Central Manufacturing Unit Distribution Channel Marketing Essay

Britannia is available in all over India. Britannia Industries limited is engaged in the proviso of bakeshop merchandises, including biscuits, staff of life, Rusk, and bars. It is headquartered in Kolkata. Employed about more than 3000 people as on 2010. Britannia all the merchandises we can happen in every topographic point. Like rural market, urban and metropoliss. The company ‘s distribution channel divided in three degrees. Manufacturer to distributor, distributer to whole marketer and whole marketer to retailer so the client. The biscuits by and large available in every day-to-day needs shop proviso shops, food market store.

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The Wadia group of India along with Group Dan one of France, are equal portion holders in ABIL, UK which is a major stockholder in BIL. GROUPE DANONE is an international FMCG major specialising in Fresh Dairy Products, Bottled H2O and Biscuits. One of the universe leader in the nutrient industry. No. 2 worldwide in biscuits through its three nucleus concerns ( Fresh dairy merchandises, Beverages and biscuits merchandises ) .

Britannia in Goa was started in 1942. After release of Goa in 1962 they introduce terminal in Goa to the K.D. Naik in margao.


Taking the feedback of Britannia clients about the strategies by Britannia and their rivals in Goan market.


In this market research I used questionnaire as the research instrument. I interviewed around 100 mercantile establishments ( store keeper, whole marketer, ace markets etc ) . Interaction was made while the study was conducted. The full respondent were asked their suggestion which were given to the company.

Industrial Analysis

Industry: FMCG Industry.

FMCG industry, besides called as consumer packaged goods industry chiefly deals with the production, distribution and selling of consumer packaged goods. The FMCG are those consumables which are usually consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. Prime activities of FMCG industry are selling ; selling, funding, buying etc. the competition among FMCG maker is besides turning and investing in this industry is besides increasing specially in India. FMCG is regarded as the 4th largest sector with entire market size of US $ 13.1 billion. FMCG sector in India is estimated to turn 60 % by 2010.

Sub industry: Bakers.

Companies: Parle, Britannia, ITC ( Sun banquet ) , Kwality, Nestle, Kellogg ‘s, Priya nutrient merchandises, modern nutrient etc.

Leading Players:

Merchandise fluctuation:


Share ( % )













Leading Trade names: Glucose, Marie, Nice, Krack doodly-squat, Bourbon, Good Day, Pure thaumaturgy, Milk Bikis, Parle-G, Manaco, 50-50, pick wich, Priya gold, dainty, Jim jam.

Companies Overview.

In 1892, a biscuit company was started in a ordinary house in Kolkata with an initial investing of Rs. 295. The company we all know as BRITANNIA today.

In 1910, reaching of electricity Britannia sees operations developed. And by 1921, it became the first company E of the Suez Canal to utilize imported gas ovens. Britannia was geting a repute quality and value. During 1944 gross revenues ramp up by more than eight times to make 1.36 crore.

The company unveiled its new corporate identity- “ Eat Healthy Think Better ” – and made its first raid into the dairy merchandise market. In 1999, the “ Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao ” publicity further one of India ‘s best known trade names and besides one of the most admired nutrient trade names in the state. In 2002 BIL launches joint venture with Fonterra, the universe ‘s 2nd largest dairy company Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. is born Rated as ‘One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World ‘ by Forbes Global Economic Times ranks BIL India ‘s 2nd Most Trusted Brand

Britannia trade name is all about eating healthy for taking a better life.

Largest company in the Indian Food processing industry whose merchandise scope besides includes Breads and Cakes.

Fabrication and sourcing locations spread across the length and comprehensiveness of the state.

Exporter of cardinal biscuit trade names basking trade name trueness in export markets.

Vision: –

The company ‘s policy is client satisfaction with less monetary value every bit good as quality. Target maximal client and sale of volume. The company wants to make the merchandise in every section of client. Besides targeted to urban, rural, metropolis town and small towns country of market. High publicity for selling the merchandise and achieve upper limit market portion and to increase the profitableness by selling of maximal measure.

Britannia Industries Ltd. ( BIL )

Administration construction.


Pull offing Director

General Manager

Ass. General Manager

Finance dept. Production dept. Selling dept. gross revenues & A ; Purchase dept. HR dept.

Senior Manger Senior Manager Senior Manager Senior Manager senior director

finance Manager Production director Marketing director Area Gross saless Manager HR Manager

Accountant Military officers marketing excecutive Area Gross saless Incharge Ass. HR director

Military officers Supervisors Gross saless adult male Executive

Cardinal Manufacturing UnitDistribution Channel





Retailer/ Whole marketer

Retailer/ whole marketer OR



Merchandises: –

Britannia Marigold.


Good twenty-four hours


Britannia dainty

Milk Bikis

Nutri pick

Time base on balls

Small bosom

Rusk and Cake

Nice clip, Britannia salutations and many more.

Five forces: –

Menaces of new entry: –

Economicss of graduated table.

Cost and resources advantage.

Brand penchant and consumer trueness.

Entree to distribution channel.

Capital demand.

Proprietary merchandises.

