Companys Reasons For International Market Entry Marketing Essay

Ausgums Bench Seat is low care and besides really hard-wearing. Manufactured from Australian Spotted Gum, renowned for its strength, lastingness and sheer beauty of its grain and coloring material, it is non merely functional but an point to be admired. ( Ausgum, quality-australian-hardwood-products, 2012 )

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Mission: To guarantee that the Australian hardwood lumber being used has been sourced responsibly and to supply interior decorator out-of-door furniture that leaves the consumer being comfy in every manner.

2.2. Past selling public presentation

Exporting Ausgum merchandises from Japan

: ” Exports to Japan “ AUSGUM has completed its first cargo of 3 container tonss of specialized electric fencing constituents to Japan ” ( Ausgum, 2012 )

Supplying their merchandises to Bunnings warehouse

: ” After the successful state broad distribution of a usage modified “ All Australian Hardwood ” adorning tile to Bunnings over the past twelvemonth Ausgum is now spread outing the scope to include a 1m square tile. ” ( Ausgum, 2012 )

Supplying their merchandises to the Hamilton Island resort for the last 6 old ages

“ Ausgum is in the concluding phases of providing our award winning furniture to the esteemed Hamilton Island Resort on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland for the renovation of their chief resort edifice and facilities.The design undertaking has included the usage of Consuelo deck chairs, Nyanda deluxe chairs and bench seats with assorted tabular arraies. This follows a history consisting 6 old ages of being a cardinal provider of merchandises to the resort. ” ( Ausgum, 2012 )

2.3. Company ‘s aims and capablenesss

To spread out and set up their concern in the abroad market.

Maximal recovery of the sawn merchandise “ Utilisation of maximal part of the harvested tree an extra 30-35 % of log can be recovered from the harvested tree. ”

Furniture fabrication uses shorter, thinner pieces of lumber, which would otherwise hold been ”waste ” . What was antecedently a fencing picket fence or offcut is now portion of a high quality furniture point

No tropical rain forests destroyed

Internationally certified resources

100 % Australian Manufactured ” ( Ausgum, 2012 )

2.4. Merchandise description and analysis

Product overview: an international design with entire dedication to quality dwelling of Australian hardwood merchandises that combine manner with functionality. Outdoor furniture and merchandises that are low care and hard-wearing. “ Furniture that is meant to be used, non merely admired. “ ( Ausgum, 2012 )

3.0 Company ‘s grounds for international market entry

We believe that India is great chance for Ausgum to come in this market due to the big rich population and the new cultural alterations influenced to a great extent on the western civilization.

4.0 International market choice standards

International market standards will find the attraction of the coveted international market by which is cratered on the external factors. The list, listed below is what Ausgum would be eager to see in a state.

Demographic forces

States with an ageing population clearly offer market chances for our merchandise scope of out-of-door furniture. This most attractive age section, Retirees and late in-between age consist of these four features:

1. Luxury rule. They spend a disproportionate sum of money on one thing at the disbursal of others. They have a strong thrust a high personal ingestion degree.

2. Consumption of western feeling. Material goods are a medium for them to see western civilization.

3. Newer the better syndrome. They like to travel after the newest merchandises.

4. One cut above the remainder outlook. They like to affect others.

Socio-Economic forces

Consumption forms for many goods and services are mostly driven by consumer wealth or the state ‘s degree of economic development in general ; this is a practical factor understanding the socio-economic forces of the coveted market.

1. The Take-off economic systems. The substructure is chiefly in topographic point, spurring metropolis centred industries. Most of the Association of the South-east Asian ( ASEAN ) states, such as Thailand and Malaysia can be considered to be take-off economic sciences.

2. The thrust to adulthood economic systems. Are able to bring forth a broad assortment of merchandises. The service sector additions prominence. Most cardinal European states and states such as Singapore have reached this phase.

3. high mass-consumption economic systems. States that have a ample in-between category with important discretional incomes. The economic systems of these states have a extremely developed service sector. Most of these states are major participants in international trade.

Natural forces

Warm suited outdoor climes

quality and ultimate lastingness to last in feverish environments

assorted type of timbers being imported are non allowed in the state

sustainable design minimal impact to the environment

Psychographic forces

Consumer life style, what are their attitudes, sentiments and nucleus values. It may edify us with a position on the peculiar out-of-door merchandise they desire in that market.

1. Strives. Strives are somewhat more likely to work forces than adult females. They emphasise material things and professional ends. They like merchandises such as personal computing machines and nomadic phone which provides us with information that this lifestyle section is more laic back. Strives are common in Japan and Philippines and Russia.

2. Confidants. Confidants are ‘people ‘ people. They value above all else household, important others, friends and co-workers. This suggests that they are more sociable and would work good with our merchandise scope.

3. Fun searchers. Fun searchers, as the subtitle suggests, uphold values such as escapade, pleasance and exhilaration. They are frequent bars, eating houses and nines, which may affect some out-of-door leisure societal activity, this market section may besides supply us market chance. They are strongly represented in developed Asiatic states ; this group can besides be found anyplace else in the universe.

Cultural forces

Consumers who want see the out-of-door manner of life

privation to loosen up outside in the fresh air

more leisure clip


BBQ/ java civilization

Outside eating house civilization

5.0 Identification of state market for farther research


In India there is a batch of statute laws on assorted ways of puting up concern over at that place. There is besides rational belongings rights that assist foreign companies to set up a concern entirely or as a partnership. The Indian authorities is besides invariably taking stairss to diminish entry issue barriers for foreign companies.

“ Keeping the 8th topographic point in footings of ingestion, India ranks merely 33rd as an importing state. Domestic demand is mostly satisfied by local production, as shown by the low import incursion ratio. However, as the possible demand for foreign merchandises is immense, imports are increasing at a really fast gait. “ ( World furniture online, 2012 )

6.0 Evaluation of consumer involvement in the India market

6.1. Analysis of market tendencies

Most of the furniture manufactured in India is made from expensive forests like oak, mahogany, rosewood, walnut and including several rarer wood veneers.

“ However, with most authoritiess across the universe implementing rigorous Torahs on the felling of trees and the Indian authorities following suit, Indian makers have shifted to other stuffs like plastic, metal and loanblend to do their pieces. ”

( Ezinearticles, All about India, 2012 )

This is a great chance for Ausgum to come in India as a niche market selling their Australian hardwood merchandises because of the deficiency of competition from the local industries. The Indian companies are aiming more foreign markets by utilizing cheaper stuffs that can be easy imported to other states.

“ Due to the possibility of an economic lag in the prognosis period, place trappingss merchandises could potentially take a hit in India. The handiness of cheaper place trappingss could hold a negative consequence on the possible growing of organized retail merchants to the benefit of un-organised retail merchants. However, a high figure of imports are expected to go on in the prognosis period, which will dispute the value growing of domestic makers. ” ( Passport GMID, Prospects )

hypertext transfer protocol: // d577329e-60d6-4508-a4ac-1ab171255cd4

( Euromonitor, 2012 )

As you can see from the graph above there has been a strong addition in market size for furniture in India. The statistics show that it has dramatically doubled in size from 2006.

6.2. Potential mark market

Ausgum ‘s possible mark market is ideally focused on providing their merchandises to “ high-end clients largely located in urban metropoliss. ” ( Euromonitor, 2012 )

India presents a positive mentality to sell furniture as there are many chances presented for the furniture industry to turn. First is India ‘s rich upper-class because of their big population size and secondly “ Indian gustatory sensations have started to be more refined and Indian people are looking for more western furniture manner. ” ( Economywatch, furniture Industry, 2012 )


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