Clancy of the Overflow Essay Sample

One such illustration of a text that can be identified as Australian due to its usage of the stereotyped thoughts of Australian individuality is Clancy of the Overflow. a verse form by AB Banjo Paterson. This text is written from the point of position of a city-dweller who one time met the rubric character. a Shearer and herder. and now envies the imagined pleasances of Clancy’s life style. which he compares favorably to life in “the dusty. dirty city” and “the round ageless of the cashbook and the journal” . The rubric comes from the reference of a missive the city-dweller sends. “The Overflow” being the name of the sheep station where Clancy was working when they met. The verse form is based on a true narrative that was experienced by Banjo Paterson. He was working as a attorney when person asked him to direct a missive to a adult male named Thomas Gerald Clancy. inquiring for a payment that was ne’er received. Banjo sent the missive to “The Overflow” and shortly received a answer that read “Clancy’s gone to Queensland droving and we don’t cognize where he are”

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The imagination that is used within the verse form allows us to see the landscape that we now except to be Australian. the linguistic communication used besides allows us to appreciate the behavior that we have come to follow as our ain ‘Australian way’ . For illustration “In my wild fickle illusion visions come to me of Clancy. Gone a-droving `down the Cooper’ where the Western herders go ; As the stock are easy threading. Clancy rides behind them singing. For the drover’s life has pleasances that the townspeople ne’er know. ” The existent inquiry is. without these so called ‘Australian’ images would we be able to recognize the text as an Australian one? The reply is no. Australian texts can non afford to allow their scene be equivocal. Australia has few properties that separate it from averageness and its scene is one of them.

Equally good as Australia’s aesthetic properties it besides has its behavioral properties that can be referred to as single. Australian is renowned as being a masculine society. in which the sporting sphere is worshiped ; now this occurs other states but this facet of Australian life adds to overall individualism of Australian society. Bruce Dawe’s Life Cycle is an illustration of this compulsion that Australians have with athletics in our masculine society. The enunciation in the verse form plays the largest function in making the thoughts and the sense of compulsion. The ability to make a verse form which covers a life-cycle of a individual through the game of AFL would non be possible without the pick of enunciation. For case in the line “For ownership of a Rusk: Ah he is a small Tiger! ” It uses peculiar words like ownership. which would be a term used in a game of AFL. or Tiger. the name of a squad. Ideas are besides conveyed through the word pick. for case “You bludger and the compact is sealed”- creates the sense that the poet is stating AFL is about a faith.

Peoples live their life harmonizing to the success of the squad they follow. The word compact being a normally used spiritual term portrays thoughts of faith. The word pick and words chosen prove the compulsion as they bring in direct thoughts and footings from AFL. and associating them to many phases of life and deeper thoughts such as faith. Australia being the immature state that it is has non forged its ain individuality to the full as yet. although many different beginnings contribute to the country’s societal amalgam. It is possible for different apprehensions. stand foring different get downing points. to be grafted onto a common stock of images and beliefs. And we see this done within Dawe’s verse form. which we identify as an Australian text.

Possibly Australia suffers from these deeper individuality issues because of the comparatively ignoble cause of European colony in this state. No narratives of Pilgrim Fathers get awaying from spiritual persecution for us. Alternatively there is the ball and concatenation and the shame of a inmate colony consciously designed to house what were considered to be the settlings of another society. Or possibly the difference lies in the fact of the easiness of our achieving self authorities and independency.

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