Community Development Report Of Bolton County Cultural Studies Essay

The Community Report and profile given here is that of Bolton County in Lancashire within the ZIP code of BL3. The community statistics have been obtained from National Statistics Office and the profile drawn is that of Bolton that is marked as part 026D on the map. The Bolton vicinity has 1,570 occupants and Bolton local authorization has 262,300 occupants ( 2007 estimations, Census, NSO 2009 ) . The population statistics with male and female count harmonizing to latest studies show that the male members of the community are lower at 742 with higher figure of females within the vicinity.

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Sing the community profile the per centum of people in each age set in the vicinity is highest for the aged as persons above 65 old ages of age are the most common occupants in the vicinity with 24 % of persons above 65 old ages of age followed by kids below the age of 15 old ages who comprise of 21 % of the population. About 20 % of the population is in-between aged above 45 old ages and below 65 old ages ( NSO, 2009 ) . The high figure of aged occupants besides reflects on the societal attitudes and such a society is more likely to be spiritual, conservative and traditional. The demographics of the population is given in a graph below which shows that Bolton is chiefly an aged community that in bend reflects on the work civilization, employment rates and benefits claims which are discussed subsequently in this study.

Apart from Age, race and wellness, lodging, environment and long term unwellnesss, this study besides focuses on employment and labor, benefits claim, offense rates and the physical environment including handiness of verdure and greenspace. Population information shows chiefly a white Christian predominant population and this would intend that the community may hold closed attitudes towards societal inclusion of other groups and races and bias could be really high.

Percentage of people in each age set in your vicinity, mid-2007

Graph from Office of National Statistics, 2009


The white population in Bolton is somewhat lower than the white population in the whole of England with higher population of Asia and Asiatic British communities in Bolton country. In fact 87.5 % persons are White as compared with 88.2 % white population in England. The minority assorted group every bit good as Blacks and Chinese or other race are really few in figure. This would likely necessitate more widely distributed accent and more non white persons could be encouraged to shack in Bolton and a societal inclusion programme could be implemented to increase the widely distributed population of the community.

The Christian community is really strong in Bolton with 78 % Christians in the vicinity entirely and 74.6 % Christians in Bolton. Muslim population is higher than the national norm at 7.1 % and 10.8 % indicated that they had no faith ( NSO, 2009 ) .

The Life anticipation of males at birth are lower than national norm at 75.5 % and life anticipation at birth for females is at 79.9 % , once more lower than that of England which is at 82 % . Concept of adult females below the age of 17 per 1000 is 47.2 and higher than the national norm of 41.7 which suggests that teenage construct and gestation could be one of the serious wellness issues for the county. Infant mortality or decease of babies under the age of 1 is 6.2 per 1000 in Bolton compared with the National norm of 5.1 deceases per 1000 kids.

General wellness

By general wellness the people were asked whether they suffered from restricting unwellnesss or had wellness jobs or disablements that would curtail day-to-day activities or work. The persons when asked to rate their wellness as good, just or non good, indicated the undermentioned consequences. The tabular array shows that with the BL3 vicinity community, wellness conditions are drastically hapless when compared with the national and 54.5 % claimed to hold good wellness when the national norm is at 68.8 % ( NSO, 2009 ) . Fair is besides higher at 27.4 % for persons within the vicinity although the Bolton council and national mean consequences on just wellness were the same at 22.2 % persons bespeaking that they have just wellness. Equally high as 18.2 % of persons in the vicinity has indicated a status of hapless or deteriorating wellness and this is dual the national norm as seen in the tabular array. This tabular array is important and suggests that the community wellness profile is instead weak and the community suffers from poorer wellness installations or intervention and diagnosing so the general perceptual experience on wellness status is instead hapless and more negative than present in other counties. The tabular array is given below:

Peoples ‘s wellness and wellness perceptual experiences have a close relation with long term unwellnesss with really high proportions of restricting long term unwellness at 33.1 % . As indicated by persons in the vicinity and this is significantly high or about double when England ‘s long term unwellness per centums are considered at 17.9 % . This is besides true for working age grownups with long term unwellness at 26.8 % ( NSO, 2009 ) . The statistics show the turning wellness concern in the part with long term and debilitating unwellnesss being significantly higher than in other counties. Poor wellness of community members in general and presence of long term unwellness in the working grownup particularly adversely affects the work civilization, productiveness, and the handiness of labor that in bend may be holding an impact on the economic system as they besides associated with employment rates.

