Chicken Tika Masala Speech – Robin Cook Essay

In this essay I will compose about Robin Cook?s address Chicken Tikka Masala. Robin Cook is the former foreign secretary and leader of House of Commons. He passed off in 2005. 59 old ages old. He gave the address while he was the foreign secretary. Robin Cock speech really much about how the Britain?s non merely comes from England. Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland. “Tonight I want to observe britishness”

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That was the first thing Robin Cook said. He wanted to demo how the Britain’s is non merely comes from the British islands ; they come besides from Italy. Germany. Netherland and many more. He thinks that is really of import for a state to hold good connexions to other states. That will strength the economic system. the security of the state and helps the people against offense. Robin Cook resigned from his station as leader of the House of Commons because Britain did take part in the war against Iraq. He speech about how state have to collaborate together. that is the manner to do the universe safe. The receiving system of the address is those people who as arrived and are new I Britain. He speech to them because they have to fell as a portion of the British state. Britain should be a state where there is infinite for everyone. that the manner it has been for 100s of old ages.

London was established by Romans from Italy. and there were people from Germany and Netherland that lived here. Just like USA and Canada who is besides a assorted state. “The British are non a race. but a assemblage of infinite different races and communities. the huge bulk of which were non autochthonal to these islands” Britain was non unfastened for aliens at they should be harmonizing to Robin. There were three menaces against. Foreigners that came and wouldn’t be a portion of the British individuality. Robin tried to be optimistic but it was hard. He describe it like the EU already is merely state. He was afraid of being a portion of the EU. because it will decently take the British individuality off from the Britain’s.

“I Want to travel further and argue that in each of the countries where the pessimists individuality menace. we should alternatively see developments that will beef up and regenerate British identity” At last it was that Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland gets more and more power. That is seen like they are merely few stairss off from interrupt up with the United Kingdom. That will besides destroy the British individuality. The other states will at that place have individuality. and that manner be self-controlling. “Britain was remarkably unfastened to external influence ; foremost trough foreign invasion. so. after Britain achieved naval domination. through commercialism and imperial enlargement. It is non their pureness that makes the British unique. but after the sheer pluralism of their ancestry” Britain should non be afraid of losing their individuality. The state was build on colonisation. It’s a state where no 1 is existent British. They have to be a portion of the Vikings. the Germans. the Romans. the Indies and by the settlements they had in Africa.

They have to set to suit into the British system. The British is a small portion of every of those state who has been a portion of constructing the state up from the start. They all all of a sudden doesn’t have same faith but. they can some things they can acquire and portion together. like Cricket. that truly comes from India. “The modern impression of national individuality can non be based on race and ethnicity. but must be based on shared ideals and aspirations. Some of the most successful states in the modern universe. such as the United States and Canada. are immigrant societies” Britain is a successful. that they can hold more than 30 cultural groups that speaks more than 300 linguistic communications. is successful.

They have to happen a thing that they can portion. Not merely one. but many different things. Sports or music. they should happen every different civilization could “speak” to each other. If that don’t happen they will decently merely near themselves up in their ain closed community. That will non be good and the will hold a difficult happening a national British Identity that all can portion. “Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish. non merely because it is the most popular. but because it is a perfect illustrations of the manner Britain absorbs and adapts external influences”



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