Crash Film Analysis

Crash Film Analysis This movie gives a lot of points of view about different situations that people might face every day. Situation which involve problems that most of us never notice. The movie is particularly divided into sub stories that fall under different categories that explain the nonverbal behavior. I selected three situations that capture my attention because most of the time we never think about these issues as problems. The first one is the relationship between mother and son. The second on is a man? appearance because of his tattooed body, and the third one is a situation in which it talks about the lack of respect between an authority and a civil. The first them of the movie that caught my attention was the relationship between the mother and the son. In my opinion they were distant to each other. Most these types of problems emerged because of the absence of communication, trust and knowledge. Parents should talk to their children about their concerns, fears, loves, friends and any other type of problems or achievements their children might have so parents can know what’s going on with their kids.

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When parents don’t get close enough to their children a sense of distance can exist and parents may experience a distance where their children don’t have any more the trust they had before. Many other parents simply give more attention to one of their children, thinking that the other ones don’t need their attention to overcome any obstacles. This problem causes parents and children to get distant from each other. Therefore, feeling the family’s support helps you to surpass and fight what you want. Family love is the most greatest and beautiful feelings in life.

However, dialogue makes family more united, for us to know and understand the family much better in the sense that there are no barriers separating the family trust. The second concept that interested me was about how we can interpret a person’s life just by their physical appearance. The person in the movie resembling this topic was a man that had a tattooed body. When a person sees someone with this appearance, it? s easily likely to make judgments about their personality and how they live. When we see someone like that we can deduce their background by thinking that they may come from a divorced amily or with a family with serious problems. We also may think that this person has problems with his identity. In my opinion, this man was not fulfilled in his internal personality and he needed to fill his body with tattoos so he can feel comfortable with himself, his inside thoughts and needs. In some cases people try to change their physical appearance so they can get the attention of others because they feel lonely and empty. In addition, his appearance might be leading him to be rejected by any social group. He might have problems on getting hired in a job or getting related with professional contacts.

These types of people normally do not have any vision for its future. They are stuck in their own environment. They sometimes feel protected when they tattoo all their body and they hide the person who is really inside of all of those tattoos. Some others might also tattoo their body to gain some kind of respect or even to provoke fear. Often, this people join a social group that asks them to do those things to their body in order to belong there and be identified by their group. However, even thought people judge, we are not able to know exactly what is going on in that person? s life.

He might just be as normal as everybody. Do not judge a book from the cover, judge it from the inside. The most important scene of my preference was when the police stopped a couple. This part was about a police officer touching a women? s body, known as touch avoidance. He did not defend her, and was just standing there watching. In my point of view, the man was acting cowardly. He should have stopped the cop from touching his wife and defended her since the woman was being sexually abused. He, as a man owns the responsibility of protecting and defending her from any other person, and there? s no excuse.

In my opinion, he demonstrated no respect for her. The African American man was being selfish, he thought only about his own good. She supposed to have accused the police officers for sexual harassment but instead she did nothing. The women have the responsibility to defend against any problem or anyone, no matter what. However, if we cannot respect our own body no one will. For women it is important to feel respected, loved, and secured. Some cops abused of their power, they felt they had the authority to touch and make his will. It is supposed that the police are here to protect us, not to make us feel uncomfortable.

If the police doesn’t protect us who will, because they are the only ones with the authority to act against the problems we can face every day. Every person needs to be respected no matter what situation is presented. In conclusion, in this movie is easy to see how each situation affects people in its own way. Communication between parents and children are very important in today society because without it problems can come easily, affecting the relationship parents have with their children. We never get to see exactly how ach situation may affect the person that is living it, and what problems can cause them in a social and mental way.


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