Concepts Of Leadership And Management Assignment

1.0 Introduction

Leadership and direction patterns are utile to individual ‘s success and that of our administration. For the benefit of this preparation programme which is to better leading and direction in the administration, this stuff will fit us on ways to obtain professional information on leading and direction and service as a self-study exercising for us to hold cognition of basic direction and leading accomplishments which can be applied at assorted sections in our administration. It will besides do us understand the theories of leading and direction, how to better motive and public presentation through the application of relevant leading accomplishments and the development and effectivity of squads. At the terminal of the preparation programme, I expect us to see leading and direction accomplishments and patterns as a tool of driving the administration to further development and success.

1.1 Analysis of the constructs of leading and direction

Leadership can be defined as a procedure by which a individual influences others to carry through an nonsubjective and directs the administration in a manner that makes it more cohesive and coherent. If you have the desire and self-control, you can go an effectual leader. Good leaders are developing through a ne’er stoping procedure of self-study, instruction, preparation and experience. While leading is learned, the accomplishments and cognition possess by the leaders can be influenced by his or hers properties or traits such as beliefs, values, moralss and characters.

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To animate person working under us into higher land of teamwork, there are certain things we must be, cognize and make. These do non come of course, but are acquired through continual work patterns. Good leaders are continually working and analyzing to better the leading accomplishments in them.

Directors of Bankss do set-up gross revenues mark for each of the subdivisions at the beginning of fiscal twelvemonth and new merchandises are usually added to the services of the administration. This shows that ends and aims have been put in topographic point for followings to work towards. Through this, the gross revenues will be improved and new clients will fall in the service of the bank sing the new merchandises introduced by the leading squads.

Directors are of import group involved in concern activity. We usually believe that directors are responsible for ‘getting things done ‘ normally through other people. When occupation functions are giving to us, our several line directors usually help us in accomplishing this either through supervising or working together with us. The term director may mention to a figure of different people within a concern. Some occupation rubrics include the word director, such as personal director. Other occupation holders may besides be directors even though their rubrics do non state it. Managers act on behalf of the proprietors of a company which is leader. They are accountable for the activities of the company either to the manager or stockholders, set aims for the administration ; do certain the concern achieves its aims, by pull offing others and guarantee that corporate values are maintained in covering with other concern, clients, employees and the general populace. It is the act of acquiring people together to carry through desired ends and aims utilizing available resources expeditiously and efficaciously.

As a director in one of the subdivisions, a batch of agencies will be laid down to accomplish the mark that has been put in topographic point by the leader such as aid ( conference/lecture or preparation ) to do other staffs see the large image of how they are fitted into the program and accomplishing it.

Management texts contain leading. Actually, leading is an of import map of direction and it is mentioned as one of the five maps of direction ( Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading or Directing and Control ) . Both functions are really much tied to human interactions and therefore personalities and traits are indispensable demands. Besides, leading and direction exists at every degree of direction, nevertheless, the sum of each varies harmonizing to the direction hierarchy.

For illustration, the board of this administration has more of a leading undertaking which is to supply vision to the company and program to accomplish it, while the caput of any section seldom goes beyond finding what the following undertaking should be. Leadership and direction undertaking within the administration depends upon ‘how much it allows for leading in a peculiar function? ‘

As we all know, our administration was established to supply effectual, efficient and low-cost wellness attention bringing services to the people in this vicinity and beyond. The location besides positioned it to go a noteworthy Centre for the intervention of accident victims. Besides, our aims include doing proviso for: A full scope of infirmary and specializer services to the community ; clinical installations for the instruction of medical and other pupils ; installations for medical research etc.

For, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital to turn and stay healthy, we have to cognize some simple accomplishments of direction and leadership-skills that will help us to avoid the crisis state of affairs where we need to make whatsoever that will do us stand out in all our services. These simple accomplishments of direction and leading consist job resolution and determination devising, planning, run intoing direction, deputation, communications and pull offing ourselves.

These basic accomplishments are besides cardinal from which to develop more advanced patterns in direction and leading. Whenever administration ‘s leaders struggle, it ‘s frequently because they do non cognize the rudimentss – non because they are n’t making what they supposed to make in implementing basic patterns in direction and leading.

