Compare Emotion with One Other Way of Knowing.

‘There can be no knowledge without emotion…’ (Arnold Bennett). Discuss the relationship between knowledge and emotion. Compare emotion with one other way of knowing. However, emotion can be an obstancle as a way of knowing. If a person only relies on emotion as a way of knowing, the knowledge he/she gains will be very limited as his/her feelings are different every moment. It is because when that person is in a good mood i. e. happy, he/she will be more mentally conscious and willing to gain knowledge in a faster rate; but if he/she is in a bad mood i. . depress, he/she will be less mentally conscious and not willing to gain knowledge or in a much lower rate. Thus, emotion has both advantages and disadvantages as a way of knowing. It can be impossible to determine what is the most reliable way of knowing because one links to another, without any one way of knowing, knowledge may not be gained or much harder. Emotion may give individuals an extra incentive to pursue knowledge and indeed, emotion provides humanity with a drive for knowledge.

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This drive is innate; it is an inexplicable longing for truth about our world and ourselves. George Wilhelm Friedrich once said ‘Nothing great is accomplished in the word without passion’. Passion allows us to give oneself to this pursuit, to succumb and to discover. In addition, a subset of emotions and emotional knowledge do not come from experience, they are instinctive and can be different from time to time; and these can influence the way we view rationality and accumulation of knowledge. Total word count: 814


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