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Cells Cells Cell division and cancer Victoria Brothwell Strayer University Cells Introduction Regular cells and cancel cells are extremely different. Depending on the cancer that one may have cancer cells have more chromosomes that are scattered which is for why cancer cells are formed. In cell division all living things obtain cells in which come from other preexisting cells. If normal cells are do not divide and make new cells then cancer will occur. In order of all cells to be the same as a parent the mitosis in a must. Mitosis is the separation of copied chromosomes into single cells.

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The problem with unregulated cell division is that most of the time this will lead to cancer. Only when DNA replication as well as mitosis is working the correct way then cell cycle cell points are insured. Cells Methods Cell division occurs when cells are dividing in order to produce new cells. I have compared the differences between cancer and good cell division to find out the process of division of all cells, this is also when I found that there are different more complicated chromosomes in cancer cells. One of the main problems with cancer cells comparing is the chance of tumor formation which leads to the invasion of cancerous cells.

Another consequence is the cancer spreading to other organs. A tumor consists of a mass of cancer cells in the tissue. Usually an evasive tumor is malignant, causing cells to develop in the blood. Tumors invade growth that the tissue and organs need to survive. InterphaseProphaseMetaphaseAnaphaseTelophasePercentage Of cells DividingPercentage Of cells at Rest Normal Lung1911%99% Cancerous Lung18112%98% Normal Stomach18112%98% Cancerous Stomach1421126%94% Normal Ovary18123%97% Cancerous Ovary1221238%92% 1. Based on your data and observations, what are some of the Differences between normal cells and cancer cells?

With normal cells I have noticed that the chromosomes are more still that scattered, Cancer cells chromosomes are dividing and scattered a lot more. 2. Which type of cancer shows the most aggressive growth? Explain. I would have to say that cancerous ovary’s are more aggressive it has more scattered chromosomes being with the least still. 3. When studying cell division in tissue samples, scientists often calculate a mitotic index, which is the ratio of dividing cells to the total number of cells in the sample. Scientists often calculate the mitotic index to compare the growth rates of different types of tissue.

Which type of tissue would have a higher mitotic index, normal tissue or cancerous tissue? Explain. Cancer cells you have more calculations with different cells in cancer. Cells Conclusion My conclusion is supported by my hypothesis even though I am talking more about tumor cancer I am explaining the difference about normal and cancerous cells. The differences is cells division is when they go according to plan they divide and create new cells and when they do not create new cells and divide it can cause cancer. The cancer cells have chromosomes scattered while normal cells have more still chromosomes that are dividing.


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