Knowledge and accomplishments contributes straight to the procedure of leading and direction while other properties give the leader and director certain qualities that make them different. Skills, cognition and properties make the leader or director, which is one of the factors of leading and direction. The leading and direction procedure of an administration involves-developing a vision for the administration ; alining people with that vision through communicating ; and actuating people to action through authorization and through basic demand fulfillment. The leading procedure creates uncertainness and alteration in the administration. In contrast, the direction procedure involves-planning and budgeting ; forming and staffing ; and commanding and job resolution. The direction procedure reduces uncertainness and stabilizes the administration.

Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard give better account of the difference between leading and direction. Leadership is non a construct sole to or within direction. It is a broader construct on its ain. Management is thought of as a particular sort of leading in which the achievement of organizational ends is overriding. Leadership is act uponing the behavior of person. Management is be aftering an aim and accomplishing that aim. Leadership requires a follower and a leader has to calculate out how to act upon the follower. Manager has to calculate out an aim and theoretically, he may make the occupation himself and pull off the aim. Directors have big figure of people under them and they have to take them to make the work assigned them as portion of the administrations plan to accomplish the aims while one can accept leading as a construct which has public-service corporation as a construct offprint from direction.

1.2 Evaluation of the cardinal direction and leading theories

Management and leading theories focus on what qualities distinguish between leaders and followings in an administration. For case, development of the program for our administration started with a leading and direction retreat. The purposes were to breed a harmonious industrial clime through inter-union, inter-association, inter-staff, and staff association-management interaction and to supply a forum for the leaders and directors to consider and proffer advice on pertinent issues of direction to enable us travel the establishment frontward. Participants were the Chairman, Board of Management, the Chief Medical Director and other members of staffs. There were talk, workshop and group activities. The aims were with the full realisation because the staffs are non nescient and to the full participated. This pattern looked at variables such as situational factor and accomplishment degrees. The participative manner of leading explained by Rensis Likart theories of leading which encourages determination devising by subsidiaries and their leading manner that involves employee-centred leader were employed. Our administration besides used Blake and Mouton theories of leading that explained the grade to which a leader considers the demands of squad members, their involvement, and country of personal development, emphasises aims, organizational work end product and great productiveness when make up one’s minding the best ways to carry through a undertaking. This program would hold been carried out without sing assorted union/staffs dealingss by our leaders/managers thereby holding different direction and leading styles/theories differs from that stated above.

1.3 Assessment of the challenges of leading and direction patterns

We are normally faced by some challenges such as low degree of support ; recruitment exercising ; gap of new infirmary offices/complex ; societal policy directives ; and developments in ICT. Our leaders and directors have the ability to feel alteration and respond to it efficaciously. They have been able to foretell a diminution of wellness attention bringing services due deficiency of a new technique being available in other infirmaries ; expect possible solutions to alterations that may impact the administration ; have a clear vision of the chief aims of the administration during periods of alteration and be able to steer the administration to accomplish these ; organise and actuate employees to accept challenges and guarantee stableness and minimise or prevent break.

For illustration, there were challenges of presenting equal wellness attention services to the people of the community some old ages back, the leaders and the directors rapidly identified the symptoms that have caused these challenges. Among these were low productiveness and high labor turnover. Equally shortly as these challenges were identified, directors and leaders found the cause of the problem and developed a scheme for better position of the administration. Schemes they employed for good position of the administration include altering people-through hiring and fire, reassignments of responsibilities, preparation, wage additions or reding. They besides carried out restructure work through occupation redesign, occupation enrichment and redefinition of functions. Systems were besides improved. These include communicating systems, reward systems, information and coverage systems, budgets and stock control.

