Consolidation In The Banking Industry In Sri Lanka Finance Essay

After the station war economic epoch, Sri Lankan banking sector performed good and turning. Despite of planetary fiscal convulsion, increasing oil monetary values, cardinal fiscal soundness indexs were improved and maintained decently.

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Credit growing increased significantly describing a growing of 12.9 per cent in comparing to a negative growing of 0.5 which was reported in September 2009. ( Fiscal Stability Review 2010 )

Due to the station war economic system many investors are demoing greater involvement in Sri Lanka. Particularly after station Egypt crisis Gulf investors are looking at markets like Sri Lanka as emerging markets. ( Sunday Times, Feb.13 )

After the station war roar industry consolidation in banking industry has surfaced once more. Demand for recognition has gowned well, which has become a cardinal driver for industry consolidation.

“ It is the bank ‘s purpose to be involved from a leading base point in the hereafter development of this enterprise by actively prosecuting chances for growing through amalgamations and acquisitions ” Theagarajah said in his reappraisal in HNB ‘s 2010 Annual Report.

In this station struggle epoch batch of large substructure undertakings are coming out. Those large substructure undertakings require batch of recognition loans which most of the Bankss ca n’t afford. Because big undertakings such as seaports, air ports and other substructure undertakings require batch of loans.

In the station war economic, Sri Lanka desperately needs to increase nest eggs, at the same clip doing borrowing more low-cost, if development ends are to be achieved. This is why merges and acquisition is going an emerging subject in station war economic epoch in Sri Lanka.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka imposed some policy steps during the last three old ages, in order to keep fiscal system stableness. The minimal capital demands of LCB ‘s and LSB ‘s were increased to 5 billion and 3bn severally set uping 2015.12.31.

Not merely is the industry, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka besides in an aggressive manner looking positively at possible bank merges with these benefits in head.

But still some of the taking commercial Bankss are soundless on the above subject, where earlier some of the calls for consolidation were shut down.

Outreach or the subdivision web has become one of the important grounds that Bankss are looking for merges and acquisition, particularly in the local context. Industry consolidation was at that place in the industry or was seeking to emerge.

“ The land state of affairs is really mature for such activity to take topographic point ” said Amitha Goonerathne, pull offing manager of Commercial Bank of Ceylon. ( Daily FT, 24 March 2011 ) .

So this looks a clear emerging subject which will alter the nature of competition wholly in approaching 10-15 old ages. Due to the rapid loan growing local Bankss even might see foreign commercial Bankss for M & A ; A ‘S to raise capital.

Not merely that, proposed banking Act this twelvemonth will open the door for more consolidation, within the fiscal services industry. The proposed act comprises supervising of banking groups, commissariats to ease consolidation through merges and acquisitions of accredited Bankss.

Rapid loan growing during the Sri Lanka ‘s station war economic revival, lead the local Bankss to see international markets to as a beginning of extra capital. And we are already sing some of those which are taken by foreign fiscal institutes. For an illustration already India ‘s Mahindra Ltd is looking to come in the state ‘s finance industry. For that they are sing to get an bing participant Industrial Finance Limited ( IFL ) . ( Business Times, March 20, 2011 ) page 08

Merges and acquisitions are something ever tried to emerge in the banking industry. Devastating war, a crippling planetary fiscal crisis and helter-skelter universe broad banking decennary are some grounds why it did non emerged.

Empirical surveies show those Bankss and other fiscal establishments with low capital to plus ratios, high local market portion and Bankss which operate in urban countries are to be acquired.

How this emerging subject is traveling to alter the nature/structure of competition.

With the liberalisation of the Sri Lankan economic system and with macro environment subject we can foretell 2 or more possible scenarios which will alter the nature of the competition. From those, some scenarios will hold positive impact on the industry while one or two a negative impact.

Scenario 1

One possible scenario is clients will hold one topographic point to cover with as their bank and Bankss may hold more services to offer at an low-cost monetary value. A bank after an acquisition could hold a wider client base to present. This could be achieved as there is an inducement to function at low fringy cost.

Investing required for IT substructure turning twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Banks might look at geting or to hold a strategic confederation with IT companies. Combination of cognition of more and people from different backgrounds put excess inputs. In this manner Bankss could hold more than what could accomplish entirely. Banks will accomplish important growing in their operations and will be able to cut down their disbursals to a considerable extent. Banks might accomplish economic systems of graduated table or cost benefits as a consequence of horizontal merges and acquisitions. The two merged Bankss might portion some of the common needed resources in order to cut down operational cost and to hold a better range. Heavy investings in IT systems, subdivisions, ATM distribution, branding selling, HR and preparation can be reduced and utilized for client benefit.

