Character Analysis Of A Rose For Emily English Literature Essay

The chief character Emily Grierson, is rebelliously uneven by any mean reader ‘s values, therefore a character analysis could travel in many different waies. It is reasonably much impossible to inspect her in a mental every bit good as contextual visible radiation. Over the class of the narrative, Emily ‘s unpredictable and uneven behaviour becomes really eldritch. The townsfolk ( every bit good as the reader ) are left seeking to explicate how Emily was able to kip following to the cadaver of Homer Barron for so many old ages and think nil of it. Now the storyteller tells us that the townsfolk “ did non state she was brainsick ” ( Faulkner 78 ) , and of class, she had ne’er gone to a physician for mental issues, so they had no manner of believing she was. However by the narrative ‘s stopping point, the reader can travel back through the narrative and topographic point several episodes in which Emily ‘s character and actions hinted at the opportunity of a mental unwellness, even if the town wanted to disregard these and think or her as a societal graven image. It ‘s sensible to believe that Emily developed a mental unwellness as a response to the demanding conditions as a Southern adult female from an blue household. While turning up she evidently did n’t develop normal header and defensive mechanisms. Thingss that most people could manage, she could n’t, and her mental province got worse over clip.

Emily lived many old ages as a lone wolf ; she withdrew from her community to populate in isolation. The narrative skips a batch over clip to different parts in her life, “ She was ill for a long clip. When we saw her againaˆ¦ ” ( Faulkner 78 ) “ When we next saw Miss Emilyaˆ¦ ” ( Faulkner 80 ) . Faulkner tries to qualify Emily ‘s privacy through her actions. When her male parent died a batch of clip passed till we saw her once more, and when her relationship ended, once more more clip passed before we saw her once more. Even though her male parent was a chief key in her privacy, her southern pride did n’t assist either. “ None of the immature work forces were rather good plenty for Miss Emily and such. “ ( Faulkner 77 ) . She felt that she was above socialising with others in the community. If her male parent had n’t of scared off every adult male who tried to tribunal her, Emily would n’t hold gone insane.

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Homer is a batch like Emily in the sense that he ‘s an foreigner, a alien in a new town that likes to dish the dirt. The chief difference between them is that he ‘s a really magnetic individual. It does n’t take him long to be the individual everyone wants to hang out with, or even day of the month. Because this narrative takes topographic point in the South a batch of people place distrust and look down on him because he ‘s a “ Northerner ” and a “ twenty-four hours labourer ” . The Ironic portion about this is that when he ‘s seen with Emily on their Sunday strides, people frequently think she ‘s take downing herself because she ‘s of really high category. As we learn more about Homer the storyteller informs us that he is perchance homosexual “ he liked me, and it was known that he drank with the younger work forces in the Elks Club-that he was non a marrying adult male ” ( Faulkner 79 ) . When the roads were finished he left the town merely like everyone idea he would, they knew what of all time was traveling on between the two of them would n’t last. The last clip anyone saw him was one dark at twilight when the Negro servant let him inside Emily ‘s house.

Even though we ne’er meet Mr. Grierson he plays a really of import function in the narrative. His commanding presence looms over Emily ‘s life even after decease. He made certain to drive away of all time suer that would come for Emily ‘s manus. The storyteller ne’er truly goes into deepness as to why, all we can truly travel on is “ they were n’t good plenty for her. ” The lone existent glance we get of him is the picture over the hearth where he ‘s shown keeping a Equus caballus whip ( most probably merely used on another adult male seeking to speak to Emily ) silhouetted in the room access. He had driven himself so far into Emily ‘s life she would n’t believe he was dead, even after a hebdomad of his passing.

Another minor character that we see throughout is Tobe, the house retainer. His voice is rumored to be rusty from of all time utilizing it. He severs as Emily ‘s merely lifeline to the outside universe. Even when we go old ages without seeing her, we see him mundane traveling shopping and assemblage things for the house. Everyone in the town tried for old ages to acquire him to speak about what happens in the house, and after old ages of acquiring nil they stopped. After Emily ‘s decease he lets the town people in for the funeral and leaves out the back door, to ne’er be seen once more.

The characters in this narrative painted a really dark a inexorable narrative. Emily ‘s male parent had made her into a anchorite, this she passed onto Tobe, and finally to Homer ( when she killed him ) . The townsfolk ne’er truly cognize how hard-pressed Emily was until the really terminal of the narrative when we find out that non merely did she maintain Homer ‘s dead cadaver in a bed for 40 old ages, but that she would kip following to it every bit good.


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