Concerns For Capital One Management Strategies

This study is generated to measure the top direction of Capital One Corporation for the extroverted meeting sing its acquisition of schemes that the company has late acquired. The countries of required concerns are analyzed and researched on the footing of external and internal environment. The undertaking was to measure the deduction of its schemes with certitude justification, so that the company can imagine its prolonging growing and possible steps to be taken for farther successful wages of the house.

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Capital One is one of the taking fiscal corporations, holding specialisation in recognition card concern. The company was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris in 1988, Virginia ( Capital One, web site ) . Over the period of clip, the diversified portfolio of its fiscal merchandises accommodated this fiscal house as a strong leader in the market. In order to accomplish the sustaining growing, the company is confronted with strategic issues to cover with, by sing its external and internal rating of the environment, impact of its acquisition schemes, its concern and corporate degree scheme and the international place. All these strategic issues are discussed in following consecutive inquiries followed by the researched and analyzed replies.

Question 1: Identify and depict the cardinal environmental forces that have immediate strategic deductions for Capital One.

Analysis of External environment

Capital One is a bank based corporation specialized in loaning loans to corporations and consumers and besides trades with sedimentation merchandises of consumers hence ; the most of import and critical environmental factors that will straight impact the company ‘s future programs are harmonizing to the external menaces and chances for Critical One.

The chances for Capital One are to turn domestically every bit good as globally. In the domestic fiscal market, it has branched out in different countries of banking such as Capital One, Capital One Auto Car funding, and Capital One F.S.B. , and in add-on to that it has stepped frontward internationally by the acquisition of Hfs group ( Hitt, M, et al. , 2009 ) . With this diversified portfolio of domestic every bit good as international concern, has produced the new ways of fulfilling client demand in a large fiscal market holding mass clients.

The menaces are highlighted by the recent economic, societal and jurisprudence scenarios. The present economic status is non prefering the air current to blow in coveted way of its concern. The employment rate is sky rocketed, which has ignited the figure of defaulters to portion their drama in being filed as bankruptcy. Middleclass is confronting the jobs of measure aggregators despite of this very fact. The engagement of statute law in the recognition card concern tactics has resulted in new Torahs, making uncomfortableness amongst the populace, which chiefly involves “ fixed ” rated system. Economy is in its worst status, people are experiencing helpless and uneasy with regard to make fiscal dealingss. In this respect, they ‘ve started making their prep on concentrating selective attack. The competitory advantage would be of those who will demo flexibleness in ethically oriented fiscal operation. Therefore, the focal point should be on recognition card concern to charge-off rates and to command their debts.

Question 2: Identify and depict the capablenesss and failings within Capital One that have immediate strategic deductions.

Analysis of Internal Environment

Equally far as the analysis of internal environment of Capital One is concerned so it is obvious that it will be accompanied by both failings and capablenesss that have immediate deductions. Capital One has designed its internal capablenesss and resources in such mode that certitudes toward its exaggerated success.

Bing banking based company it has divided its clients in different sections harmonizing to their recognition evaluations and tonss. It has analyzed that clients are the chief point of focal point to present its fiscal merchandises. Anywhere and anytime Capital One satisfies its clients ‘ demands with tremendous satisfaction more than the clients ‘ outlooks ( Capital One, web site ) . Similarly, they give due response and regard to their providers as good. The clients are targeted harmonizing to their Information Based Strategy in recognition card system. It offers different fluctuations in its Visa and Master cards schemes depending upon clients ‘ penchants and demands.

The human resource of Capital One is yet another beef uping factor that has great impact on its schemes. Employees ‘ uninterrupted preparations and development are adding great strength by giving rational capitals for the company. These preparations are the regular characteristics of Capital One that are incrementing the employees ‘ accomplishments and efficiency.

The chief failing of Capital One besides lies in its clients every bit good, which are at high hazard of being filed in loan defaulters. Capital One gives lowest charge-off rates as compared to its rivals which seemingly sketched to catch great Numberss of clients in their relationship, its gives more exposure of loan defaulters. Capital One is non specialized in imparting operations to its clients. In the same manner Capital One advertising budget is really dearly-won as compared to its major rivals.

Question 3: Define Capital One ‘s business-level and corporate-level schemes and measure each for their potency for continued success.

