Control And Prevent Juvenile Crime In Australia Criminology Essay

The monolithic cost of the condemnable justness system has triggered the quest for new or alternate patterns refering offense and its control. There has been important alteration in the ‘institutional architecture ‘ of condemnable justness and penal systems ( Luke, 2002 ) .

Harmonizing to Crawford, the young person are among the taking jurisprudence wrongdoers ( 2003 ) . Unless the young person are prevented against perpetrating a offense, young person wrongdoers are bound to be at all times high. To efficaciously pull off this state of affairs, the young person justness conferencing and young person behavior orders have been applied to forestall a immature individual from perpetrating more offenses.

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The immature wrongdoers Act 1997 ( NSW ) trades with immature people who break the jurisprudence. One of the options listed to cover with young person wrongdoers is Youth Justice Conferencing. Youth justness conferencing falls under renewing justness. A young person justness conference is identified as where the immature wrongdoer with his or her household, is brought face-to-face with the victim, and the victim ‘s support group, to hear about the injury caused and to take duty for their actions. At the conference a suited result is determined and it can include apology, sensible compensation to the victim and subsequent stairss to associate the immature wrongdoer back into the community.

Youth behavior orders ( YCOs ) use multi-agency attack to turn to the root cause of anti-social behaviour exhibited by immature individuals who have been charged with certain offenses. The plan aims to turn to the implicit in causes of anti-social behaviour by directing the immature people to take part in intensive early intercession plans based on co-ordinated instance direction from human services and justness bureaus.


Young person Conferences

Age demands

The immature individual must be 14 old ages old or older, but less than 18 old ages old ; at the clip the offense was committed. The immature individual must besides be less than 19 old ages old at the clip it is foremost proposed to do the YCO.

The immature individual must be 10 old ages old but less than 18 old ages old.

What types of offenses are Covered?

Offenses covered by the Young Offenders Act 1997 ( YOA ) , where it is non appropriate to cover with the offense under that Act ( “ relevant offense ” ) .

offense covered by the immature wrongdoers act 1997 ( NSW )

How is a immature individual

Referred to each strategy?

A immature individual may be referred by the constabulary or by the tribunal.

The immature individual can use to be referred to the strategy, or can be referred independently by the tribunal.

-Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

-The Court

-Specialist Youth Officers from NSW Police

Geographic demands

The immature individual must temporarily

or for good shack in, or habitually visit, the countries within the Campbell town, Mount Druitt or New England Local Area


The strategy is applicable throughout NSW

Does the immature individual have to accept?

The consent of a immature individual to the devising of a YCO is required unless the immature individual has pleaded guilty to, or been found guilty of, the offense

the immature wrongdoer has admitted to the offense

and agreed to take part

What happens to the original proceedings when in consequence?

In consequence, there is a impermanent stay on the proceedings until the YCO is completed or revoked.

A young person conference can be held at any phase of the proceedings

Who prepares and administers each?

YCOs will be prepared and administered by the Coordination Group. It will be made up by individuals from at least the following

authorities sections: NSW Police Force, Juvenile Justice, DOCS,

Education and Training and Health. Other authorities sections may besides be involved.

-Specialist Youth Officers from NSW Police

-Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

-The Court


The survey seeks to research effectivity of the renewing justness system as an alternate to tribunal procedure.

This survey looks at the forms of immature people referred conferences in NSW during the period 2009-10 of operation of the Young Offenders Act and compares these informations with immature people who went to tribunal during the same period.

The informations used in this survey comes from two databases maintained by the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice ( DJJ ) .


YCOs are sometimes preferred to youth conferences incase of the undermentioned fortunes:

Incase of an alleged offense ; and

the kid ‘s condemnable history, any old cautiousnesss administered to the kid for an offense and, if the kid has been in any other manner dealt with for an offense under any Act, the other traffics.

The followers are the major effects of set uping young person behavior orders:

Adolescents are forced to obey night-time curfew, prohibitions from seeing certain friends and to go to school under a extremist new young person patroling plan.

If a juvenile on a Youth Conduct Order steps out of line, they risk being sent directly back to tribunal to confront the full force of the jurisprudence. Under the strategy, if a juvenile breaches a Behavior Order, they can be imprisoned.

Crawford ‘s ( 2003 ) survey found that justness conferencing is effectual in the undermentioned ways:

Helps immature wrongdoers take stairss towards straight mending the injury they have caused to victims.

A conference provides a forum where the immature wrongdoer must admit and accept duty for the consequences of their actions

A conference returns decision-making power to households of the immature wrongdoer and identifies support mechanisms for the immature individual to forestall future piquing

A conference recognizes and gives importance to victims every bit good as affecting them in determinations associating to offenses against them.

Below is the information on young person offense degrees and subsequent actions obtained from the databases maintained by the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice ( DJJ ) :

Table 1 below shows the dislocation of informations for young person conferencing for 2009-10.

Referrals to a young person justness conference

Entire 2086

Polices 976

Courts 1110

Referrals ensuing in a conference

Number of referrals ensuing in a

Youth Justice Conference 1907

Conferences facilitated 1698

Table 2 shows the information of the day-to-day norms of young person wrongdoers in detention

Average day-to-day figure of immature people in detention 434

Average day-to-day figure of immature adult females in detention 30

Average day-to-day figure of immature people of Aboriginal and/or Torres

Strait Islander background 204

Average day-to-day figure of immature people functioning tutelary sentences 226

Average day-to-day figure of immature people remanded in detention expecting the finalisation of tribunal proceedings 208

During 2009-10 there was a 14 % addition in the figure of youth justness conferences facilitated compared to 2008-9. There was an 11 % addition in community orders completed.


Youth Justice Conferences are based on the thought that when a immature individual offends, they cause hurt, loss or harm to members of the community. The conference option, unlike warnings, cautiousnesss or tribunal, helps immature wrongdoers take stairss towards straight mending the injury they have caused to victims.

From the survey the information shows that young person conferences are more successful in covering with young person offense. Youth behavior orders are more punishing than rehabilitating.

Young person conferences provide an chance for a young person wrongdoer to repent his actions which in many instances may hold caused noticeable injury.


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