Another important alteration we might be able to see is behind this sort of a strategic way competition is reduced because merges and acquisitions eliminate rivals from the industry. Merges and acquisitions in the banking industry have more to make with horizontal integrating because unifying entities are besides from the same industry offering same sort of fiscal services.

In this scenario we might be able to see merely few participants in the industry. There will be merely less than 10 Bankss and those Bankss would be large in size. They will hold the capacity of catering for large substructure undertakings that are ongoing in Sri Lanka. At the same clip competition between the remainders of the participants would be much higher. The subdivision web & A ; the range would be much stronger than the old state of affairs. Cross merchandising is another factor which would emerge in this scenario Portfolios are non the same, so the chance for cross merchandising becomes greater. For an illustration some Bankss have factoring service, insurance ( both vehicle and life insurance ) which are non common with every bank. So Bankss can advance each other ‘s merchandises it they are to win with merges and acquisitions. So in future we might see two rival Bankss advancing each others merchandises and services after a successful merge or an acquisition.

We might be able to see a synergism coming out from this. Increasing the market power of the merged entity is a one manner to accomplish synergism. It gives possible for cost nest eggs. Cost nest eggs can be done via development of graduated table of economic systems, and acceptance of more efficient production or organisational engineering. Removing inefficient direction at the mark establishment is a manner of taking cost. In future we might see two rival Bankss working under one direction squad after an acquisition or a merge.

I near future CBSL will do legislative alterations that would ease amalgamation processs. In the industry due to cut down no of Bankss the completion will be reduced. Rather than viing on monetary values ( imparting involvement & A ; barrowing involvement rates ) Bankss will seek to present a level rate and will seek differentiating by giving a personalize service. If the industry participants go for a monetary value war net incomes borders will be shriveling. On the other manus Sri Lankan economic system desperately needs to increase nest eggs at the same clip doing barrowing more low-cost if the development undertakings are to be successful. If involvement borders are cut without cut downing these disbursals, net income or the bottom lines will needfully immerse doing the undertaking of pulling new capital much more hard. Expense would be high when Bankss lack of graduated table.

In this scenario another possible result is little Bankss would acquire together a signifier one or two large Bankss. This will cut down the no of Bankss and even increase the completion amongst remainder of the participants every bit good. This is besides a positive move and what authorities expected to be happened when they increase the minimal capital demand for 3bn in recent yesteryear. But what happened was these little Bankss were able to happen that capital did non look for merges & A ; acquisitions.

Scenario 2

Another possible scenario is that transnational Bankss would seek to traverse over geographical boundaries by come ining to the Sri Lankan market. The demand for recognition would increase significantly with the predominating low involvement rate environment. This would enable mega investing undertakings in the North & A ; east coupled with enlargement of economic activity. This will drive the loan enlargement up to circa plus 20 % p.a. over the coming 5 old ages. In add-on to that authorities regulations and ordinances besides would do an impact on the nature of the competition. Increase of statutory modesty ratio ( SRR ) by 100 bits per second to 8 % from the modesty hebdomad get downing from 29th April is another of import factor. Due to this LCB ‘s will hold to increase their sum of capital which is kept in or maintained at CBSL. LCB ‘s have to look into alternate ways of support. So this might be another ground why they need to look at international capital. This will take the full industry looking for foreign capital.

So there factors within the industry every bit good as from outside the industry which would drive merges and acquisitions to be happened in with foreign Bankss. We might be able to see one or two regional Bankss coming into Sri Lanka for merges and acquisitions. They will utilize this chance to come in Sri Lanka. This would give huge force per unit area for local Bankss who are non involved with M & A ; A are with foreign. Newly form entities will be strong with capital and will hold the planetary cognition. More significantly they will hold the scale advantage.

Another modification factor would be how authorities regulates these foreign amalgamations & A ; acquisitions. At the minute authorities is easing local merges & A ; acquisitions but the attitude will be different for foreign Bankss.

Strategic selling response

There are two strategic responses that organisations can follow with relevant to this emerging subject.

To move positive on this and unfastened Gatess for consolidations.

To respond negatively on this and do strategic investings to beef up the group without traveling M & A ; A ‘s.

Both options have its ‘ ain virtues and drawbacks. It is organisations responsibility to analyse both of these options. Deductions are different to each other.

The strategic option that I would urge is to move positively on this & A ; unfastened Gatess for consolidation. Organizations need to fix themselves for this emerging subject which would revolutionise the industry. To be prepared Bankss need to do strategic alterations within the organisation which involves batch of activities. Both parties need to strategically fit each other for M & A ; A to be successful. This can be explained by utilizing some of the elements which are explain by McKenzie ‘s 7S theoretical account.


