Creative Essay is a Challenging and not Easy Writing

Learn to Express Your Thoughts in a Unique Way While Writing a Creative Essay

Creative essay is a bit different from academic writing. Unlike the established and dry method of academic writing, this kind of essay presents the subject of investigation in an interesting and unique way.

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In creative essay you should narrate a story. There should be a plot, characters and dialogues in your narration. In this essay your task is to brighten up the subject problem. You should present it in such a way that even not interesting essay matter should turn into fascinating story. Besides, your essay should bear the reflective elements.

Although, creative essay differs from academic paper writing, it still has to be written according to all grammar and punctuation rules. Some students think that creative writing is a great opportunity to express individual thoughts freely and that is why it might take less effort to write it. But whenever you proceed to its writing, you will realize that this paper is one of the most difficult papers. The difficulty in writing this kind of essay lies in the following:

1. For this essay writing you need to find some interesting slewing and turns.
2. You should avoid using clichés. Think over unique and original metaphors.
3. Unlike academic writing creative paper has no fixed outline format. That is why you should think over how it is better to present your essay. Arrange the paragraphs of the essay in such a way that they will logically flow together. Read the essay samples in internet. Make:

– the opening paragraph
– the main paragraph
– the concluding paragraph

In the opening paragraph state the issue of your narration. At the end of the essay put the concluding paragraph. The summary paragraph should stimulate readers to the further thinking. The main part of the essay should not be compulsory presented in a chronological order. But you may jump from one time in your narration to another.

While writing the creative paper, you do not have to find answers to some research questions. On the contrary, you have to talk on the problem so the reader will want to discover it further by himself.

Creative essay may be presented in the form of memoir or autobiography. Here you may describe some moments of your personal life. For example, in your essay you may depict a person that is important to you. Describe that person, using different literary devices, so the readers will clearly see the person that you depict. In your essay you may also share your experience in life. For example, you may write a travel essay where you will narrate about your travelling experience. Remember that your main task in writing the essay is to entertain and stimulate the readers.

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