2.1 Analysis of the cardinal motivational theories and how they influence organizational success

It is of import for any administration to actuate its employees. The motivational theories of Maslow, McGregor, McClelland and Herzberg explain content theories of motive. They merely explained the specific factors that motivate people. They answer the inquiry ‘what drives behavior? Besides, Vroom, Porter and Lawler, and Adams explain process theories of motive. They are concerned with the idea processes that influence behavior. If employees are watched closely, fright of pay cuts or redundancy may coerce them to keep their attempt even though they are non motivated. This is negative motive. A deficiency of motive may take to cut down attempt and deficiency of committedness. In the long tally, a deficiency of motive may ensue in high degrees of absenteeism, industrial differences and falling productiveness and net income for the administration. Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital direction has been moving harmonizing to Fredrick Herzberg ‘s theory of motive by being giving acknowledgment for attempt of its staff. We are usually taking into consideration in everything the direction of this administration embark upon! This is a sort of motive that merely gives us occupation satisfaction and thereby makes the workers more productive. Herzberg ‘s thoughts are linked with occupation enrichment. This is where workers have their occupations ‘expanded ‘ , so that they can see more of their occupation procedure. Improved care factors such as wage or conditions besides remove dissatisfaction of staffs. For illustration, better canteen installations within our organisation make workers less dissatisfied about the environment. All these allow the workers to be more involved and motivated.

2.2 Evaluation of the function of leading and direction in employee motive

It is of import for leaders and directors to happen out what satisfies the demands of its employees? Administrations have found out that even if employees are satisfied with wage and status of work, they still complain that their employer does non make a good occupation in actuating them.

Motivation is critical because even at the most cardinal degree, it is expensive to acquire another set of staff than that to maintain bing one. Employees want to be involved and regarded and doing them happy means they will be at service of the administration for longer period. Have it in head that at most non convenient clip, leader and director need to actuate staff.

If our employees are making good and helping to drive the administration frontward, In this instance, we do allow them cognize how much we cherish them on regular footing. Whenever we offer them any gifts or passed any information that is of their advantage across both plants every bit good. This shows, we put them in head. If our staffs bask socialising with us like they do working with us, so we are making something good and right.

It is of import that you lead by good characters when there is an issue with staff, if you expect your employees to work tardily, so you should remain at work excessively for such period. At the same clip, if you do n’t desire staff coming in at 10am on first working twenty-four hours of the hebdomad, so do certain you ‘re at work really early. It ‘s non ever about hours of working ; demo your staff regard and you will hopefully acquire it back. They will detect you on the manner you discus with people around and act in same fortunes, so it is of import to act in the manner you will wish them to act every bit good.

Investing in employee is paramount, non merely will it intend we are acquiring the best and latest in the administration but they will appreciate us for being able to develop under our attentions. We make certain we to the full research classs to direct our employee on to get the full preparation. It is every bit good to acquire feedback from employee on how the class has improved their criterion separately.

Communicating with our employee is high on our list of precedences. Most of them like a leader or director they can easy make whenever there are jobs. We do keep frequent occupation treatment with our employee to do certain they are most happy, making on good and are n’t confused about anything. Apart from this, we do pass on with our employee everyday. Exchanging salutations are simple motivational techniques but can do a universe of difference.

The figure below explains how our leaders and directors make determinations for employees ‘ motive, holding foremost identified the employee ‘s demands.



Identify the need/ motive motive

Result/ Outcome

Satisfaction If demand is non satisfied

Identify the need/motivation – our administration seek every bit much as possible for employee to be involved in determinations so that they can experience wanted and recognised as of import to the company

Incentive – Set up treatment with employees about ends and working patterns of the administration

Satisfaction – This is a state of affairs where the employee feels their sentiment and part is valuable

Consequence and Outcome – By run intoing above status, the employee are willing to take more duty

2.3 Analysis of the part of public presentation direction techniques as organizational procedures

Directors use public presentation direction techniques to prove employee ‘s working position on a regular footing. By analyzing each employee ‘s public presentation, our administration besides measures the overall effectivity of its work force and how good the company achieves its aims.

Delegating functions to workers that improve their strengths is a hard occupation. Workforce optimization is a program to set the right people in the best occupation functions to maximise their work end product. By making regular assessments, our leaders and directors easy track employees ‘ public presentation and suggest if they need more preparation or if they could be more productive with different duties.

