Company overview of levi strauss and co

Levi Strauss & A ; Co. says aˆ? ” Our corporate values are the foundation of our company and define who we are. They underlie how we compete in the market place and how we behave, our values are cardinal to our success. . “ aˆ?Levi Strauss & A ; Co. has four major nucleus values.

Empathy – walking in people ‘s places: Levis will ever pay attending to all people around the universe. They respond and listen to the demands of their consumers, workers every bit good as stakeholders.

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Originality – advanced and reliable: The open uping spirit that started in 1873 with the first brace of bluish denims still spreads through all aspects of their concern. Through patterns and advanced merchandises, Levis cracks the cast.

Integrity – making the right thing: aˆ?When making concern Levis sets societal duty and Ethical behavior in the top. That means Levis pays attending to make right things by their society, trade names, company and employees.

Courage – standing up for what they believe: Levis ever accepts all conventional wisdom and patterns. Levis wishes to go greater.


Long-run aim are to beef up our planetary in order to present sustainable profitable growing, continue to bring forth strong hard currency flow and cut down our debt.

Fiscal position

Table 1: Fiscal consequence third-quarter 2010

Three Calendar months Ended

( $ Millions )

Aug 29, 2010

Aug 29, 2009

Net Gross

$ 1,109

$ 1,040

Net Income

$ 28

$ 41

Table 2: Regional cyberspace grosss for the one-fourth

% Increase ( Decrease )

Net Gross

( $ Millions )

Aug 29, 2010

Aug 29, 2009


Changeless Currency

United states

$ 673

$ 616

9 %

9 %


$ 259

$ 266

( 3 ) %

6 %

Asia Pacific

$ 177

$ 159

11 %

5 %


In the 3rd one-fourth, net grosss increased somewhat by 7 % , from $ 1,040 in 2009 to $ 1,109 in 2010. There is a negative impact of higher effectual revenue enhancement rate ; it led to worsen in net income to $ 28 in the 3rd one-fourth.

In add-on, there are important travel up in net gross in Americas and Asia Pacific parts. Harmonizing to the study, Americas part increased 9 % in gross, while Asia Pacific country went up 11 % in gross. In contrast, there is a diminution in gross in Europe country, from $ 266 in 2009 to $ 259 in 2010.

Harmonizing to the study, Gross Profit and Selling in 3rd one-fourth increased significantly by $ 50 million and $ 61 million severally. Whereas, operation income for the 3rd one-fourth decreased to $ 86 from $ 98 in the same period of 2009. That is the happy signal in concern.

Market Cleavage

Demographic Cleavage

In demographic cleavage, the market is divided into groups on the footing of variables such as age, instruction, gender, business, coevals, faith, income, race, nationality, and societal category. Demographic variables are the most popular bases for separating client groups. ( Phillip Kotler, 2003 ) .

Levi ‘s besides follows these regulations to section their market. The company makes apparels for work forces, adult females, babes, immature miss, male child. Therefore, everyone is the possible client for Levi ‘s.


Levis has a batch merchandise for Men and Women from bottom merchandises ( Jeans, Shorts ) to exceed merchandises ( T-shirt, shirtsaˆ¦ ) . Particularly, adult females have more alternate with Levis Curve ID. Furthermore, Levi ‘s provides a batch of accoutrements to fulfill client demand.


Levi ‘s dressed ores on high-income people who affords to buy the trade names. However, the company does n’t disregard the middle-income people, so that the company offers scope of monetary value is from S $ 30 to S $ 600 that can about cover the client demand.


Few old ages ago, Levis Strauss Company segmented its clients harmonizing to their age. The scope of age that Levi ‘s offered includes grownups, juniors, child and babe. This scope is really big, and has lost of possible client. Particularly, when consumers belong to youth category. For illustration, the company has immense merchandise line for Kid such as boy 8-20 can take 501 original denim, 569 Loose fit denim, 514 slender consecutive denim, etc.


In the business cleavage, Levi ‘s divides into pupils, professionals, business communities & A ; adult females, and executive cleavage.

Geographic Cleavage

Geographic cleavage calls for spliting the market into different geographic units such as states, provinces, parts, states, metropoliss, or vicinities. The company can run in one or a few geographic countries, or run in all but pay attending to local fluctuations. ( Philip Kotler, 2003 ) .

Harmonizing to the one-year study 2009, Levis has two of largest and most powerful dress trade names in the universe. Levis ‘ end is to spread out the range and entreaty of their trade names globally. Hence, they provide their merchandises over the universe. Looking at some popular topographic points:

Levi ‘s United states:

Levi ‘s Europe:

Levis has a batch markets in Europe such as Belgium, UK, Finland, France, Hungary, and other states.

Levi ‘s Asia Pacific:

Levi Pacific Asia Division was foundered in 1995 with central offices in Singapore. The company employs much more than 4,500 people, with offices in India, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Psychographic Cleavage

In psychographic cleavage, purchasers are divided into different groups on the footing of life style or personality or values. Peoples within the same demographic can exhibit really different psychographic profiles. ( Philip Kotler, 2003 )

Levis psychologically segments their client based on life style. The company tries to appeal to the client ‘s single personality. This is evident by the assortment of manners of goods that Levis offers.

The Levi ‘s trade name:

The Levi ‘s trade name denims have become the most popular in the universe – capturing the imaginativeness and trueness of people for coevals. It was known as authoritative American manner and effortless cool. The success of this trade name is the scope of taking jeanswear and accoutrements that appear in more than 110 states, leting persons around the universe to show their personal manner.

Levis Curve ID: focal point on form of adult females, non her size.

