Consumer Behaviour To Personal Financial Products In Uk Marketing Essay

Harmonizing to Garman and Forgue, personal finance is single or household accomplishing fiscal success by disbursement, salvaging, protecting, and puting their fiscal resources. These old ages, the fiscal environment has changed a batch in the UK. Consumers are progressively concentrating on their personal finance.

However, affected by the eurozone crisis, the European banking market has undergone unprecedented convulsion ( Sainz and Pilorge, 2010 ) . As the economic system is instable, it will be disputing on consumers ‘ personal finance. Besides under extremely competitory banking market conditions, an impact seems inevitable on consumer relationship. Harmonizing to Saiz and Pilorge ( 2010:4 ) , there is a recognition crisis between consumers and the Bankss that they serve in Europe. Across this country, 56 % of consumers have a negative impact on trust in UK banking industry. In this instance, clients may pass less on fiscal merchandises in Bankss. As a effect, Bankss must seek to better understand their consumers in an effort non merely to anticipate but besides to impact and find consumer behavior ( Beckett, Hewer and Howcroft, 2000:15 ) . For many old ages, the industry has non ever pay attending to consumer trueness and the chances among its bing client base. However, in a hard economic clime, increasing consumer keeping is of import to accomplish growing ( Sainz and Pilorge, 2010 ) .

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The intent of this research is to research consumers ‘ personal hazard appetency and plus allotment on a scope of fiscal merchandises in UK retail banking. The findings are examined for Bankss to detect suited schemes which are good to further loyal consumers and increase profitableness.

Literature Review

There exist sum of literature refering about consumer behavior. However, most of these research surveies have proposed to concentrate on the consumer behavior in a fiscal service industry position and foregrounding the of import schemes regard to psychological and economic factors, such as consumer trust, consumer assurance, and consumer trueness. It is comparatively rare to carry on a research with regard to look into the hazard penchant of consumers on personal finance in retail banking vary by age, gender and business. Concentrating on a peculiar industry of fiscal service may research consumer behavior in more deepness.

Some old research surveies have concentrated on consumer trust, consumer assurance, and consumer trueness. One of the researches claimed by Financial Services Consumer Panel ( 2005 ) examines the ‘consumer assurance in the fiscal services industry ‘ , and whether decrease of trust halt clients from purchasing fiscal services they need. They try to supply information about the attitudes and experience of grownups aged 18+ . They found that consumer assurance is influenced by personal circumstance and attitude. Furthermore, a survey by Beckett, Hewer and Howcroft ( 2000 ) explores ‘consumer behavior in fiscal services industry ‘ by utilizing consumer behavior matrix. They found that consumers ‘ buying behavior is affected by a assortment of fiscal merchandises being purchased and by the procedure of service. Harmonizing to Tang et Al. ( 2007 ) , the external economic environment is besides a critical consequence in driving consumers ‘ fiscal merchandises purchasing behaviors as they patterning fiscal merchandise purchases implicit in economic factors.

In order to see consumer behavior in more deepness, it is better focal point on a specific industry. The increasing deregulating developments in personal fiscal service raise a figure of important issues about the hereafter of Bankss. The whole nature of the banking industry requires careful scrutiny ( Wright and Watkins in Santamero and Goldfeld, 1984 ) . This is what this research proposed, look intoing consumer behavior to personal finance in UK retail banking vary by age, gender, and business. Saiz and Pilorge ( 2010 ) surveyed bank clients the influence of the trust crisis across Europe. In their findings, they discovered that there is a displacement in consumer assurance and some impacts on trust and trueness. Therefore, they conducted retail bank take actions to consumer satisfaction. Furthermore, Stendardi et Al. stated ‘the impact of gender on the personal fiscal be aftering procedure ‘ . They found that it exist valid differences in footings of gender in fiscal decision-making. In a separate paper, Sunden and Surette ( 1998 ) have achieved relevant decision. They concluded that adult females tend to put in a more traditional than work forces.

Overall, harmonizing to above literature reappraisal, the findings collated from old literature on consumer behavior in fiscal service industry influence the research proposal. Therefore, in order to do the research into a intelligent and relentless probe with true, relevant and utile findings, it is necessary to carry on an in-depth literature reappraisal.

Research Questions and Aims

The research inquiries are:

What will be the alterations in UK bank consumers ‘ hazard appetency?

Which fiscal merchandises will UK bank consumers rely on to keep plus values?

The research aims are:

To foreground the hazard and chances confronting the retail banking about pull offing consumer relationships today in the UK.

To place mark group in the instance survey UK retail banking in conformity with merchandise characteristic or nucleus capableness of merchandises.

To analyze consumer behavior of mark group in current clime when buying fiscal merchandises, to utilize in the instance survey retail banking in the UK.

To sort fiscal merchandises by utilizing BCG Matrix every bit good as to happen out more appropriate scheme.

To pull decisions about cardinal actions that Bankss must take if they want to enlarging their consumer base in a ambitious market.

Research Method

This research is designed to follow a assorted methods research scheme uniting both qualitative and quantitative research. In footings of that, it will utilize a study scheme to bring forth primary informations integrating secondary informations from public-access database or academic diaries. As Saunders et Al. ( 2012 ) stated that, a mixture of both informations would do the research consequence more persuasive. The research would be consisted of three consecutive phases.

The initial phase is to keep single interviews with at least five bank staff of a representative sample of UK retail Bankss. It will be a non-standardised interview manner, in order to obtain better information about consumer behavior on personal finance. The issues more concern from the staff would be analysed qualitatively and would besides assist to inform the content of the questionnaire.

The 2nd phase is questionnaire, which is designed, pilot-tested, revised and so administered to respondents online. The intended respondents are people in University of Southampton, such as university staff and pupils. It may besides include other profession respondents by face-to-face questionnaire in Southampton. With respect to the sample size, it is envisaged that will be 200 respondents. The questionnaire is designed as well-structure inquiries, which would incorporate list inquiries and category inquiries. The collected informations will be analysed quantitatively by utilizing IBM SPSS statistics to let the respondents groups to be compared for differences by age, gender and business.

The 3rd phase is to roll up secondary informations through public docudrama, study and multiple-source. Harmonizing to Saunders et Al. ( 2012 ) , when located secondary informations, it is indispensable to measure or even evaluate suitableness and dependability. As for analysis of secondary informations, a scope of statistical techniques will be used. It will acquire a more precise research determination by comparing the consequences from primary informations with secondary informations via antecedently public research.

Practical issues

It may be certain issues when conduct the research. Therefore, moralss of this extraction procedure should be considered. In the first phase, when have an interview with bank staff, the information may be general due to bank secretiveness. As for questionnaire, in order to protect privateness of participants, respondents will supply the information anonymously. Besides the questionnaire will be administered electronically, which is difficult to place straight the sample. Upon engagement is wholly voluntary, rejection and misrepresentation might be included. In this instance, there will be some prejudice in the research findings. As a effect, a statement may be required, which claiming participants are non under any duty to make the questionnaire.


A timescale of the whole procedure will be helpful to both research worker and readers, when measuring the viability of research proposal ( Saunders et al. , 2012:55 ) .

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