Condoms: The New Diploma Essay

The logic and motive behind this country’s huffy elan to administer free rubbers in our public schools is pathetic and ill-conceived. Worse. the message conveyed by mass rubber distribution is a ill service and boundary lines on being deadly. Condom distribution countenances. even encourages. sexual activity. which in adolescent old ages tends to be promiscuous and relegates to secondary position the most of import lesson to be taught: abstention. An analysis of the full rubber distribution logic besides provides a glance into merely what is incorrect with public instruction today. First things foremost. Advocates of rubber distribution say that childs are traveling to hold sex. that try as we might we can’t halt them. Therefore they need protection. Hence. rubbers. Well. keep on a minute. Just whose impression is it that “kids are traveling to make it anyhow. you can’t halt them” ? Why limit the application of that superb logic to sexual activity? Let’s merely admit that childs are traveling to make drugs and distribute safe. stainless drugs every forenoon in place room. Childs are traveling to smoke. excessively. we can’t halt them. so let’s provide battalions of low-tar coffin nails to the pupils for their after-sex fume.

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Childs are traveling to acquire guns and hit them. you can’t halt them. so let’s make certain that instructors have bulletproof waistcoats. I mean. come on! If we are truly concerned about safe sex. why halt at rubbers? Let’s convert survey halls to Safe Sex Centers where pupils can travel to really hold sex on nice dual beds with clean sheets under the alert and oculus of the school nurse. who will be on manus to show. along with the principal. merely how to utilize a rubber. Or even better: If childs are traveling to hold sex. let’s put disease-free Hookers in these Safe Sexual activity Centers. Hey. if safe sex is the nonsubjective. why compromise our criterions? There is something else really upseting about all this. Let’s say that Johnnie and Susie are on a day of the month in Johnny’s household saloon. Johnny pulls in to his town’s designated Teen Parking Location trusting to hit a small fondness from Susie. They move to the backseat and it isn’t long earlier Johnny. on the brink of cloud nine. whips out his trustworthy high school-distributed rubber and impulses Susie non to defy him. She is hesitating. being a nice miss and all. and says she doesn’t believe the clip is right. “Hey. everything is all right. Nothing will travel incorrect. Heck. the school gave me this rubber. they know what they’re making. You’ll be all right. ” coos the disingenuous and debonair Johnny.

Aside from what is evidently incorrect here. there is something you likely haven’t idea of which to me is profound. Not that long ago. school policy. including that on many college campuses. was designed to protect the misss from the natural and natural aggressive chase of immature work forces. Chaperons. for illustration. were around to do certain the misss were non in any hazard. So much for that thought now. The schools may merely every bit good endorse and advance these backseat personal businesss. The childs are traveling to make it anyhow. Well. here’s what’s incorrect. There have ever been effects to holding sex. Always. Now. nevertheless. some of these effects are terrible: debilitating venereal diseases and AIDS. You can now decease from holding sex. It is that simple. If you look. the huge bulk of grownups in America have made accommodations in their sexual behaviour in order to protect themselves from some of the desperate effects drifting about out at that place. For the most portion. the sexual revolution of the 1960ss is over. a suffering failure. Free love and rampant one-night bases are tougher to come by because people are cognizant of the hazards.

In short. we have modified our behaviour. Now. would person state me what is so hard about sharing this cognition and experience with childs? The same bets are involved. Isn’t that our duty. for shouting out loud. to learn them what’s best for them? If we adults aren’t reacting to these new dangers by holding condom-protected sex anytime. anyplace. why should such folly be taught to our childs? Let me seek the Magic Johnson illustration for you who remain unconvinced. Imagine that you are in the Los Angeles Lakers cabinet room after a game and you and Magic are acquiring ready to travel hit the town. Outside the cabinet room are a clump of immature adult females. as there ever are. and as Magic had freely admitted there ever were. and that you know that the adult female Magic is traveling to pick up and take back to the hotel has AIDS. You approach Charming and say. “Hey. Magic! Keep on! That miss you’re traveling to take back to the hotel with you has AIDS. Here. don’t worry about it.