Levis introduced Go Forth “ existent to work ” that will authorise and animate workers everyplace.

The Stevedores

The Dockers is designed for work forces and adult females all over the universe. In recent yearss, Levis introduced “ Wear the bloomerss ” with more manners, new tantrum, and bold colour to set forth a new definition of maleness. It helps work forces experience strength and sensitiveness.

Signature by Levis Strauss:

This trade name is really ideal tantrum for household because the goods were made from jean and casualwear for kids, work forces, and adult females. The aggregation of this trade name includes bloomerss, shirts, and jackets. Furthermore, Signature by Levis Strauss attempt to make high-quality and stylish denims at low-cost monetary value.


With mottos: tantrum for everybody, the inhabitant trade name focal point on that takes everything you love about a authoritative brace of denims. Furthermore, inhabitant means “ inhabitant ” : life on Earth, populating in a topographic point, merely being. inhabitant trade name besides is ideal tantrum for friends, workers and households who frequents in peculiar topographic point.

Behavior Segmentation

In behavior cleavage, some behaviours that market should pay attending: occasions, benefits, user position, usage rate, trueness position, etc. ( Philip Kotler, 2003 ) .

Target market

Base on the market cleavage, Levi ‘s has identified its market-segment chances, Levis decide market aiming. The factors that this house pays attending are the attractive section such as size, growing, and profitableness. Objective and resources cleavages are besides of import factors. Mostly Levi ‘s marks its market among the categories:

Upper Class

Peoples who belong to this category, the monetary value factor are non of import for them. In other words, they pay attending to the prestigiousness of trade name, and design, manner of the merchandises. In this category, Levis focal point on age scope and both genders

Picture: Luxury Levis bags

Upper Middle Class

Peoples in this category should be targeted because they have good income and they have afforded to purchase dearly-won merchandise. Sometime, about possible clients are from this category. The characteristics of this category are good instruction, professional, executives and concerns. Hence, it is hard to fulfill them.

Target on Market specialisation:

Levis sees that, the demand of client is apparels fit their organic structure. Therefore, the company designed the Levi ‘s Curve ID trade name to fulfill their client.

Target on Developing States

In some underdeveloped states like China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, people with high income are willing to purchase luxury and branded goods, even though they have to pay a big sum of money. Almost people want to be appreciated throughout their vesture and accoutrements. So that, Levis should pay attending for new tendencies.


Positioning is the act of planing the company ‘s offering and image to busy a typical topographic point in the head of the mark market. ( Philip Kotler, 2003 )

Positioning differs between states, market cleavages. For illustration, in Americas and much of Europe the emphasize in on denims as insouciant garb. In contrast, Pakistanis wears indicate to the societal manner consciousness and high position.

For striplings and child grownups, who want to casual garb, applied scientist ‘s denims by Levis supply a alone tantrum and functional position, unlike other rivals.

Competitive Analysis

Phillip Kotler suggested that rivals are companies that satisfy the same client demand. In this instance, the chief rivals of Levis Company are Calvin Klein, Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger. Hence Levis should understand their rivals, such as features, specifically, their schemes, aims, strengths and failings, and reaction forms.


Levis should cognize the schemes of rivals to supervise what they intend to make in the hereafter. By understanding the rivals ‘ scheme, Levis can transport out the distinction scheme to better their place in market. Levis besides can take the same scheme of rivals ‘ to stay their market portion.

For illustration, scheme of CK is to run a diverse trade name portfolio targeted at multiple monetary value points and distributed through multiple channels of distribution. This scheme is the same Levis scheme. So that Levis should put more money in publicity and advertisement to go more aggressive if they want to win in market.


Levis besides needs to cognize what is each rival looking for tin the market? What are the factors that consequence rivals ‘ aims? Finally, Levis should detect enlargement programs of rivals.

Calvin Klein created an aggressive enlargement program for planetary retail. This company marks contract with a batch of concern partnership those are from America, Europe or Asia to open new shops. Furthermore, Calvin Klein intends to put more money to spread out their aroma market portion every bit good as accoutrements market portion. Hence, what should Levis make to support their market portion every bit good as attack their rivals? What does Levis hold to fix for alterations? Levis besides should see enriching their merchandises to fulfill client demand.

Strengths and failings

Levis should roll up information about strengths and failings of rivals. It is good for Levis to plan competitory schemes such as market-leader schemes, defence schemes, market-challenger schemes, and onslaught schemes.

For case, Calvin Klein is really strong in lifestyle trade names including dress, accoutrements, underwear, tickers, socks, eyewear, and places. So how can Levis complete to Calvin Klein in this field? How can Levis make their ends?

Chemical reaction forms

In the extremely competitory vesture market, about companies have ability to respond fast with the altering of market. Some companies like Levis, Calvin Klein, and Gap designed the competitory intelligence system to instantly respond with these alterations.

Indirect Rivals Analysis

We merely analyzed some direct rivals like Calvin Klein, Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger. However, rival ‘s analysis will non finish without analysing indirect rivals. Indirect rivals may be local industries ; those have a batch experience and cognition about the location. Sometimes, they have the competitory advantage by protection of the authorities. Other competitory advantage of local company is the inexpensive monetary value of labour. For illustration, some vesture Chinese Companies employee inexpensive monetary value of workers in the immense of labour market. Hence the monetary value of vesture is besides really inexpensive.

Other possible rivals are from the Internet, those offer cheaper monetary value, high quality and really convenient in shopping. They pose their goods in the web site, and make really good on-line selling to prosecute clients. They have a batch of shops in the universe and besides offer free deliver in short clip to their consumers.


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