Consumer Behaviour and the Social Influences

Brazil is the largest state in Latin America. The entire population of Brazil is 170 million. The south east portion of Brazil has the highest population and so comes the north east part. The GDP and per capita of the south E is more than that of the north E of Brazil ( exhibit1 ) .

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The consumer behavior in Brazil to the detergent market is different in the north E and the south E of Brazil and is depended on many influences. One of the influences is the societal influence ( Solomon, Marshall, Stuart, Barnes, Mitchell. 2009, pg.157 ) .

Social Influences

North East Brazil

South East Brazil

Culture and sub civilization

65 % of the population are a mix of African and European beginnings and their life styles, rites and values portion an African influence. Music and temper are the cardinal elements of their civilization.

Merely 35 % of the population portion an African influence whereas the remainder are the migrators from Europe. This portion is the fiscal and the political hub of Brazil.

Social category

More than half of the population autumn in the low income class.The economic system is to a great extent dependent on agribusiness. It is more labour intrinsic type of occupation. Most of the adult females in the household are homemakers.

Merely 21 % of the full population autumn in the low income class and most of the adult females are from the working category.

Group Membership

Most of the adult females meet and rinse their apparels in public wash or pool in a group. Cleanliness being an issue of chitchat, every adult female tends to maintain their household clean to delight the group.

Most adult females own a lavation machine so self regard and societal position is given less importance.

The purchase behavior of a client depends on assorted factors as shown in the diagram below. The societal influences are the subjective norms.



Apart from monetary value of the detergent, the of import properties for the north east clients as per their precedences are

Power of detergent

Its aroma

The ability to take discolorations without the demand of soap and bleach

The fade outing power with the H2O


Impact on colorss

Whereas the south eastern clients are accustomed determination shapers. They would prefer to utilize the same detergents that they are utilizing unless they do n’t acquire any defects.



Top Trade name: Omo is the top trade name of the portfolio and is considered as a high quality at a premium place which is for the high terminal market. Omo has more than half per centum of the entire market portion in Brazil.Minerva is a average quality merchandise with low trade name consciousness and 2nd in market portion. Campeiro is a well-known cheapest merchandise but with a low top of the head incursion. The mark clients of Unilever were the high income section. The highest net income border that Unilever generates is from the gross revenues of Omo.

Scheme USED: With the aid of trade names like Omo Unilever was the market innovator in Brazil and therefore got the first mover advantage in the detergent sector. Unilever is the LEADER in the market. It followed the scheme whereby it created the most desirable market infinite in the heads of the consumers as seen by the Top-of-Mind-Awareness consequences. ( Exhibit 8 )

Their chief scheme is to publicize and increase the gross revenues particularly of Omo as the net incomes generated from their detergents proves a anchor for their enlargement in nutrient and personal attention classs. Unilever ‘s chief line of publicity was through the media advertisement. This is cost effectual and irrespective of the income, Brazilians are devouring telecasting spectators.

Placement: The assorted merchandises of Unilever are positioned as per the merchandise and its entreaty. It ‘s positioning scopes from remotion of discoloration by extinguishing the demand of bleach ( Omo ) to presenting pleasant odor and softness ( Minerva ) to be decrease ( Campeiro )

Distribution: Unilever had the dashing undertaking of administering to 75,000 little mercantile establishments in the Northeast. For this it relied on its bing web of Renaissance man jobbers and sometimes besides on secondary, smaller local jobbers. This nevertheless increased their cost. It besides had the option of undertaking with the specialised distributers.


Top Trade name: Ace is of the superior quality and is still sold at a lower monetary value than its 2nd trade name. Through research and development, their scheme would be to better the monetary value and the sensed quality of Bold and Ace which is in competition with Minerva and Omo severally.

Scheme USED: P & A ; G is a market rivals which is sharply seeking to widen its market portion. It has specific rival schemes like value monetary value goods and services and improved services. The advertisement is non really effectual as the consumers do n’t hold much cognition or a top of the trade name consciousness as compared to the other trade names in the market.

Placement: Like most of the merchandises of Unilever their merchandises are besides positioned depending on the mark clients. Two of their chief merchandises are positioned similar to Unilever ‘s merchandises e.g. Bold and Pop whereas Ace is positioned as a superior whiteness beginning.


ASA is a local Brazilian trade name and is merely popular in Northeast

Top Trade name: Invicto which is an entry degree detergent as it is a low cost detergent and valued by its clients. It is a cardinal rival of Campeiro and focal points on cost decrease across all dimensions.

