around for a piece ; there have been legion amendments to the system. In 1984, the province council issued a directing permitting provincials to settle in towns after obtaining a new sort of non-agricultural hukou position, known as the zii kouliang chezhen hukou, intending “ urban hukou for those with self supplied grain ” ( Zhong, p. 14,2008 ) . About 11 old ages subsequently the authorities issued another signifier of residence licenses. They were known as the impermanent abode license. “ This allowed occupants older than 16 to migrate to the metropolis with the duty to have a certification saying that they can go to another territory, and they must acquire the permission from the local public security agency. ” This license did non let impermanent occupants to have ration cards, lodging allotment, and finally their childs were non allowed to inscribe in the local schools. This caused many households to populate separate life styles. The female parent or male parent, and sometimes both would go to the metropolis from their rural places to work. Many of these people were forced to remain in the metropolis for periods of clip, because it was n’t low-cost or logical to go back and Forth. “ These impermanent licenses were issued with cogency up to a twelvemonth depending on the work burden ” ( Zhong, p. 15, 2008 ) .

In the late 1980 ‘s counties began selling bluish hukou cards. These cards are referred to as local urban family enrollment cards, and were premised on belongings purchasing. The 2 territories, Boa ‘ an and Longgang that were involved are outside the Shenzhen SEZ, locally known as the “ 2nd boundary line ” ; migrators without proper certification are non allowed to traverse ( Zhong, p. 15, 2008 ) . Finally bluish hukou cards were issued to people who invested in places throughout the territories of Boa ‘ an and Longgang. From November 1998, 18,022 families which is tantamount to 48,207 people, were granted bluish card hukou and 6,534 families ( 18,679 people ) were granted the transportation from bluish card hukou to permanent hukou in the two territories of Boa ‘ an and Longgang ( Zhong, p. 15, 2007 ) . Since 1993 policies sing in-migration have lightened a small spot. Officials are seeking to concentrate on better direction instead than exclusion and segregation.

“ In 2003, constabulary recorded over 106,797 condemnable instances in Shenzhen, 9.6 per centum more than the old twelvemonth. Altogether 30,019 instances were cleared, an addition of 57.2 per centum over 2002. ” The attempt that these police officers and adult female are lending seem to assisting. “ In attempts to contend offense, the metropolis hired 3,000 more constabulary officers in 2003. One tierce of them were assigned to the Bao ‘ an territory. ” They have besides made an attempt to transport more constabulary officers “ that are on the route, and in the office, to the streets. ” ( Mass Patrols, 2004 ) . “ Besides organized offense, pick pockets on coachs will be targeted. Majority of the metropolis coachs will be equipped with cameras and constabulary officers will be deployed on metropolis coachs ‘ every bit good ” ( Shenzhen Targets Organized Crime, Shenzhen Daily, 2006 ) .

City functionaries are seting in a enormous sum of attempt in order to forestall offense in Shenzhen. They want tourers to come to China and experience comfy ; they do n’t desire them to hold to watch over their shoulder every clip they go out. At least 20,000 surveillance cameras have been inserted around Shenzhen in order to discourage offense. These devices are supposed to be able to set a name to faces displayed on a screen, and detect unusual activities happening. This is merely one of the few techniques they are utilizing. This will without a uncertainty make people believe twice before they commit a offense ( Bradsher, 2007 ) . Police are besides publishing residence cards to everyone shacking in Shenzhen. The Global Positioning system received a contract in 2008, in order to bring forth these cards ; this was known as stage I of the undertaking. These cards will hold a bit inside of them that obtains “ personal information, non merely the citizen ‘s name and reference but besides work history, educational background, faith, ethnicity, constabulary record, house leasing information, medical insurance position, the individual ‘s location and landlord ‘s phone figure ” ( Bradsher, 2007 ) . It will let the Municipal Government to hold entree to that information. Due to the great success of Phase 1, Phase II of this undertaking began in August of 2008 ; this stage expanded the information database capacity to about five million people. The current program is to back up about 12 million abode card holders ( China Information Security, neodymium ) . Finally they are seeking to hold recognition studies and bus station payments on this card. These abode cards will be optional. There is a turn on this option ; merely the people who obtain these cards will hold entree to certain luxuries. For illustration, anyone who has a card will have legion free services throughout the metropolis, including low-priced lodging and free instruction for their kids. Migrant workers will necessitate to obtain a card in order to have any type of rental places. Some people feel that this is a misdemeanor to their privateness, but with the sum of offense that takes topographic point in Shenzhen, this seems to be the most logical thought to discourage the force. “ Experts believe this system will be a theoretical account for many other major metropoliss in the universe ” ( China Information Security, neodymium ) .

