Climate Change Challenges Facing India Environmental Sciences Essay

Climate alteration stands as the critical environmental issue of our epoch. Since origin of UNFCC in 1992, there is an sincere enterprise towards extenuating the effects of high C emanation at planetary degree. However, it has led to the broadening of the perceptual spread between the national involvements of the developed and developing states sing the mechanics of undertaking this planetary threat. This issue needs to be perceived in the context of development in 3rd universe states and lift of the hapless from the province of want through proviso of entree to wellness, nutrition, instruction and other indispensable services.

Since ambiance is common to full world, this job has planetary branchings and can non be dealt with in regional isolation. Climatic alterations will peculiarly impact the development economic systems, the most vulnerable groups, thereby endangering their basic demands like energy, fresh water supplies, food-security and wellness, therefore, indirectly puting their development at hazard. It is clear, in this context, that climate alteration is a serious issue for full universe in general and India in peculiar.

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3. India, whose economic system has grown by 8-9 per centum a twelvemonth in recent old ages, is one of the universe ‘s top defilers, lending about 4 per centum of planetary nursery gas emanations but at the same clip its per capita emanation of GHG gases is really less. However as a developing state, India is non required to cut emanations which is said to be lifting by between 2 and 3 per centum a twelvemonth under the Kyoto Protocol, despite mounting force per unit area from environmental groups and industrialised nations.. Any national scheme evolved to battle the clime alteration must see the fact that the state necessitate more energy to raise its population from poorness and that its per-capita emanations are a fraction of those in rich provinces that have burnt fossil fuels unhindered since the Industrial Revolution.

4. Defending the ‘Indian ‘ right to economic development through C emanations may sound really gallant in the domestic sphere, but it will make nil for the existent jobs that will result with clime alteration. We ought to be analyzing our policies from our ain opportunism, both economic every bit good as environmental. Therefore, we excessively have a interest in harnessing in clime alteration, irrespective of what places we take in dialogues with developed states.

This paper surveies the generation of Climate Change & A ; its impact in the planetary every bit good as Indian context. It examines international developments in response to climate alteration and compares positions of developed and developing states. The enterprise is to size up the stairss taken by India and it ‘s point of view on clime alteration challenges, Greenhouse gases ( GHG ) suspension and basically related issues like societal justness, C trading, energy markets eco-labeling and engineering transportation. It seeks to propose India ‘s future response scheme with regard to extenuation, version and consciousness.

Statement of the Problem

6. India is presently placed in a unstable place from the economic and environmental position. In charting out a developmental tract which is economically sustainable, our vision must be to make a comfortable economic system that is self prolonging in footings of its ability to unleash the originative energies of our people and besides being aware to our duties to both present and future coevalss. Therefore, the main guiding factor for all futuristic enterprises should put environment at par with economic system and non secondary.

7. This research paper attempts to place the challenges posed by the phenomenon of “ Climate Change on India ” , size up the stairss taken by India, its base point and propose a future response scheme to turn to the same.


8. In the present scenario in consonant rhyme with the national involvement, India is capable of orchestrating a synergized policy to turn to the clime alteration issue by following environmentally sensitive development options, by germinating a suited response scheme.

Justification of Study

9. India is one of the fastest turning economic systems in the universe & A ; it is incumbent on us to prolong this rapid development by transporting out substructure development at a rapid gait. However, it ‘s besides a rough world that India is to a great extent dependent on traditional fuels for its development therefore lending to the nursery gas emanations. Though the part is minimum but the effects of clime alteration are traveling to be the maximal owing to her geographical location. In order to keep an just balance between conserving the environment and prolonging her growing rate, it is imperative to analyze the effects of clime alteration and to put down a matter-of-fact route map to minimise emanations through ecologically sensitive development programs.


10. The thesis aims to analyse the challenges posed by the phenomenon of clime alteration to universe community and to India in perticular. It covers the stairss taken at the international degree and bing national action program of India. It seeks propose a matter-of-fact route map for India which caters for its duty towards sustainable economic development and conserving the environment.

Organization of the Dissertation

11. The topic has been organized in the undermentioned sequence: –

Chapter I. Introduction.

( B ) Chapter II. Methodology.

( degree Celsius ) Chapter III – Climate Change & A ; Associated Problems. This chapter covers basic phenomenon of the clime alteration and generation of the job. It gives an penetration into some basic construct related to climate economic sciences.

( vitamin D ) Chapter IV – Global Position. This chapter deals with the planetary position sing the clime alteration and assorted conventions, conferences and protocols which were adopted to extenuate the planetary heating and emanation of green house gases.

( vitamin E ) Chapter V – India ‘s Perspective & A ; Challenges. This portion includes the survey of challenges faced by India due to planetary heating, its ethical base point of supplying basic comfortss to its people and at the same clip being a responsible state in current universe order.

( degree Fahrenheit ) Chapter VI – Existing National Action Plan. This portion covers the bing National Action Plan on Climate Change ( NAPCC ) and its critical analysis.

( g ) Chapter VII – Enterprise and Action Plan of USA and European Union. This portion deals with the enterprise and action program being adopted by the USA & A ; European Union and pull out some of its virtues which can be incorporated in ain futuristic program.

( H ) Chapter VIII – Proposed Road Map for India. This chapter deals with proposed usher lines, extenuation steps and proposed action program for India.

( J ) Chapter IX – Decision. The future growing narrative of India depends upon how it addresses the issue of climate alteration. We must therefore become proactive in our national involvement as besides pay due respect to our planetary duties. The issue has to be addressed on different foreparts by all the interest holders of the issue. The proposed route map for India takes into history of India ‘s bing geo strategic irresistible impulses, the envisaged long term consequence of challenges posed by the phenomenon of clime alteration and economic developmental duty towards its people. It incorporates some of the matter-of-fact policies being adopted universe over and chalks out a scheme which is seamster made to accommodate the development demand of the state and besides helps towards preservation of environment by important decrease in GHG and heightening energy efficiency.


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