Scheme USED: They are the Market nichers and have been functioning a particular section of the market as a whole.

Placement: Positioned like Campeiro i.e. as a low priced merchandise


Present Situation:

Unilever is the innovator of consumer goods industry in Brazil and a clear leader in the detergent pulverization class with an 81 % market portion achieved by trade names like Omo, Minerva and Campeiro. The Brazilian cloth wash market consists of two classs: detergent pulverization and laundry soap. It faces a immense menace from P & A ; G and therefore Unilever should look into tapping the niche markets before its rival ‘s entry into them


Detergent market innovator in Brazil. Hence gained the first mover advantage which proved really favorable for its success

Unilever is a strong trade name in itself and has broad credence for its merchandises all over the universe

Have a broad scope of trade names i.e. have a strong trade name portfolio which caters to different market sections. For e.g. Omo is more engineering oriented, Minerva clings to its emotional entreaty and is a traditional trade name, Campeiro focuses more on cost decrease

They are advanced and client centric in their attack. E.g. debut of 4 new discrepancies of Omo. Each of them have different belongingss targeted at specific demands of clients

Detergents will ever stay the hard currency cattles for Unilever


Difficult to do a choice with regard to be effectivity between the Generalist Wholesaler and Specialist Distributor since both could turn out to be every bit utile in its ain manner and one time selected really hard to change by reversal

Huge difference in distribution of societal categories in the Southeast and Northeast. So similar schemes and merchandises will non hold the same consequence and might besides change immensely from the expected consequence particularly in the Northeast

Its trade name Campeiro is perceived to be low on quality since it is besides low priced

High handiness of replacement merchandises


Tap the niche market i.e. the untasted low income sector before the rivals penetrate there

Change the placement of detergents in the heads of the Northeasterners so as to increase the usage quantitatively

Make usage of the high frequence of rinsing inclination in the Northeasterners which would better merchandise gross revenues in this country

Omo has the highest Top-of-Mind-Awareness amongst the Northeasterners ( about 70 % ) . This can be used as a manner to bring forth consciousness about Unilever ‘s other trade names and besides for the merchandise which needs to be directed to the lower income consumer section ( exhibit 8 )

Improvement in Brazil ‘s overall economic public presentation thereby bettering the buying power of the indigens and particularly the lower income consumers

Adopt appropriate scheme targeted at the lower income group so that Unilever successfully manages to tap all the categories of people

Introduction of more engineering based and advanced merchandises like Omo


Rapid growing and betterment of P & A ; G ‘s R & A ; D and selling expertness

North easterner ‘s mode of utilizing detergents is different from the South easterners. As per this logic the usage of detergents is less with the North easterners

Preference of laundry soap over detersive pulverization in the Northeast. This would present a challenge to the lower income consumer section merchandise which the company wishes to market

Competitor trade names like Bold, Pop and Invicto are direct competition to Minerva and Campeiro with respects to quality and monetary value

There is about equal market incursion of the rival ‘s trade names with Unilever ‘s trade names. For e.g. Invicto, Ace, Campeiro ( incursion in the scope of 60-80 % )

Introduction of local merchandises by smaller companies with better distribution

Price war with other giants like P & A ; G


As given in the instance survey, Unilever in Brazil has a strong 81 % market portion by agencies of its three trade names: Omo, Minerva and Campeiro. Question at manus is

Whether or non to market detergents to take down income consumers in Northeastern Brazil and

How to travel about it

The lower income section is n’t tapped by any of the giants of the detergent industry hence it provides chance to the company for growing in this section. Besides there is a demand for good merchandises fiting the flagship trade name Omo combined with affordability as clearly seen by the illustration stated about Maria ConceiCao.


The challenge is to alter few age old perceptual experiences and yet successfully do a grade in the lower income section. For this Unilever will hold to change over the laundry soap users into an Omo category user. This is a long term scheme but yet a executable one.

Deduction OF Move:

Short TERM IMPLICATIONS: First mover advantage, displacement of investing of money in low monetary value trade name from premium trade names

Long TERM IMPLICATIONS: Market leader in low income detergent market, without a displacement in Omo clients the new trade name will be able to pull lower income clients


There are assorted options with Unilever. Namely,

Establish a new merchandise in the market aiming the lower income consumer without cannibalising its ain premium trade names extensively

Reposition one of its bing trade names

Have a cheaper version of Omo

Carry out an extension of one of the bing trade name

I believe that Unilever should transport out PRODUCT LINE EXTENSION ( Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Veronica Wong, John Saunders, 2008, pg 530 ) . Hereby they should present an extra point in the same merchandise class. Unilever should hold an extension of its trade name Minerva named Minerva Progress ( similar to Omo Progress which removes hard discolorations without bleach and laundry soap ) . Minerva Progress should be positioned between Omo and Minerva