Polices have besides initialized citywide cheques of cabarets, massage parlours, and rented places throughout the metropolis vicinities. They hope this will take down the rate of harlotry and blackmailing. The regulation in Shenzhen is “ those who do n’t hold money will make a batch to acquire it. ” ( Bai, 2008 ) . This has led to a high rate of harlotry and kept womans. There is rather a disparity sing income, between work forces and adult females. Due to these differences adult females feel the demand to do a life and do what they have to make. Nightclubs are full of offense ; nines are a premier topographic point for stealers to acquire what they want. It is a dark and crowded country where people are knocking into each other nonstop ; when people are being ripped off they assume it is merely another individual knocking into them. The proprietors are normally a portion of these cozenages ; they train their employees to steal for them. Peoples are greeted by beautiful adult females at the door, who seem truly nice and guiltless, but small do they cognize, these adult females have been trained to steal. Night nines are non a really welcoming topographic point for aliens to travel. Tourists are targeted, because the stealers believe they will be easy to rend off ; the stealers target adult females excessively. Womans are non safe at these cabarets. Experts warn visitants and adult females to ne’er pay with a recognition card, because you will be overcharged. It is n’t deserving the clip to seek to acquire the nine security or employees to assist, because no one attentions. Officials claim that if it is possible people should travel to the “ adjacent metropolis, Hong Kong to bask the dark life ” ( Shenzhen Luo-wu Bars, 2005 ) .

Shenzhen is the fastest turning metropolis in China at this clip. This metropolis has had some hurdlings to leap before they reach the position of an international metropolis, “ but it is predicted to be at that place one twenty-four hours within the following 50 old ages ” ( Zhong, 2008, p. 59-62 ) . They have three times the sum of constabulary today than they did ten old ages ago, and the abode cards have truly helped them out in placing felons, and finally happening them. They have seen a lessening in offense since they implemented the cards, and hopefully the offense rate supports falling. Shenzhen ‘s municipality is playing a tough conflict against offense, and is taking drastic steps to get rid of it. They have made more attempt than any other metropolis, in hopes that one twenty-four hours, tourers and adult females will be able to hold and bask the freedom that work forces do, whether it is dark or twenty-four hours. Lena Y. Zhong visited Shenzhen and had the chance to carry on a field survey and see the societal life as a local occupant. He awakened early in the forenoon to acquire out into the streets and communicate with the local occupants and merely take it all in. His observations gave him a better apprehension of the life style practiced in a theoretical account metropolis. He showed much grasp for the organized life style of this esteemed part of the metropolis. He had a concern ; he was n’t certain if the presence of an perceiver would alter the actions and civilization of the citizens being studied. For this ground he tried to be every bit elusive as possible. He would coolly get down a conversation with person at the convenience shop, or inquire person if he could fall in their activity. This gave him hope that they would non handle him as a journalist or perceiver. “ China has the repute of being good cognizant of who is a native and who is non ” ( Zhong, 2008, pgs 59-62 ) .

China has a major job with offense and functionaries are seeking to come up with methods to discourage the force. So far, their techniques have non proven to forestall offense or to do a difference. The tendency is like a seesaw totter ; from one twelvemonth to the following the offense rate will diminish, but so from that twelvemonth to the following the offense rate will lift. Officials have a major undertaking on their custodies, because no affair what regulations and techniques are applied, it seems as though culprits come up with ways to acquire around them. The new residence cards that are being considered will hold the best opportunities of discouraging offense, because it will be difficult to conceal when they contain a G.P.S bit, and reasonably much all the personal information there is to cognize about a human being. Many people feel that this violates their rights, but if they have nil to worry about or conceal so they should n’t be worried about functionaries holding ownership of their information. Possibly with these new techniques and thoughts, offense in Shenzhen will diminish.


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