Community Extension Service Report

University of San Carlos School of Business and Economics Department of Business Administration CES REPORT Submitted By: Djahara B. Sani Submitted To: Mrs. Janet Pontevedra August 31, 2011 1. The CES activity I have participated in was the USC Trade Fair of the Business Administration and KNN (KapamilyaNegosyo Na) last August 22-26, 2011. It was a four – dayactivity of exhibiting and selling different products at the USC WrockledgeYard during the USC University Days. All the BA practicumers were assigned as cashier to their respected stall.

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The organizers of the activity are the BA Department and the committee of KNN. 2. The beneficiaries of the activity are the small entrepreneurs of KNN. The USC Trade Fair gives them a chance to sell and exhibit their own products. One of them is MaelaTuazon,the youngest entrepreneur joined the KNN. At a very young age,she helps her mother intheir small business. Her only dream is to finish first her studies and become a doctor someday. Her products are squash cupcakes, macaroons and puto. And luckily last year she got the grand prizeas the best enterprise of KNN. . I learned the importance of helping others in our little way and spending some time with them to learn more about life. In this activity, I met a person and helped me to understand that you cannot achieve easilysuccessbecause you need to strive harder to get it. Just like Maelashe patiently sells her product and she findsways to help her family. And I learned to be more responsible in doing my obligation to help other people. USC Trade Fair August 22-26 2011 Maela’s product cupcakes and macaroons made of squash With MaelaTuazon


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