Corporate Social Responsibility Matters Marketing Essay

This study is for clear uping the function of International Multilateral Organization and Media in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward Corporate Social Responsibility. The study includes three parts. The first portion I write about debut of International Multilateral Organization and Media, besides the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. The 2nd portion is about the function of International Multilateral Organization and Media in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward Corporate Social Responsibility and the last portion I write about decision.

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Today, many companies are believing about how they can hold a sustainable development and acquire a competitory advantage in the market going more and more fierce. Corporate Social Responsibility can be a good reply for them but what is Corporate Social Responsibility? Historically, the term “ Corporate Social Responsibility ” ( CSR ) appeared long clip ago but until now there has no official definition for it. The typical definition from Government of Canada: “ By and large, CSR is understood to be the manner houses integrate societal, environmental and economic concerns into their values, civilization, determination devising, scheme and operations in a transparent and accountable mode and thereby set up better patterns within the house, create wealth and better society. ”[ 1 ]CSR is non merely for companies but besides for stakeholders acquiring to cognize. Recognizing the importance of CSR, many international many-sided organisations have done a great figure of runs appeal stakeholders for implementing CSR. Media besides places an of import function in that procedure. However, over decennaries, there still have a batch of arguments and unfavorable judgment about CSR. In fact, many stakeholders concerned about what will be benefit for them when they implement CSR. In order to assist stakeholders cognizant of CSR, many-sided organisations and media have to show clearly their function.

So what is the function of international many-sided organisation and media in the altering attitudes of stakeholders toward Corporate Social Responsibility?

In order to cognize clearly about the subject, I will clear up some cardinal term:

Media: agencies of communicating that propagandize information for people included: telecasting, wireless, cyberspace…

Stakeholder is a group of people, system, and organisation could be effected by organisation ‘s action. Stakeholders included providers, community, investors, clients…


Role of International Multilateral Organization in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward CSR

First of wholly, we have a expression at some international organisation that celebrated and well-known around the universe

United Nations ( UN )

International Labour Organization ( ILO )

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO )

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO )

World Health Organization ( WHO )

International Monetary Fund ( IMF )

International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO )

International Maritime Organization ( IMO )

International Fund for Agricultural Development ( IFAD )

United Nations Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO )

International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA )

World Trade Organization ( WTO )

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( IBRD )

Universal Postal Union ( UPU )[ 2 ]

Those international many-sided organisations supra have done a batch of runs relevant to CSR. They are celebrated and well-known around the universe so that they used their celebrity to name stakeholders for raising consciousness of CSR. Life is acquiring more and more comfy twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours because of the development of engineering. Along with that, there besides has the visual aspect of a batch of jobs such as: H2O pollution, air pollution, indiscriminate hunting, planetary heating, etc. Those jobs caused many bad effects for environment so if we do n’t take any efficiency action, it will be a threat to environment. In instance of that, United Nation ( UN ) made a determination to take June 5th every twelvemonth is World Environment Day[ 3 ]. The intent of the twenty-four hours is to increase the consciousness of people every bit good as stakeholders around the universe about the environment, entreaty to people for protecting Earth and Planet. Each twelvemonth, World Environment Day will be hosted at different metropolis with different subject. A concatenation of events were made by UN, following:



Host City


Kick a habit- Towards A Low Carbon Economy

Wellington- New Zealand


Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change

Mexico City, Mexico


Many Species. One Planet. One Future

Kigali, Rwanda

In my position, the execution of World Environment Day throughout the universe has got existent positive consequences. Peoples are bit by bit cognizant of the bad consequence of damaging environments such as they stop to cut trees, putting to death animate beings, they realized littering will give a bad fondness to the environment, they changed the wont utilizing the reuse bags alternatively of nylon bags because of the nylon bags taking more than 1 million twelvemonth to wholly vanish. When people care about the environment, it means they care about planet and attention about their wellness. For illustration, when consumers go shopping at supermarket such as Star Mart, Co.op Mart, Maximart, they normally received a batch of nylon bags when purchasing, even the little thing likes a can of Pepsi. About the provider, investors and shareholders, they will believe about how to restrict utilizing the nylon bags and promote consumers utilizing the reuse bags. The action at the same time between consumers and providers, investors, shareholders will assist to protect the environment without destructing.