Business and Cooperate degree Strategy

The rating of uninterrupted possible success is based upon Capital One ‘s concern and corporate degree scheme. These schemes are destined to explicate that where Capital One is heading and at which targeted place it will accomplish in its prospective hereafter. The scheme which is based on minor degree will be considered as concern degree scheme and at big degree, aiming great figure of clients and markets are included in the corporate degree scheme of Capital One.

The concern degree scheme of Capital One can be reflected through its car auto funding concern. The strategic confederation of COAF and ONYX Corporation made it crystal clear that Capital One has much more flexibleness in adding value to its merchandises of car funding in order to acquire the competitory advantage over its rivals.

It has diversified its portfolio by presenting fiscal merchandises and services for clients, and little and big organisations which made him accomplish the top place in state ‘s largest Bankss, stand foring its corporate degree scheme. The incorporate concern scheme provides easiness to the concerns outside the bank of Capital One in transacting financess and services, which is overall aligned with corporate degree scheme. This scheme gives a true contemplation of retail banking when it acquires the Bankss like Chevy Chase Bank, North Fork Bank and Hibernia Bank aiming immense figure of clients along with their huge sum of demands.

Question 4: Measure the strategic tantrum of Capital One ‘s recent acquisitions.

The acquisition of Hibernia Bank opened the market of Texas for Capital One. Hibernia was a constituted bank due to which the incursion in land of market did non reported to be critical. Capital One acquired the already established market who welcomed its fiscal merchandises and resources through 109 subdivisions of Hibernia with important concentration of client cleavage and IBS techniques. It provided a strong platform to market its merchandises in the market evidences of Texas ( Hitt, M. , et Al. 2009 ) .

The acquisition of a metro country bank that is Chevy Chase Bank by the Capital One Corporation brought a great strategic tantrum between both the organisations. Capital One is headquartered in Washington, D.C. , as that of location of Chevy Chase Bank, brought a radical convenience in this amalgamation and it proved to be honoring excessively. The integrating of these two Bankss promised greater value to the client in the close hereafter ( Chevychase, web site ) .

When Capital One jumped for competitory advantage in the car funding concern, its acquisition of ONYX and Amerifree accommodated the most good portion of its advantage by giving the information of IBS. They merely need to cultivate the market because these both companies have already done their degree best attempts to set up their place in the market, which eliminate the degree of hazard in the incursion of new market and for the purchased companies ; this acquisition opened the doors for new market. The same benefit and competitory advantage was achieved globally when Capital One acquired Henry Forth Bank, which was U.K. based bank leting it to function the clients on the planetary tract.

Question 5: Describe the cardinal strategic issues raised by the company ‘s acquisition scheme.

Largely, the impact of strategic issue caused by the acquisition scheme was non reported in negative, by and large. Although these acquisitions caused by the Capital One did bring forth some expected complications but they were in sense of under controlled. The chief ground behind this fact was due to their perfected computation and the orientation of these regional Bankss in the Capital One was smooth and expeditiously administrated by the direction of Capital One. They have analyzed all the potencies human resource, finance, operation etc. of the targeted company before acquisition Although there were minor strategic issues that were being raised because of this acquisition but the major issue was of Hibernia, which was pull offing the subdivision of the company ‘s bank but was incognizant and rawness in imparting non-consumer operations ( Hitt, M. , et Al, 2009 ) . This issue posed to a challenge for Capital One.

Question 6: Assess Capital One ‘s international place.

Capital One has non limited its merchandises and services for the clients of domestic boundaries merely ; instead it outstretched beyond geographical boundaries and capture the international market with winging colourss. Due to its effectual and efficient competitory schemes, it became the 7th largest recognition card issuer company in U.K. This corporation has grounded base in Canada every bit good. The ground behind their successful orientation in any market is the tool of IBS, which the company had used to market their merchandises and services for any market they are destined to perforate. Equally long as they continue to feed their IBS arm, their success can barely be challenged by their rivals.


In a effect, Capital One has risen from top to bottom within 23 old ages by accomplishing the entitlement of state ‘s largest bank. This is due to its competitory tools like IBS, Human resource and top direction ‘s efficient strategic determinations of acquisition and diversifying company ‘s portfolio. Capital One has satisfied the demand of domestic and international clients through the watercourse of its fiscal merchandises which helped it to defy in the international market with the winging colour.


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