The employment rates and labor markets are understood through the economic activity rates, through employment and unemployment rates and the economic activity and employment and unemployment rates of Bolton are about near to England ‘s rates although may be somewhat lower, yet the labor and economic issues are clearly non major concerns every bit much as wellness and long term unwellness is. However as seen from the chart, the per centum of jobseeker allowance is higher than the national norm at 6 % for the vicinity although for England it is at 2 % . Working age benefits are at a really high 35 % with incapacity benefits at 21 % and both these figures are manner above the national norm which is 14 % and 7 % severally ( NSO, 2009 ) . This tabular array would propose how long term unwellness among working grownups being really high in Bolton has pressurized the benefits system with 35 % seeking working age benefits and 21 % seeking incapacity benefits ( NSO, 2009 ) . Although unemployment rates are non significantly high, the benefits claim being really high seems to bespeak a job with the economic system and the employment system or the handiness of appropriate occupations in the community. It is of import to acknowledge this spread between employment rates and benefits and it is besides of import to find how long term unwellnesss of working age grownups are making force per unit area on the employment system.

The occupational informations for people in employment show that skilled trades business and simple business are highest in the vicinity and higher than the national norm. However professional businesss and director and senior degree functionaries are lower in figure when compared to the remainder of England proposing that high degree accomplishments possibly absent in the community bespeaking the demand for better chances for occupants and immature people to heighten their professional accomplishments and managerial degree experiences.

The tabular array above shows that the homes of Bolton tend to follow the basic criterions for a Decent Home as when England ‘s per centum of edifices below nice place criterion is 26.2 % , in Bolton all places maintain a basic criterion of brooding. The Bolton places besides have a 57 % energy efficiency evaluation. Equally far as recorded offense rates are concerned, force against a individual within a twelvemonth was at 3,985 with hurt count at 1,778. Larceny from motor vehicles was high at 3,220 and burglary in a home was at 2,143. Burglary from topographic points other than homes was at 1,830 and condemnable amendss were at a high of 5,941 ( NSO, 2009 ) . The tabular array of recorded offenses shows that offense rates are phenomenally high in Bolton with condemnable harm through incendiarism and force against individual incidences really high and larceny from a motor vehicle and burglary in or outside a home besides high.

The physical environment is based on land already used for developments and domestic edifices comprise of 10.7 % of the physical environment and non domestic edifices are 3.3 % . However domestic gardens in the community vicinity are much higher in proportion than the national norm at above 30 % compared with the 4.3 % in England and 14.1 % in Bolton. However Greenspace is significantly low in the vicinity with 33.4 % of Greenspace compared with 63.3 % of Greenspace in Bolton and 87.5 % in England. This suggests that Greenspace and verdure will hold to be increased in the vicinity and besides in Bolton and as domestic gardens are found in high per centum, it may be possible to increase public verdure or public gardens and Parkss in Bolton and the vicinity. It is of import to increase the country of Greenspace in both the community vicinities where Greenspace is significantly low and in Bolton county itself. However the physical environment along with route installations is quite equal and transport links are really superior in the Bolton country.

However land available for development figures show that whereas 62,130 hectares of land are available throughout England, 22 hectares of land are available for usage in Bolton.


Bradshaw ‘s four types of basic demands of a community and Maslow ‘s theory of demands hierarchy could supply the theoretical model for demands issues within a community and the informations obtained could be interpreted in conformity with these demands. Bradshaw provided a forced construct of demand and suggested that demands could be defined within sociological contexts and could therefore be normative that are specified by professionals as in instance of medical specialty or intervention in health care. Needs could associate to desires or wants as in felt demands, expressed demands are more vocalized on how people use services ( Bradshaw, 1972 ) and comparative demands show how demands originating in one state of affairs could hold similarities with people populating in another socio-demographic part with different set of features ( Bradshaw, 1994 ) .

In the context of Bolton, some of the demands of the community could be better wellness attention installations, more commissariats to take up managerial and professional occupations and high employment rates and low offense rates. In fact unemployed young person attention deficit disorder to offense rates within a community and therefore felt demands of people in commanding offense would be most important along with the comparative demands of better employment chances and more managerial degree occupations that could heighten the socioeconomic degree of the community. Maslow ‘s theory of hierarchy of demands suggest that persons are foremost concerned about safety, security followed by love, power, societal position and eventually necessitate to follow self realization ( Maslow, 1954 ) . Health needs in this instance could be considered as basic safety and security demands and should be of primary concern to any authorities.


In decision, several issues could be highlighted here and the community study file shows that wellness installations and intervention are one of the most important demands of the community that would travel a long manner in controling long term unwellness in the community and this would be followed by bettering the employment rate and commanding offense within the county.


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