Cold pressed peanut oil technology and high temperature pressing or extraction process compared to a lot of advantages

Peanuts are one of the six major oil crops, such as production second only to India in second place. China is rich in peanut resources, each year about 3.5 million tons more than peanuts for oil, producing 1.2 million tons per year of peanut meal, peanut meal rich in protein. The proportions of amino acids close to the animal protein, edible protein is an ideal resource.
Peanut protein containing 26-30%, 35-36% fat, 13-19% carbohydrates, crude fiber 2.7-4.1%;? peanut protein is mainly globulin, which constitutes close to the proportion of animal protein amino acids, the absorption rate of up to 90%;? peanuts per gram VA0.26IU, VB18.5-14?g, VB21.05-1.57?g, niacin 88-200?g, biotin 0.3?g, inositol 1800?g, can reduce the protein nutrition of trypsin inhibitor matter of only 1/20 of soybeans; by peanuts after baking, produce pleasant special flavor, which contains more than 230 types of volatile flavor composition, wherein the aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds particularly rich;
Peanut protein content as high as 60 percent after oil extraction, which contains eight kinds of amino acids the body needs is a complete protein; belonging to non-drying oil, peanut oil, rich in fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid-based, can be processed into salad , fragrant peanut oil, pure peanut oil and other senior edible oils and fats.
At present, the basic take peanut oil press and solvent extraction process temperature, and one of the problems of protein denaturation, water-soluble protein content, V group elements and ammonia solubility index (NSI) are present, ranging from reducing the severity of the loss of nutrients the second problem;; in hot pressing process value, you must add 10-18% of peanut shells, so that the friction coefficient virgin bore peanut oil press can meet the conditions of squeezing out the oil. Peanut shell is basically composed of crude fiber, which add not only fat absorption, making the rate of decline but can not be separated from the…

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