Take these rubbers. you’ll be all right. ” Do you believe Magic would hold sex with that adult female? Ask yourself: Would you wittingly have sex with anyone who has AIDS with merely a rubber to protect you from acquiring the disease? IT doesn’t take Einstein to reply that inquiry. So. why do you believe it’s O.K. to direct childs out into the universe to make merely that? Who is to cognize who carries the HIV virus. and on the opportunity your child runs into person who does hold it. are you confident that a rubber will supply all the protection he or she needs? Doesn’t it do sense to be honest with childs and state them the best thing they can make to avoid AIDS or any of the other unwanted effects is to abstain from sexual intercourse? It is the best way–in fact. it is the lone surefire way–to guard against sexual transmittal of AIDS. gestation. and genital diseases. What’s so awful about stating so? Yet. there are those who firm oppose the instruction of abstention. and I think they should be removed from any place of authorization where educating kids is concerned. In New York. the City Board of Education narrowly won ( 403 ) the transition of a declaration necessitating the inclusion of learning abstention in the AIDS instruction plan in the spring of 1992.

No 1 was seeking to extinguish anything from the plan. such as condom distribution or anal sex instruction ( which does happen in New York public school sex instruction categories ) . All they wanted was that abstention besides be taught. Yet. the Schools Chancellor. Joseph Fernandez. smartly fought the thought. stating it would make great harm to their bing plan! Well. merely how is that? The fact is that abstention works every clip it is tried. As this book went to press. the New York Civil Liberties Union was sing registering a case to halt this unsafe new add-on to the course of study. Now what in the name of God is traveling on here? This is equivalent to opposing a drug instruction plan which instructs pupils non to utilize drugs because it would non be utile. The Jacksonville. Florida. school board besides decided that abstention should be the centrepiece of their sexual instruction course of study. and the progressives there were besides outraged about this.

What is so incorrect with this? Whose docket is being denied by learning abstention and merely what is that docket? Jacksonville instructors are stating seventh-graders that “the merely safe sex is no sex at all. ” Sex instruction categories provide some information about birth control and sexually familial diseases. but these countries are non the primary focal point of the categories. Nancy Corwin. a member of the school board. admits the paradox when she says that the schools send a absurd message when they teach childs non to hold sex but so given them rubbers. Alternatively of this baloney. the Jacksonville school board has decided to learn existent safe sex. which is abstention. However. six households. along with Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. are actioning the schools over this plan. This clump of funny citizens says that learning abstention puts the kids at a greater hazard of catching AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. Greater hazard? ! ? # $ ? @ ! How can that be? What sort of contaminated thought is this? The suit alleges that the schools are supplying a “fear-based plan that gives kids uncomplete. inaccurate. biased. and sectarian information. ”

You want more? Try this: Linda Lanier of Planned Parenthood says. “It’s non right to seek to flim-flam our pupils. ” Trick the pupils? # ? & A ; @ ? ! ? If anyone is seeking to flim-flam pupils. it’s Planned Parenthood and this set of pagans who try to state childs that a rubber will protect them from any effects of sex. Folkss. here you have possibly the best illustration of the civilization war being waged in our state today. To state that “teaching abstention is a trick” is absurd. Is Ms. Lanier holding sex every dark of the hebdomad? What adjustments has she made in her sex life because of AIDS? Does she believe that a small sheath of latex will be plenty to protect her? This is awfully incorrect. The Jacksonville public school system is trying to learn right from incorrect. as opposed to learning that sex does non hold any effects. which I believe is the selfish docket these people hold beloved. I have stated elsewhere in this book. and I province it once more here. that there are many people who wish to travel through life guilt-free and prosecute in behaviour they know to be incorrect and morally vacant.

In order to pacify their club they attempt to concept and enforce policies which non merely let them to prosecute in their chosen activities but encourage others to make so every bit good. There is. after all. strength in Numberss. Promiscuous and self-gratifying. of-the-moment sex is but one of these chosen life styles. Abortions on demand and condom distribution are but two of the policies and plans which. every bit far as these people are concerned. guarantee there are no effects. As one fed up member of the Jacksonville school board said. “Every yokel out at that place has a societal plan that they want to run through the school system. We are here for academic grounds and we can non bring around the societal immoralities of the universe. ” The worst of all of this is the prevarication that condoms truly protect against AIDS. The condom failure rate can be every bit high as 20 per centum.

Would you acquire on a plane–or set your kids on a plane–if one in five riders would be killed in flight? Well. the statistic holds for rubbers. folks. It would be easy to minimize the significance of society’s recent infatuation with rubbers by stating that it is merely diagnostic of the larger moral diminution in our social values. But that would lose the critical point that free rubber distribution in public schools can be a affair of life and decease. Yet. the myths continue. and in the name of protecting our young person. the rubber thrusters are seting their lives at hazard. In visible radiation of all this straight-out stupidity. is it any admiration that the parents and middle-class citizens of this state are ready to detonate with fury over the moral and ethical waies in which their childs are being taken?


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