To implement this strategic response both parties need to see each others scheme. The strategic way should be alining good so that it will convey synergism. Banks should measure their ain scheme and should do accommodations to suit with the other bank.

Why they should measure their ain schemes and do accommodations. ( justification )

As an single bank, it may hold a alone growing scheme every bit good as a placement scheme. In this context positioning scheme demands to be fit each other. For illustration a bank that patterns the scale advantage may non be able merge and organize one entity if the other bank is a nishe participant. Particularly it may non convey any synergy amongst two Bankss. It might be hard to work under one trade name name.

Looking at the growing strategies it needfully does non hold to fit as it was like positioning scheme. A bank which is coming out with new fiscal merchandises ( merchandise development scheme ) can unify or get a bank which is in the market incursion scheme to heighten the handiness.


Structural and cultural barriers would be the biggest barrier for M & A ; A ‘s. it is identified as one of the biggest barriers that caused some of the M & A ; A ‘s to neglect. For my recommended strategic response, one of the cardinal activities is to seting the construction so that it would suit with the mark bank. It might take 2-3 old ages to alter & amp ; we sellers ‘ demands to open up that alteration. If the bank wants to hold a amalgamation or acquisition the construction of both parties need to be examined closely and do alterations to organize one entity or to hold a synergism. For illustration if a mark bank has level and unfastened construction and wants have M & A ; A with a bank whose construction is stiff, opportunities that it might neglect is high. Structure should be changed bit by bit.

Shared values

Shred values are besides should be discussed and come to an understanding to hold a one set of shared values. If non clients of both Bankss will be confused.

If Bankss opt to travel on the other manner, which is the 2nd option to defy this alteration they might hold to confront effects of it. On the other manus cardinal bank of Sri Lanka has already raised the minimal capital demand of LCB ‘s & A ; LSB ‘s to 5billion and 3 billion set uping from 2015.12.31. So this is a clear indicant what CBSL is seeking to make. CBSL wants industry participants, particularly little Bankss who are unable to happen the minimal capital demand to consolidate with the aid of M & A ; A. Even if these little Bankss are able to happen that minimal capital demand still they will hold liquidness jobs because the money which is to be reserve at cardinal bank does non convey any involvement. And besides with the heavy investings required for IT and for other maps these small/medium Bankss will decidedly happen them egos hard to vie with others.

The Bankss that resist this chance will non be able to bask the benefits that others will hold. Scale advantage, economic systems of range, cross merchandising chances, ability to traverse over geographical


The accomplishments and the competences that a seller needs to alter

The industry is altering and the manner we, the selling professionals believing besides necessitate to be alteration. The leading has a immense challenge ; it has to mentally fix everyone for the M & A ; A ‘s. First of as selling professionals if we are open uping the undertaking we need to able to sell that thought to the full staff particularly if you are the mark entity, employee might acquire demoralized. These employees should be mentally prepared for the relevant amalgamation or acquisition.

Other than that markets will necessitate to hold good analytical accomplishments and have good market intelligence if they are to make an acquisition. You need to be able to analyse pre and station amalgamation public presentation utilizing accounting ratios and efficiency indexs, for stock monetary value reactions is besides another index which seller demands to closely look at.

For this selling professionals need to analyze about this topic. They should hold a good cognition of pre- station amalgamation state of affairss if they are to open up this undertaking. Because most of the M 7 A ‘s are non successful. And if a amalgamation or acquisitions is non working they should besides take steps to halt information spillovers. These amalgamations and acquisitions will preponderantly alter the strategic way of a company, so marketing professionals need to be strategic contrivers. They should be in the board room and be a portion of strategic planning.

And besides they need to be able to pass on this state of affairs for clients every bit good. Strong personal communicating is really of import to convert the clients that the company took this measure in order to function them much better than old. At the same clip aims of this should be good communicated for staff every bit good. Marketing professionals should be expert in information assemblage. Selling professionals need to be fiscal literate to so that they understand finance people say.

They need to be advanced in their communicating. If you are the mark entity, the clients might believe the company has become unprofitable and that is the ground for the amalgamation or acquisition.

Marketing professionals in Sri Lanka will hold to larn about planetary illustrations & A ; scenarios, particularly about amalgamations & A ; acquisitions. They should be able to larn those instance surveies, because about half of the amalgamations & A ; acquisitions that happened during the last decennary failed or was unsuccessful. So marketing professionals need to larn these lessons from those instead than be a victim of a similar state of affairs. And sellers need to be fiscal understanding to some extent. To measure the station amalgamation and pre amalgamation public presentations marketrs will necessitate to cognize finance. Small spot of finance is far more great than non cognizing anything.


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