The placement of merchandise between Omo and Minerva will assist derive visibleness

Can advance positively utilizing Unilever ‘s trade name name

Good market incursion of Minerva as a trade name ( exhibit8 )


Minerva as a trade name is perceived to be a medium quality trade name with less Top-of-Mind-Awareness ( exhibit 8 )

Fierce competition with P & A ; G trade names like Bold and Ace


Not possible to hold a low cost merchandise under the Omo trade name since this would confound the consumers about Omo ‘s credibleness

Launch of a new merchandise will non be cost effectual

Having an extension of Campeiro might non be successful due to the original image of the trade name as a inexpensive quality trade name

Shifting of any of the top trade names might confound the consumers and Unilever might lose its loyal clients

Minerva holding a good market incursion can execute good if the placement for the drawn-out merchandise is done suitably. Besides as per Exhibit 8 the consumers in the Northeast have good cognition about the Minerva trade name ( rated second after Omo ) . Hence the company should capitalise on this fact and thereby construct a path to tap its lower income section by utilizing the trade name name.

No cannibalization: Compared to Campeiro and Minerva new merchandise is better ; Omo has its separate mark most of which would be loyal to it


Target Selling:

Unilever should follow Concentrate selling scheme ( Philip Kotler et Al, 2008, pg 427 ) wherein it makes usage of its cognition of consumer demands in the niches. These niche created by them would pull few rivals

Selling MIX OF MINERVA PROGRESS ( Solomon et al, 2009 pg 36 )


A new expression should be produced to fit the demands of the clients and at the same clip non increasing the cost

Properties like cleanliness, whitening and productiveness ( exhibit 5 )

Formulation should hold more accent on discoloration taking capableness while maintaining Minerva ‘s original characteristics intact like aroma and softness although their proportion should be decreased a small

The merchandise should be made available in assorted sizes and types. Apt for clients who do non utilize a big measure of merchandise per month. This would besides give a fanciful feeling of holding spent less

Given in composition board boxes as coveted but of different sizes

Monetary value:

Low-cost pricing

Unilever should follow incursion pricing ( Solomon et al,2009 pg 375 ) for its merchandise whereby the net income border for Unilever would be less but it would maximise unit gross revenues and increase market portion in this section

Adoption of incursion pricing would besides deter the rivals entry

Besides ab initio Unilever can hold a skimming monetary value ( Solomon et al, 2009 pg. 374 ) for the merchandise which would promote people to buy the merchandise

Promotional costs should be reduced

Boxing costs can be reduced

Merchandise should be priced below Omo and more than Campeiro

Topographic point

Unilever should sell its merchandises at all topographic points in the Northeast

Since the large shopping promenades are perceived to be expensive it should expose its merchandises at local shops

Unilever should expose Minerva Progress along with Omo. This is because Omo itself has a good image that even this merchandise will be highlighted to all the clients


Merchandise should non be advertised as a merchandise meant merely for the low income group since this might make a negative feeling about the company

Medium like billboards, wireless, telecasting should be used

Direct selling and personal merchandising methods should be adopted extensively

Above the line publicity should be emphasized on more than below the line advertisement

Gross saless publicity activities should besides be carried out to a great extent which are directed at the clients

In shop promotional activities should be carried out

Give vouchers and price reductions on purchase for a limited period

Give free sachets for usage ab initio to make consciousness

Show unrecorded presentation of rinsing


Intensive distribution ( Solomon et al, 2009 pg 506 ) should be used to do the merchandise available extensively in all the retail mercantile establishments

To aim the lower income section Unilever should follow the Specialized Distribution method as given in Exhibit 13

PUSH Scheme: ( Solomon et al, 2009 pg 415 )

Initially a push scheme should be used wherein the merchandise is pushed at the clients and made widely available to them. Then depending on the demand forecasts a push-pull scheme should be used.



Point OF DIFFERENCE: Quality with affordability

Placement: Property and benefit placement. ( retrieved from Knol,, 28th nov 2010 )



















= P & A ; G



This shows the placing of the Minerva Progress on parametric quantities like quality and monetary value.


Continuous analysis of market

Get into backward integrating ( retrieved from 28th nov 2010 ) to cut down packaging cost thereby pull offing to bring forth low priced merchandises

If scheme fails so market merchandise in fictile sachet to cut down cost


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