Comparison Of Apparently With No Surprise English Literature Essay

Emily Dickinson ‘s “ Apparently with No Surprise ” Emily negotiations of nature premiums good streamed with the doctrine of life. She tells about a flower which is in full bloom at one point of clip but is destroyed as the winters attacks. The Sun which plays its day-to-day function is non affected, the minute flower falls, as it is busy and has to lift the following twenty-four hours. Emily Dickenson ‘s emphasizes the subject followed by the Nature in its might as it has to follow what God wants and approves. Whatever predicament comes to any of His creative activities, he is the 1 to supervise their life rhythm.

The Sun eats off the hoar and so its visible radiation diminishes later in the terminal of the twenty-four hours, all set to lift once more. The poet defends the hoar by naming it “ light-haired ” and it is non the perpetrator because harmonizing to her it besides works as God ‘s wants. She denotes the occurrence as an accident.The action of the winter hoar harmonizing to her is non calculated. The flower blooms from a bud, its babyhood to full adulthood, and reaches its terminal. The poet regulations out any possibility of a uncertainty as she is house on the line up of events. No organic structure can wish for the flower to be still infinity or to neglect the Torahs of Nature.

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Robert Frost ‘s Design

Design as the name depicts points to the design or construction of some map that is traveling on. Robert Frost has described the rhythm of nature by including the narrative of a spider and the moth. The spider kills the moth. The poet includes other elements of nature like the flower which is impersonal to all the action. The flower can move as a Panacea but it plays no function in salvaging the moth.

All the character are inactive in nature and it seems the occurrences are pre-planned. Frost compares the spider and moth with the satin fabric which is lying and can non travel. Further he symbolizes the strategy of the occurrences and components as the ingredients of a enchantress ‘s stock which contains the spider like a snow bead, the flower like the foam and dead wings of the moth like the paper kite. The colour white, brings harmoniousness in the mixture.

The poet negotiations about the sarcasm, wherein the incapacitated heal-all flower exists and he is non able to do out what prompted the moth and the spider to make each other, to run into such an terminal.

Finally the poet agrees that all the histrions of this secret plan are a portion of a design.


Both the authors have taken nature as a agency to show their doctrine, for they think nature is righteous in doing regulations and it sticks to the regulations. They in all ways want the readers to understand the immortality of life signifiers. The nature acts as a metaphor of life. The cardinal thought professed by the poets is that nil lasts everlastingly.

The start is depicted, by the Sun and its undertaking to be available the following twenty-four hours in Dickenson ‘s “ Apparently with No Surprise ” , while Frost uses “ to get down the forenoon right ” to convey the same feeling of brightness. They are successful in bring forthing hope in the readers mind by stressing “ forenoon ” and “ Sun ” . As the Sun rises and sets daily, the reference of the following forenoon conveys the ageless flow of life.

All the elements like flower, spider and moth are a portion of a narrative which has a beginning and an terminal. They all emerge from the bosom of Mother Nature and attain apogee.

In Emily ‘s verse form, the hoar is the cause of decease of the flower and Frost Usshers the spider to kill the moth in his verse form, but both are elusive in piquing them as perpetrators. They are considered as mere undertaking performing artists for an unknown power and are guided by it. Unaffected by the results, both these verse forms are perfect illustrations of God doing his regulations without any favouritism.

The organisation of the sequence of events is expansive but they still project the simple truth. The doctrine to be understood by work forces is that, they have to go on working without keening on the results and life and decease. All the occurrences are predestined by the supreme power.

There are “ bravos ” as quoted by Emily, events or people in our lives who are incognizant of their Acts of the Apostless and ache us or do injury but it is all “ inadvertent ” and likewise anything can go on in our live which are non known to us or we are non prepared for them. We can non change them but at the same clip there are positive intimations and reflecting light amidst dark clouds. As human, we should believe on the Almighty, as he will ever take attention of us. He is “ ” as mentioned by Emily.

A batch of similes are used in these verse forms which are mapped brightly between the literary ideas and scientific analogies for the same


Emily is a Victorian poet while Robert Frost writes with a modernist attack. This fact is quiet apparent in their verse forms.

Emily depends more on the beauty of nature to portion her positions of life. She creates an atmosphere of visible radiation and colourss which efficaciously picturises the scene of a well illuminated garden before our eyes. The reference of Sun creates a reflecting background. The torment of the flower death is non so marked as the aura of the Sun and withdrawing winters arouse hope. Emily in the terminal proclaims the might and caress of God ‘s engagement. She calls Him “ blessing ” which renders an optimistic position towards God.

Robert Frost has an component of godlessness, as he does n’t advert God but agrees to an unknown guiding force by utilizing the word ‘design ‘ . He is non certain of the occurrences and seems to oppugn in awe, what drives all the animals to be as they are painted in his verse form. It seems he agrees to the line up of events, but is amazed by the weakness of the heal-all flower and the moth.

Frost ‘s description of the nature is surrounded by darkness and visible radiation. He does n’t speak of hope as the colour white turns down any dynamism in the narrative. The usage of similes like ‘rigid satin fabric ‘ , ‘froth ‘ , ‘paper kite ‘ talk of substances that do non be in nature so they pose a impression that decease is ordering the sphere and it has caused all the affair to stand-still.

Frost ‘s verse form ‘Design ‘ is inactive verb driven. There is nonliteral address employed in the instance of ‘Apparently with no Surprise ” . There is a just sum of initial rhyme used.Emily uses alternate riming words in her verse form while Frost does n’t follow a insistent strategy. But Frost is able to attach riming in a important manner.

Emily has established the fact that though she has completed the verse form in one stanza, she can convey the whole life of a garden and the natural beauties together in few lines without losing the cardinal thought even one time. Frost has managed to set together the thought and his ain inquiries through a sonnet.


Both these authors have pacified the hungriness of readers for doctrines of life, its inquiries and its replies in a significant manner. They have added a nexus to the assortment of captivation people hold about nature and their expression out for good pieces of authorship, through their poesy.

In the existent universe, there can be no better illustrations of prophesying harmoniousness, peace, forbearance and belief towards life and its assorted aspects. The imaginativeness of these poets, though visualized at different cases convey the same worlds.


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