Another public presentation direction technique we normally employ is compensation bundle. Overall morale ever increase most particularly when the employee sees the procedure to be just. A happy worker is a difficult worker.

Incentive-based plans that permit the employee in utilizing less paper or being energy efficient both save on our disbursals and the employees are rewarded for seting forth the excess energy needed. The fewer costs our administration has, the more net income it realizes.

3.1 Analysis of the development of squads

Administrations frequently try to better the productiveness and motive of people working in groups/teams. The ‘planned, systematic procedure designed to better the attempts of people who work together to accomplish ends ‘ is referred to as development of squads. Team can be described as an internally organized set of people with specific functions for different members to accomplish a specific end while group can be referred to as a aggregation of people with something in common, such as being in the same topographic point or holding their person ‘s involvement.

Meredith Belbin ( 1981 ) found that successful squads consisted of a mix of persons, each of whom performed a different function. For case, monitoring and rating squad that was set up under the main medical manager ‘s office is a sort of squad of different qualities and places within our administration. They work on undertakings with specific term of mention and present semiannual and one-year studies with regular indices to the leading of this administration. This is non similar working in a group ; working in a squad entails answerability instead than single answerability and consequences in a joint work merchandises. The characteristic and ends of the single members of the squad helped to find the squad ‘s features and ends. .According to Belbin, each individual has a preferable function and for a squad to be effectual, all the functions need to be filled. Our administration selects people that are capable to make full one or more of the functions. Individual member of the squad was influenced more strongly because of their function. This is unlike group with big figure of people where really few people take portion in the undertaking while others are non and unable to take part efficaciously in squad determinations. Effectiveness of squad depend s on the blend of the single accomplishments and abilities of its members. Team development is based on the thought that before administrations can better public presentation, squad members must be able to work together efficaciously.

This exercising is used to assist squad members develop trust, open up communicating channels, make certain everyone understood the ends of the squad, aid persons make determinations with the committedness of all members, prevent the leader from ruling the squad, openly examine and decide struggles and to reexamine work activities.

3.2 Analysis of the functions and theoretical accounts of squad leading

Leadership of squads must acquire members of squad to work with each other. This is one method that involves low degrees of hazard among members. The function of team leader include to be able able to organize joint undertakings or some signifier of exchange between members of the squad. The leaders of the squad work together or interchange functions with members for this attack to be effectual. This is one method that involves low degrees of hazard among members. The working spirit was further developed by communicating and swapping of squad members. This technique was used when our administration took over the challenges of developing medical pupils from another medical establishment and there is a demand to avoid struggle. These thoughts develop societal interaction among the employees.

Keeping every individual activity connected to the others help squad leaders and administration to accomplish what they really planed. Members are basking while executing their functions and are besides detecting something new about themselves, their colleagues, and the administration as a whole.

Researching and larning about the squad current issues decidedly help squad leaders in making the existent activities that the members can participate-in. This affords oversights of any sort for members non to take part in the activities of the squad.

3.3 Evaluation of the function and utility of squads within the administration

The leader of any squad of an administration aims to make team/group that is effectual and efficient. If the squad leader or administration can actuate the squad members to work harder in order to accomplish ends, the sense of pride in the squad ‘s ain competency will make occupation satisfaction for the leading of the team/team members and employees in general.

Looking at the chances given to the employees of our administration and most particularly in most units or squads that has so far set- up, the participants are willing to transport out duties for the improvement of the administration. In some case, rank of units or squads can be made up of top functionaries of an administration which may non involvement ordinary employees of the administration.

The debut of different units or squads in our administration has contributed vastly for the accomplishment of our ends and aims. In term of motive, employees in squad state of affairss are more satisfied and motivated than when we are working under more traditional governments and have a positive influence on employee committedness and designation. The squad work besides serves to derive competitory advantage over other administrations.

Our administrations provide leaders and directors with legitimate authorization to take. There is demand for persons to absorb this strong leading and direction trait for optimum effectivity. In nowadays altering work environment, we need leaders that can dispute the position quo and inspire and carry administration members. We besides need squad leaders to help in altering and bettering a smoothly running topographic point of work.


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