Compare and contrast the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual and artistic elements of colonial Virginia and Massachusetts Essay Sample

While Virginia and Massachusetts had some similarities like utilizing harvests as a money beginning. they largely had differences. In this essay. I will compare and contrast the differences in authorities. faith. economic systems and the intent of each of the two settlements.

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Government. Virginia had a Royal authorities. which was a monarchy. Its proprietor was England. They had immense land keeping and in 1619. Virginia had the House of Burgesses. It was the first representative self-determination. In Massachusetts. the authorities is a corporate authorities. and in this settlement. they had town meetings.

Following is faith. Massachusetts. Massachusetts had a puritan faith and a instance could be made. that our state still has some of those puritan traits today. Traits such as the blue Torahs which prevents you from purchasing spirits in some provinces. A authoritative illustration would be the imbibing age. In Virginia. there faith was Anglican due to the fact that Virginia was largely English people and the Church of England was Anglican.

The intents of the two settlements were different in two chief ways. Virginia’s intents was entirely for trades and net incomes. Their land was fertile and England capitalized. The intent of Massachusetts was to hold spiritual freedom for Puritans because in 1629. King Charles took action against the Puritans. John Winthrop. who had non been with the Puritans at the clip decided to fall in and assist colonise the Massachusetts Bay settlement.

Last but non least is the economic sciences of the two settlements. Virginia had two chief points. Cotton and baccy. England realized that baccy was a large ticket point and there was an chance to merchandise it with the remainder of Europe. Massachusetts had a assorted economic system with agriculture. fishing. ship edifice and lumbar.


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