Besides World Environment Day, UN besides developed the Principles for Responsible Investment. The Principles for Responsible Investment is a guideline for investors using the certain standards of environment, societal and corporate administration into the investing procedure. It contains of six rules:

1. We will integrate ESG issues into investing analysis and decision-making procedures.

2. We will be active proprietors and integrated ESG issues into our ownership policies and patterns.

3. We will seek appropriate revelation on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.

4. We will advance credence and execution of the Principles within the investing industry.

5. We will work together to heighten our effectivity in implementing the Principles.

6. We will each study on our activities and advancement towards implementing the Principles.[ 4 ]

All of rules above enhance the importance of CSR in concern execution. They wholly change the attitudes of stakeholders about CSR.

Anpha Capital, a fund direction company at HCMC, is the first fund companies in Vietnam sign the UN Principles for Responsibility[ 5 ]. As we know, presents, CSR is a general tendency in the universe but it is merely fresh intelligence in Vietnam, merely concentrating on footwear and garment industry. Based on that, we can see clearly the importance of CSR and the consciousness of stakeholders have risen.

Role of Media in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward CSR

Besides the function of International Multilateral Organizations in altering attitudes of stakeholders towards Corporate Social Responsibility, media besides places an of import function in altering attitudes of stakeholders. When any companies or any concern have dirts, all of them will be shown for everybody knows by telecasting, newspapers, and cyberspace. Those dirts have a great impact that no 1 can gauge, even ruin the concern.

In 2009, a large dirt related to Vedan, a Chinese company doing monosodium glutamate ( MSG ) has been discovered by environment constabulary that discharged the toxic waste to Thi Vai River for old ages and its dirt caused serious environment pollution. The company already discharged the toxic waste by concealed pipes for 14 old ages so that cipher can cognize. There besides have more than 20 companies discharged the toxic waste into Thi Vai River but environment constabularies can non happen any evident for that so merely merely the dirt of Vedan was released. Peoples environing Thi Vai River complained but they did n’t acquire any compensation. Harmonizing to Tran Bach, 67 old ages old, who lived in near Thi Vai River, he said that “ The river used to be clean and full of fish ” but now no animal can last in that status[ 6 ]. With its dirt, consumers pondered to purchase Vedan merchandises even when the company launches a batch of particular publicity. Therefore, consumers boycott the Vedan ‘s merchandises ; even the Co.op Mart started to halt selling Vedan ‘s merchandises in any subdivision. Co.op Market besides forced Vedan has to acquire back the merchandises with paying the compensation. The dirt impact the consumer ‘s attitudes. Thankss to media has showed dirt for people acquiring to cognize. Based on that, you can see clearly the function of media in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward CSR.

Besides the Vedan dirts, media besides uncovered the dirt of Toyota, the figure one trade name in fabrication auto in the universe. Until February 4th, 2010 Toyota recalled 8.1 1000000s autos around the universe. About 5.8 million autos recalled because of gas pedal pedals could go stuck in floor mats and about 5.3 million autos recalled in USA. The figure of 4.5 million autos recalled because of gas pedals, as they wear, can go gluey and non come all the manner back up when the driver takes his pes off the pedal. The cost for remembering was about $ 2billions. After this dirt, the gross revenues of Toyota dramatically go down and it will take a long clip to retrieve because of the repute and the trust of consumers already declined. Media non merely assisting people discover the error of companies but besides is a justice for what the companies do, whatever the company make right or incorrect, it will be showed for consumers. Therefore, media has a power to act upon the altering attitudes of consumers every bit good as stakeholders.

As you see, media non merely a tool for advancing the companies, but besides a tool for destroy the trade name image. If companies make error, the media will detect and propagandise to stakeholders. The worst impact can go on is the stakeholder will see approximately will they go on to lend for development of companies, will they desire to purchase the companies ‘ merchandises… The media is an chance for companies traveling nearer to the stakeholders but in the other manus, it will take everything off. For illustration, BP Company ranked by BrandZ was the figure one crude oil company with high sense of duty in protecting the environment. But after the dirt “ BP ‘s oil spill ” , the trade name value has gone down from $ 20 billion to $ 0 merely after several months. BP has spent more than $ 20 billion for overcoming job.[ 7 ]


Finally, we know the of import function of International Multilateral Organization and Media in altering the attitudes of stakeholders toward Corporate Social Responsibility. The simultaneously impact of International Multilateral Organization and Media have risen the consciousness of stakeholders toward CSR. The function of International Multilateral Organization is to raise the consciousness of stakeholders so they can derive more cognition for complex market altering quickly twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Besides that, media besides places an of import function for judging the corporation making right or incorrect, that influences to the endurance of corporation every bit good as the success of stakeholders.

In general, we clarify the cardinal function of International Multilateral Organization and Media in altering attitudes of stakeholders toward CSR. Both of them are the indispensable conditions for the sustainable development for corporation if they want to be for a long clip.


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