“Cold pressed” contains three meanings cold-pressed flaxseed oil press

An easy to use multifunction press enables users to remove a lot of trouble in the oil processing. Select the appropriate model can be processed rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, tea and other granular oil. First look at when buying a machine exterior paint is uniform, check the machine’s parts is missing, then turned by hand large pulley, making it more than a few laps rotation to the inner bore check whether virgin iron and other foreign matter, with or without jam phenomenon, while paying attention to the gear box gear is normal. They pressed flaxseed oil in the so-called cold-pressed “or” hot-pressed “refers to a narrow sense that the process of oil extraction process of oil production, and may not reflect the entire process. Cold-pressed flaxseed oil” cold-pressed “The concept consists of three important implications:
1, the oil extraction process is cold “production process does not use conventional fire fried or steamed fried way, the maximum oil temperature 70 ?.
2, the crude oil refining process is completely carried out at ambient temperature.
3, the whole production process from beginning to end entirely the use of physical methods, there is no chemical reaction. These three points are indispensable, if one can not reach the other two would be meaningless, it went back to the old technology, products or old products. Visible, only “cold pressed” word summed it all is not comprehensive, but because there is no better words can be more complete overview of the essential characteristics of this process and the products produced, so generally similar products from abroad call Clodpressflaxseoil called cold-pressed flaxseed oil. More consultation Visithttp://www.oilpressline.com
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