Buyer power: –

Cost shift to rivals trade names.

Large figure of purchasers.

Product distinction.

Supplier power: –

Trade names.



Handiness of attractive monetary value replacements.

Satisfaction degree of replacements.

No immediate replacements.

Competitive competition.

Demand for merchandises.

Monetary value wars.

Nature of rivals.



Taking the feedback of Britannia clients about the strategies by Britannia and their rivals in Goan market.


Primary informations aggregation.

Through structured questionnaire.

Interview or feedback of the tradesmans.

Secondary informations aggregation.


Market research books

Company booklet and cusps.

Sampling Size: –

100 OUTLETS. ( Super markets, big shops, big kirana, Small kirana, Bakery and nutrient shop, Mithai store, Pan Bedi shop, school and college mercantile establishments )


South Goa

Margao chief market

Margao milieus.




North Goa

Panjim chief market

Panjim milieus



Collection Of Information.

It was the aroused undertaking of roll uping the information as the terminal user had to explicate all inside informations of the study and so non- handiness as peculiar clip devouring. The questionnaires were filled by the research workers due to linguistic communication jobs and limited clip during study.

Determination AND ANALYSIS.

The first inquiry in the questionnaire was about the stock of biscuits which respondent kept in your store?

Sample size: 100


Harmonizing to study, most of the tradesmans kept the merchandise of Britannia and Parle more than other merchandises. Harmonizing to above informations we can analyze that 48 % of stock is filled by the Britannia merchandises and 22 % of stock is filled up by the Parle merchandises and staying 30 % of stock is unbroken Sun banquet, Priya gold and other local biscuits.

Which trade name of merchandises is largely sold?

Sample size: 100.


Harmonizing to study out of 100 respondents, 46 supports for Britannia, 27 respondents travel for Parle and 20 told Sun banquet is largely sold. It means that Britannia and Parle were more demanded by the client as comparison to sun banquet and other local merchandises.

What made consumer to buy Britannia merchandises.

Sample size: 100


Harmonizing to above pie chart shows that, it can be evaluated that most of the people i.e. 57 % of the people go for Britannia due to its spirit than 30 % prefer Britannia due to its monetary value and remainder of 15 % due to its popularity and celebrity.

Which seasons the ingestion of Britannia is high?

Sample size: 100.


Harmonizing to study, ingestion of Britannia merchandises is more in the rainy and winter season, as the ingestion in summer seasons gets low.

Harmonizing to you, monetary value of the Britannia merchandise is?

Sample size: 100


Harmonizing to study, 49 respondents say that monetary value of the merchandise is sensible and about 25 to 24 people says it monetary value of Britannia merchandise is high and low.

Which brands strategies is more profitable to you ( shopkeeper ) ?

Sample size: 100


Harmonizing to study, most of the respondent say Parle merchandise strategies is more profitable as per centum of supplying strategies by Parle is more every bit compared to other trade names merchandise like Britannia, Sun banquet and Priya gold.

What do you desire to state about the service of Britannia?

Sample size: 100.


The study founded that tradesmans are satisfied with the service provided by the Britannia. Overall, the lone thing is to state is that it is OK. Some of the topographic points of tradesman responded that the distributer does n’t give regular supply of merchandise and besides they were non reacting seasonably.

How make you rank the Britannia with the rival in instance of strategies?

Sample size: 100


On the footing of above informations most of the tradesmans view non back uping to the Britannia merchandise in relation to strategies because of improper supply of the merchandises. These are the lone ground which makes shopkeeper rank Britannia merchandises lower than the rivals.

What would you like to state about Britannia strategies?

Sample size:


On the footing of above informations most of the peoples say that per centum of supplying strategies is really less as compared to other merchandises trade names. For e.g. If Britannia provide marigold strategy, such as 50+2. The same Parle will supply 50+3. These are the difference. Very less people say it is profitable merely if they can purchase in majority.

Have you seen any publicity activity of the merchandise through electronic media or print media?

Sample size: 100.


Harmonizing to above study, more than half of the clients said that they have

Not saw any publicity activity of the Britannia merchandise through print media.


To better their service of the merchandises.

Take disciplinary steps to get the better of the jobs of late or delay supply of merchandises.

They should give the proper feedback to the tradesmans on the clip.

They should carryout promotional activities decently or efficaciously.


Questionnaire: –

What are all the biscuits that you stock in your store?



Sun banquet

Priya gold

Other local biscuits.

Which trade name of merchandises is largely sold?


Sun banquet


Other local

What made consumer to buy Britannia merchandises.

Monetary value

Taste / Flavour

Popularity / Fame

Which season the ingestion of Britannia merchandise is high?




Harmonizing to you monetary value of the merchandises is?




No thought

Which trade name strategies is more profitable to you?



Sun banquet

Priya gold.

What do you desire to state about the service of Britannia?


Poor/ Bad

No remark

How make you rank the Britannia with rival in instance of strategies?




No remark

What would you like to state about Britannia strategies?

Other rival per centum is more

Increase per centum of strategies

More profitable merely if buy in majority

No remarks

Have you seen any publicity activity of the merchandises through electronic media or print media?



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