compare and contrast the cultures of the uk and your own country

Compare and contrast the civilizations of the UK and your ain state

It is imperative that every state should advance citizens to protect their civilizations and individualities. This is because acknowledgment of a state ‘s civilisation is highly of import. Every state has a different civilization because of national differences and history. Culture can be defined as the values, beliefs and perceptual experiences of a group of people. History, tradition and faith are the chief influences on civilization. Even though there are some comparings between the civilizations of Saudi Arabia and the UK, there are an even greater figure of differences. This essay will analyse some of the chief facets of the civilizations such as people, concern, athletics, nutrient and usage of the cyberspace.

Equally far as people are concerned, in both states the bulk of people tend to be friendly and helpful. In the University of Glamorgan it has been seen that all the learning staff do the best they can to assist their pupils, as was found in old staff at a university in Saudi Arabia. One of the good civilizations of British people is that they tend to smile at passersby. This is besides one of the major features of Saudi Arabian civilization, partially because of Islam. However, one of the major differences is that in the UK kids do non esteem older coevalss. This is likely to be because of their upbringing, where parents did non learn them about regard. ( Vexen, 2004 ) In add-on to upbringing, the media plays an influential function by observing celebrated people who behave unsuitably. The contrast is that in Saudi Arabia kids must be respectful of older coevalss. This is because of spiritual grounds and a good upbringing from their parents. It is of import that people in the UK address the manner they raise their kids.

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In relation to concern, the similarity between Saudi Arabian and UK concerns is that their aims are to turn their gross revenues internationally. As a consequence, concern trade is progressively prevailing between Saudi Arabia and the UK. Despite this similarity, misconstruing civilization can hold a damaging consequence on concern dealingss. This was illustrated where, harmonizing to “an Accenture survey, two-thirds of 200 US concern executives said that miscommunication originating from cultural differences has caused jobs when outsourcing offshore.” (, 2006 ) This survey shows an illustration of a possible impact of non understanding each other ‘s civilizations in concern and trade.

Sing athletics, people in Saudi Arabia tend to play football, as do people in the UK. There are many beautiful bowls in the UK such as the new Cardiff bowl, and the same was found in Saudi Arabia for illustration King Fahad bowl in Riyadh. The bulk of the people watching football in both states besides tend to be interested in playing football. However, it is non allowed for adult females in Saudi Arabia to play football for spiritual grounds. Meanwhile, in the UK, England is one of the best adult females ‘s squads in the universe. ( Ezine Articles, 2007 ) Although at the minute there are no adult females playing football in Saudi Arabia, it is likely they will make in the hereafter with specific fortunes.

In footings of nutrient, the bulk of people in both states tend to eat fast nutrient. This is because life is acquiring faster and busier, intending people have less clip for cooking. For illustration, people go to McDonalds and KFC to hold a speedy tiffin in both Saudi Arabia and the UK. One of the major influences is globalisation. The chief contrast is that Halal meat is perfectly indispensable in Saudi Arabia for spiritual grounds, while any meat can be eaten in the UK. Halal meat is killed in a humane manner, and the UK could follow eating Halal meat to be more respectful to animate beings. ( Executive Planet, 2007 )

With mention to utilize of the cyberspace there is a great demand in both states. This is because the cyberspace is indispensable for modern life, covering all demands. In peculiar the cyberspace makes the universe into a planetary small town through easy and fast communications. However, there is a clear contrast between utilizing the cyberspace in the UK and in Saudi Arabia. This is because the media in the UK is about free of limitations but in Saudi Arabia the media is under control of the authorities. For illustration, harmonizing to Alfred Hermida ‘s article, research from the Harvard Law School discovered that 2,000 web sites were blocked by the Saudi authorities. Alfred Hermida writes that “Most of the blacklisted sites were sexually expressed or about faith. But besides caught in the net were sites about adult females, wellness, drugs and dad culture.” ( BBC, 2002 ) . The ground websites about adult females, such as iVillage, were blocked was for cultural and spiritual grounds. It is non allowed in Islam to depict the organic structures of adult females in general. It is besides likely that the web sites contained cursing which is besides out. Websites about drugs will hold been filtered because the usage of drugs is prohibited by the jurisprudence of Islam. Sites incorporating pop civilization are likely to be restricted because they can take to excess matrimonial dealingss harmonizing to Islam. This is believed to go on because chiefly immature people will be influenced by the people in the content. In the UK it has been observed that cyberspace users are free to utilize about any web site they wish. Some web sites are unsafe for kids, in peculiar adult web sites, and it is logical for parents and authoritiess to command them, to protect our kids.

In decision, even though there are some clear similarities between the civilizations of both states, there are besides many differences. These differences are mostly because of faith and history. In the hereafter it is likely that the relationship between the civilizations will alter. It is really likely that in the future adult females in Saudi Arabia will run for more human rights, similar to those adult females in the UK enjoy. Furthermore, in the hereafter we will doubtless happen more Arabic eating houses in the UK. These alterations will be most likely influenced by the cyberspace, high-tech and migration between Saudi Arabia and the UK. One of the most valuable recommendations is that if we respect each other ‘s civilizations we will populate in an ideal community. My want is that every citizen in Saudi Arabia and the UK will populate in a satisfactory manner.


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